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20 Best British Film Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about british film? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best british film podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best British Film Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: Stuart Wright
  • Total Episodes: 512

Irish actor Johnny Vivash: “Had an absolute blast chatting to the gent of gents that is Stuart Wright, a total GOLD standard podcast & a fantastic human bean! 🌟🎞🎧🎤❤️ Loved every minute! :)” Screenwriter STUART WRIGHT is the host of’s podcast. It regularly features: 1) British film makers 2) Supporters of the British film industry 3) Horror filmmakers/horror film lovers from around the world. 4) “5 Great British Horror Films” podcast series… where horror film lovers get to wax lyrical about their 5 favourite British horror movies.

A Very British Horror

  • Publisher: Chris Denton and Paul Monk
  • Total Episodes: 71

A Very British Horror is a podcast covering all aspects of British horror tv and film. Chris and Paul take a light-hearted look at the genre.

The Film Look Podcast

  • Publisher: @TheFilmLook
  • Total Episodes: 122

3 British Filmmakers try to learn from the pros by breaking down the elements that go into making a film. A light-hearted educational filmmaking podcast hosted by Richard Scott, Robert Carr, and Kristian Foreman. Each week they take it in turns to choose a film and dissect its filmmaking properties; delving into writing, directing, cinematography, art direction, special/visual effects, editing, sound design, and soundtrack. Support this podcast:

Electronically Yours with Martyn Ware

  • Publisher: Martyn Ware
  • Total Episodes: 32

Heaven 17, British Electric Foundation and Illustrious Company’s Martyn Ware talks to the famous artists from the worlds of music, art, film, comedy, TV and creativity that he’s encountered during his 40 year career. These interviews are rare and precious gems, featuring a raw and sometimes irreverent take on life and the things that make life worth living, Diving deep into the biographical ocean, these podcasts are an unmissable insight into a series of fascinating lives… Production and occasional musical interludes by Charles Stooke Engineer – Charles Stooke, Artwork – Malcolm Garrett.

Nerdly Out Loud Podcast

  • Publisher: Kevin Haldon
  • Total Episodes: 13

Nerdly Out Loud is a Pop Culture Podcast that brings all the latest Reviews on Film, TV, Wrestling, Comics and Games pulled from the pages of British Pop Culture Website Each episode will have a featured Interview with Actors, Directors and memebrs of Cast and Crews from the Big and Small screen.


  • Publisher: Andy Kirkpatrick
  • Total Episodes: 36

Andrew Kirkpatrick is a British mountaineer, award-winning author and film-maker, TV and movie safety advisor, and monologist. He is best known as a big wall climber, having scaled Yosemite’s El Capitan 30+ times, including five solo ascents, and two one day ascents, as well as climbing in Patagonia, Alaska, Africa and Antarctica. He has also crossed Greenland by ski and sailed down Willy Wonka’s chocolate river with Johnny Depp. The Psycho Vertical podcasts cover everything from climbing mountains and mental health, to making a living as a creative and overcoming the hurdles of life.


  • Publisher: ADAM BUXTON
  • Total Episodes: 159

British comedian Adam Buxton talks with interesting people. The rambly conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes more serious with funny bits. Adam makes the jingles and records the intros and outros for most episodes while walking with his dog friend Rosie in the East Anglian countryside where he lives with his wife and three children.Adam has appeared in films such as Hot Fuzz, Stardust and Son Of Rambow as well as a variety of TV shows in the UK. Since 2007 he has hosted BUG, a live show that combines music videos and comedy that became a TV series on Sky Atlantic in 2012. From time to time he also does live shows featuring just his own material. Along with lifelong friend Joe Cornish he also is one half of award winning TV, radio and podcast duo Adam & Joe who have worked together since 1995.You can find many of the insanely catchy jingles Adam makes for the podcast as well as amazing bonus material, beautiful merchandise and a selection of his incredibly funny and brilliant YouTube videos on Adam’s website: is writing this himself using the third person.

Meta Talk Podcast

  • Publisher: metatalkpodcast
  • Total Episodes: 4

Three British guys talk about Games, Film & TV!

When Irish Eyes are Watching

  • Publisher: When Irish Eyes are Watching
  • Total Episodes: 45

A podcast about Ireland in Films hosted by Alex, Clíona and Seán. Each episode we discuss a film that features Ireland (or Irish characters) as a main element of the story. Many Irish people may know that perturbed feeling when a moon-faced eejit called Séamus blows something up in a Harry Potter film. Or feel a sting of resentment when Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson or Saoirse Ronan are nominated for “Best British Performance.” Or even just experience a jab of begrudgery when Kevin Spacey saunters into Dublin to make a kooky caper film that turns Martin Cahill into Danny Ocean. This podcast is about such feelings. Website: Twitter: @WIEAWpodcast Email: [email protected] iTunes:

Creative Women International podcast

  • Publisher: Philiy Page
  • Total Episodes: 179

How do I leave my 9-5 for my side hustle? How do I make money from my work? Can I build my dream job? Creative Women International is here to help you figure it out. Founder Philiy Page, presents these podcasts having worked in the creative industries for over 24 years, starting as a photojournalist for UK publications such as Marie Claire and The Guardian Newspaper. She moved into BBC documentaries, worked as a feature film production manager, writes and runs the CWI, while also delivering training for Creative Business Start ups internationally for Nesta and the British Council. She is a RSA Fellow and has worked as a teaching Fellow of Entrepreneurship at The University of Bristol. Philiy’s book The Business Of Creativity helps female start-ups create a successful career. Philiy shares tips and personal stories, has guests to help you work it all out, and acts like the big sister you never knew you needed. You can find out more about Creative Women International at: where you can sign up to be the first to hear about courses, offers, VIP meet ups and so much more- plus you get some great free downloads to help you with your creative career. If you are a successful creative, get in touch if you would like to feature as a guest. [email protected]

The Addicted Austenite

  • Publisher: Catherine Price
  • Total Episodes: 102

Jane Austen is one of my all-time favourite authors and I love the Georgian Period in British History, so I’ve decided to share my passion with you all and talk to you about different subjects surrounding Jane Austen. The episodes will be weekly (hopefully, I have a health issue so it might not always be exact) and they will break down into a few different categories:A History of England by a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian. (General Georgian\Regency history)A. Lady (Jane’s Life)There is No Enjoyment Like Reading (Jane’s Novels)News Flash (Jane in the news and popular discussions)The Reel Jane Austen (Jane’s books on film)This podcast is just a bit of fun to give me a nice project to work on, so I hope you enjoy it. Your faithful servant, The Author

Bechdel Theatre Podcast

  • Publisher: Bechdel Theatre
  • Total Episodes: 33

Welcome to the Bechdel Theatre Podcast! Originally created as a Twitter campaign in 2015 by Beth Watson and now a 50-minute women-in-theatre audible feast. Bechdel Theatre is directly inspired by the famous Bechdel Test which looks at gender representation in film – only now British theatre is under the microscope… Co-hosted by Beth Watson and Pippa Sa – subscribe for special guests interviews, feminist challenges plus competitions to win exclusive theatre treats! Tweet us your thoughts at @bechdeltheatre or head over to our website for upcoming shows and events!

British GQ football podcast: Strike!

  • Publisher: GQ Magazine
  • Total Episodes: 25

British GQ, the men’s magazine with an IQ, brings you Strike! The weekly Wednesday podcast features a slew of star guests, from footballers to film stars, invited on to discuss and debate all the latest football action. The podcast is hosted by GQ Style Fashion Director, Elgar Johnson.


  • Publisher: I Fagiolini / The Sixteen
  • Total Episodes: 14

Choral Chihuahua is a new podcast series in which three British choral directors chat about things that matter to them: composers they love, points of choral technique, classic but also niche choral works, other groups and singers they admire. What is a tertiary shift and does it matter to anyone except Robert? Why was Harry first drawn to the music of James Macmillan? Can Eamonn explain why all singers should embrace their internal choral chihuahua? With a light-hearted touch, three stalwarts of the UK’s hugely varied choral scene chew the choral cud about how (and why) you do it and what they’ve learnt along the way.Choral Chihuahua is brought to you by I Fagiolini and The Sixteen and produced by Percius, The Sixteen and Polyphonic Films. It’s supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and I Fagiolini Charitable Trust.Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

Second Features

  • Publisher: Second Features
  • Total Episodes: 4

A journey down the lesser-known byways and alleyways of cinema, with a focus on British and American cinema of the 1960s and 1970s. Join Dr Laura Mayne and Dr Adrian Smith for insightful chat on films which deserve to be better known, along with special guests who bring their academic expertise to the discussion too. Second Features is available on Acast, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Vurbl, YouTube, PodTail, Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts and Stitcher. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Really, 007!

  • Publisher: Really, 007!
  • Total Episodes: 48

Really, 007! is a fresh podcast dedicated to exploring all things James Bond. Our team of lifelong fans will bring you in-depth Bond film reviews, analysis of elements of the series, and up-to-date news on your favourite British secret agent…Really, 007! is an unofficial entity, and in no way affiliated with United Artists, EON Productions Ltd, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Columbia/Sony Pictures, Ian Fleming Publications, or Danjaq LLC. It is not supported or endorsed in any way by the aforementioned. The 007 Logo and James Bond copyrights and trademarks, remain the sole property of the original holders.Really, 007! is not associated in any way, with those mentioned above. This is an independent podcast to provide news, reference, opinions, updates, and commentary on all subjects associated with James Bond for the Fans of 007 worldwide.Copyright information pertaining to all other content is listed below:-James Bond Character created by Ian Fleming.Copyright © Ian Fleming Publications Ltd.007 Gun Symbol Logo © 1962 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists CorpDr. No © 1962 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.From Russia With Love © 1963 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Goldfinger © 1964 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Thunderball © 1965 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.You Only Live Twice © 1967 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.On Her Majesty’s Secret Service © 1967 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Diamonds are Forever © 1971 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Live And Let Die © 1973 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.The Man With The Golden Gun © 1974 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.The Spy Who Loved Me © 1977 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Moonraker © 1979 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.For Your Eyes Only © 1981 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.Octopussy © 1983 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Corp.A View To a Kill © 1985 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.The Living Daylights © 1987 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.Licence To Kill ©1989 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.GoldenEye ©1995 Danjaq Inc. and United Artists Pictures IncTomorrow Never Dies © 1997 Danjaq LLC. and United Artists Pictures Inc.The World is Not Enough © 1999 Danjaq S.A. and United Artists Pictures Inc.Die Another Day © 2002 Danjaq LLC. & MGMCasino Royale © 2006 Danjaq LLC MGM & Columbia Pictures SONYQuantum Of Solace © 2008 Danjaq LLC MGM & Columbia Pictures SONYSkyfall © 2012 Danjaq LLC. MGM & Columbia Pictures. (SONY)Spectre © 2015 Danjaq LLC. MGM & Columbia Pictures. (SONY)No Time To Die © Danjaq LLC. UA Releasing,MGM & Universal Pictures See for privacy and opt-out information.

British Royal Fanatic Podcast

  • Publisher: Hayden Giesseman
  • Total Episodes: 29

Hi, my name is Hayden. I’m an American with a passion for British History and their Royal Family. Come and join me for discussions on royal history (past and present), current events, protocol, reviews of shows and films pertaining to them, and everything else. Come and stay a while as I share my passion for history and all things British! Support this podcast:

Film Brits

  • Publisher: Trilbee & Sam
  • Total Episodes: 50

Two British YouTubers who love movies decided one day to make a podcast. This is that podcast. “Film Brits”, hosted by Trilbee and Sam, will deliver weekly content from the world of film while also entertaining viewers with news, reviews and user-submitted topics and questions! As Sam and Trilbee are based in the UK, they will be going by UK release dates and scheduling. And drinking copious amounts of Tea throughout. So put t’kettle on and let’s watch some films!

Bootleg Magic with Alya Mooro & Nasri Atallah

  • Publisher: Nasri Atallah & Alya Mooro
  • Total Episodes: 6

Each week, two British-Arab creatives check in with each other and a rotating cast of multicultural friends from the world of writing, filmmaking, music, art and more. Bootleg Magic is like catching up with your friends, and discussing mental health, pandemics, love, relationships and all the other stuff that makes up our daily life. The podcast wraps up with a roundup of the pop culture from around the world that you need in your life to help you deal with it all.

Black British Geeks

  • Publisher: IRIE
  • Total Episodes: 51

Some of the best Film & TV reviews and recommendations from a couple of Black British Geeks.

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