7 Tips for an Effective Job Search

Today, when most people have numerous financial obligations, it is psychologically difficult to be in a state of instability: being fired or expecting to be fired from one day to the next. It’s a daily stressor fraught with serious consequences. Consider what actions can help employees overcome this difficult situation.

Be Optimistic

The labor market is not a static one. It’s like a live roulette that is constantly changing, it’s a living mechanism, with its own laws and contradictions, but it is quite possible to say that it is never oversaturated: neither with vacancies, nor with qualified specialists.

Even during the crisis there is a hunt for professionals. There is no need to be afraid of being fired, and if it has already happened, it is important not to dwell on your internal worries, and begin to act.

Stay Proactive

Being proactive is reacting out of the box to what is happening. For example, you were pushed on the subway, and you smiled and apologized. Being proactive allows you to achieve a lot, including in building a career. Proactive people are not afraid of difficulties, their thoughts are not cluttered with patterns and stereotypes. Start to develop proactivity in yourself, and after a while you will see the results. Flexible thinking always allows you to be one step ahead of others.

How to develop proactivity in yourself? Even in small things, think of several solutions to one problem and choose not the solution that first came to mind, but another, less popular one.

How to be proactive in your job search? Don’t stop at sending out CVs through job sites; use social media, professional communities, and personal connections. Call employers yourself, show your interest.

Be Mobile

Nowadays mobility is a decisive factor. If you were invited for an interview today, never put it off until Monday, on Monday the position may be closed. Have time to do everything: don’t take the period of absence from work as a vacation and the opportunity to redo household chores.

Plan your day. Call potential employers in the morning, attend interviews in the afternoon (two interviews a day is optimal for a job search), send out CVs in the late afternoon (late afternoon is the best time to send them out so the potential employer will see your CV at the top of the list).


When you are searching for a job, analyze competition on the labor market. Understand how much your occupation is in demand, what is the level of your competitors applying for the same vacancies as you, whether your salary expectations match the salary level at the moment.


No matter how much you want a job, don’t let yourself accept an offer that is not right for you. There is such a thing as “overqualified”: it means that the candidate has “outgrown” the position in his or her personal and professional qualities. If the director of logistics gets a job as a logistician – he will be demotivated throughout his “career” in this position. Don’t settle for less: you won’t be able to rearrange, talk yourself into it, or cheat. All this time you’ve been moving forward, so keep moving forward, toward the challenges and prospects that are interesting to you.

Be Positive

The job search is a long and arduous journey, sometimes a succession of rejections and losses, and it’s hard to stay positive at that pace. Sometimes the emotional stress affects the communication with others, including representatives of the companies that are employers. Keep yourself in control. The recruiter evaluates the candidate not from the position “good-bad”, but from the position “suitable-not suitable”. If you are rejected, it is not a reason to get upset.

Make Connections

If you are being interviewed by a direct employer, all other things being equal, it is important to show your interest in working for the company. Before the meeting do not be lazy to study the information about the company on the Internet, its mission, objectives, product, features of corporate culture. Demonstrate your knowledge to the interviewer and underline your particular interest in the employer.

The loyalty of applicants, and subsequently employees, is highly appreciated by the employers, the fact of your interest and awareness of the Company’s activities will greatly increase your chances for a positive decision on your candidacy. Moreover, if for some reason, the employer will choose not you, later when a suitable vacancy opens, the probability that you will be remembered is high.

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