The trendiest UK staycations in 2021 revealed in new study

  • The UK’s trendiest holiday destinations in 2021 include York, Edinburgh, Cornwall, Devon and the Peak District, a new study reveals.
  • Peak Cottages’ Trendiest Staycations reveals the best UK holiday hotspots for Brits to experience top food and drink, decor, getaway and pop culture trends. 
  • The study looked at where in the UK proved the most relevant for each trend, which included Netflix hit Bridgerton, Pampas Grass, Cottagecore and Mochi.
  • Taylor Swift fans should look to visit Elveden to recreate the picturesque Evermore album cover, while London is named the UK’s self-care capital.

The top UK holiday hotspots in 2021 have been named in a brand new study, based on their relevance to top social media trends – including hit TV shows and interior decor styles.

Peak Cottages’ Trendiest Staycations reveals the best UK destinations for those of us looking to experience the most popular food and drink, interior decor, holidaymaking and pop culture trends, based on local data pulled from TripAdvisor, tourism reports and ahrefs.

The study found that York, Cornwall, Edinburgh and Belfast were among the trendiest staycation destinations in the UK, as well as lesser-visited locations such as Stirling, Elveden, Mablethorpe, Cheltenham and Winchester.

When it comes to food and drink, the data showed that York was the best for banana bread based on TripAdvisor reviews, ratings and mentions, while London should be the go-to choice for those looking to try TikTok smash, Dalgona coffee.

And for those who want to experience the most popular interior decor trends, South Devon was found to boast the highest density and best quality of pampas grass, while the farmlands in Cornwall are best for those looking to replicate a Cottagecore feel.

If Brits are looking to relive their favourite pop culture trends now that travel restrictions are easing, it’s Cheltenham that boasts the best period architecture in line with Netflix’s Bridgerton set, while Elveden provides the perfect Evermore backdrop for Taylor Swift fans.

Meanwhile, Cornwall was named the ideal destination for villa holidays, based on TripAdvisor data and the Peak District is the best place for picturesque walking holidays.

For those of us who still aren’t over the Line of Duty finale, the study also found that searches for ‘Belfast holidays’ saw a huge 117.5% increase in the week after the final episode aired.

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Peak Cottages, commented on the data: “With online trends having dominated social media over the last year as Brits have been staying at home, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing increased demand for themed or fantastical getaways now restrictions have begun to ease across the UK.

“As well as considering things like cost, activities and accommodation when deciding where to go on holiday, more parents are now starting to consider where offers the best bang for their buck when it comes to relevance around online trends such as food, TV and fashion.”

Ideal locations were matched based on their relevance to each trend, which was determined via TripAdvisor reviews, ratings and mentions of each trend across food and drink, holidaymaking and some interior decor, while pop culture and remaining decor trends were based on filming locations, plant density and local architecture.

To find out more about which UK cities are the trendiest holiday hotspots in 2021, please visit the Trendiest Staycations study at:

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