20 Best UK Horror Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk horror? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk horror podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Horror Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Hammer House of Podcast

  • Publisher: Paul Cornell, L. M. Myles.
  • Total Episodes: 43

Paul Cornell (Doctor Who, Elementary) and L.M. Myles (Verity!), plus occasional guests, discuss, in order of UK release, every horror movie made by Hammer Film Productions between 1955 and 1976, from The Quatermass XPeriment to To the Devil… A Daughter.


  • Publisher: Evergreen Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 9

Something is coming. If you want to survive, you must remember this: Stay safe. Stay inside your circle. The acclaimed UK indie podcast that became the international audio horror mini-series event of 2020 is here. Created by Brendon Connelly. Co-written by James Field and James MacDonald. Starring Tal Minear, Beth Eyre, Sarah Pitard, Bryce Cooke and Tom Alexander. Directed and Produced by Jack Bowman. Produced in association with AudioMarvels®.


  • Publisher: Martine Le Fay
  • Total Episodes: 39

Audio producer, horror fan and gamer from London UK.

Who’s The Mummy

  • Publisher: Dan & Lucy
  • Total Episodes: 6

TikTok Funny man Dan and girlfriend Lucy ‘Who’s the Mummy’ Podcasts voices to viewers who the REAL boss is! Who’s the Mummy is a brand-new UK podcast that does things a bit differently. Listeners can understand and connect to the experiences of couples getting pregnant and having a child during the 2020 / 2021 pandemic. Hosts Dan and Lucy talk about, unfiltered and the realities of new parenthood. No topics are off-limits, and everything is completely relatable for the couples who gave birth during COVID times. The podcast draws its name from the slang term ‘Who’s the Daddy’ but proving that in this relationship, Lucy definitely wears the trousers and it’s really – ‘Who’s the Mummy!’ For Dan and Lucy, now as parents, it’s time to uncover the real experiences they have been and are going through as new parents, the horror stories that non-parents would be disgusted by and talking about their personal relationship now they are known as Mum and Dad. In each episode Dan and Lucy will talk all things baby and relationship related. From how the met, why they decided to try for a baby, life before Harper vs after Harper, pregnancy and giving birth through lockdown plus how they run their busy social media platforms! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The RIP Tour – A Halloween Horror Nights Podcast

  • Publisher: Rip Tour Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 28

A podcast dedicated to everything Halloween horror nights. Join Gary, Luke, Tim, and Ash who guide you through everything to do with the event! At the RIP tour we want to give you that VIP experience HHN offers. We will be talking rumours, announcements, trivia, topic shows & more! We also throw some HHN history in the mix with friends and guests along the way! So if you want that RIP experience. get comfortable, hit that subscribe button & get spooky! Social media: Twitter @riptourpodcast Instagram: @riptourpodcast Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/riptourpodcast/

Romantically Challenged

  • Publisher: Sami Lukis
  • Total Episodes: 17

Australian media personality and Author Sami Lukis chats to guests about the crazy world of modern dating. From dating disasters and success stories to all the challenges of online dating – nothing is off limits. A must-listen for anyone trying to navigate the divorce and dating jungles – and for anyone who loves hearing a good/bad/horror dating anecdote or two!

The American Horror Story After Show Podcast

  • Publisher: AfterBuzz TV
  • Total Episodes: 169

American Horror Story After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of FX’s American Horror Story. Show Summary: American Horror Story is an American anthology horror television series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a different set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own “beginning, middle, and end.” Some plot elements of each season are loosely inspired by true events. The only actors to appear in all iterations of the show are Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson.

A Democratic Socialist’s Almanac

  • Publisher: Lelyn R. Masters
  • Total Episodes: 28

A Democratic Socialist’s Almanac is a podcast exploring all things relevant to Socialism today, from the latest scholarship regarding the socialist tradition to socialist reflections on our current moment and where to go from here. Below is a partial prospectus with a subject by subject bibliography. Written by Lelyn R. Masters with a Memphis Music Soundtrack by Harry Koniditsiotis Marx’s Epicurianism Fusaro, Diego. Marx, Epicurus, and the Origins of Historical Materialism. Permanent Press, 2017. The French and Haitian Revolutions Davidson, Ian. The French Revolution: From Enlightenment to Tyranny. Profile Books, 2016. Furet, François, and Karl Marx. Marx and the French Revolution. University of Chicago Press, 1988. Israel, Jonathan. Revolutionary ideas: an intellectual history of the French Revolution from the Rights of Man to Robespierre. Princeton University Press, 2015. James, Cyril Lionel Robert. The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution. Penguin UK, 2001. Scott, Julius S. The common wind: Afro-American currents in the age of the Haitian Revolution. Verso Books, 2018. Not Marx’s Capital Anderson, Kevin B. Marx at the margins: on nationalism, ethnicity, and non-western societies. University of Chicago Press, 2016. Israel, Jonathan I. The Enlightenment that Failed: Ideas, Revolution, and Democratic Defeat, 1748-1830. Oxford University Press, 2019. Marik, Soma. Revolutionary Democracy: Emancipation in Classical Marxism. Haymarket Books, 2018. Rosenberg, Arthur. Democracy and socialism: a contribution to the political history of the past 150 years. Beacon Press, 1939. Eternal Life, Abolition and Class Brooks, Kinitra D. Searching for Sycorax: Black Women’s Hauntings of Contemporary Horror. Rutgers University Press, 2018. Carruthers, Charlene. Unapologetic: A Black, queer, and feminist mandate for radical movements. Beacon Press, 2018. Du Bois, W. E. B. Black Reconstruction In America: An Essay Toward A History Of The Part Which Black Folk Played In The Attempt To Reconstruct Democracy In America, 1860-1880. New York: Russell & Russell [1966, c1935. Print. Foner, Eric. The second founding: How the civil war and reconstruction remade the constitution. WW Norton & Company, 2019. Nadler, Steven. “Spinoza’s’ Ethics’: An Introduction.” (2006). World War I, Original Sin and Karl Kautsky Clark, Christopher M. Iron kingdom: the rise and downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947. Harvard University Press, 2006. Clark, Christopher. The sleepwalkers: How Europe went to war in 1914. Penguin UK, 2012. Donald, Moira. Marxism and Revolution: Karl Kautsky and the Russian Marxists, 1900-1924. Yale University Press, 1993. McMeekin, Sean. The Russian Origins of the First World War. Harvard University Press, 2011. Spinoza, Baruch. Spinoza: Complete Works. Hackett Publishing, 2002. Nero, Oreste, Stalin, Trotsky Deutsher, J. “The prophet armed.” (1979). Deutscher, Isaac. The prophet unarmed: Trotsky, 1921-1929. Verso, 2003. Sgambato-Ledoux, Isabelle. Oreste et Néron. Spinoza, Freud et le mal. Classiques Garnier, 2017. Trotsky, Leon. History of the Russian revolution. Haymarket Books, 2008. Broué, Pierre. Communistes contre Staline. Fayard, 2003. The Spanish Civil War Reconsidered Beevor, Anthony. “The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936–1939 (London, 2006), 106–7 and 269–70 and Albertí.” La Iglesia en llamas: 277-86. Graham, Helen. The Spanish Republic at War 1936-1939. Cambridge University Press, 2002. McKay, Claude. Amiable with Big Teeth. Penguin, 2017. Morrow, Felix. Revolution & Counter Revolution in Spain. Pathfinder Press, 1974. Orwell, George. Homage to Catalonia/Down and Out in Paris and London. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016. A Guide to High Maoism Isaacs, Harold Robert. The tragedy of the Chinese revolution. Haymarket Books, 2010. Lovell, Julia. Maoism: A Global History. Random House, 2019. A History of the Russian Revolution as if Ukraine Mattered Raleigh, Donald J. Provincial landscapes: local dimensions of Soviet power, 1917-1953. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2001. Serge, Victor. Midnight in the Century. New York Review of Books, 2014. Snyder, Timothy. Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin. Random House, 2011. Snyder, Timothy, and Tony Judt. Thinking the twentieth century. Random House, 2013. From the Black Panther Party to Ta Nehisi-Coates, a Vanguard in our time Bloom, Joshua, Waldo E. Martin Jr, and Waldo E. Martin. Black against empire: The history and politics of the Black Panther Party. Univ of California Press, 2016. Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the world and me. Text publishing, 2015.APA Johnson, Cedric. Revolutionaries to race leaders: Black power and the making of African American politics. U of Minnesota Press, 2007. McWhorter, Ladelle. Racism and sexual oppression in Anglo-America: A genealogy. Indiana University Press, 2009. Perry, Ravi K. Black mayors, white majorities: The balancing act of racial politics. U of Nebraska Press, 2013. Rothstein, Richard. The color of law: A forgotten history of how our government segregated America. Liveright Publishing, 2017. The 2016 Election, A Fascist in the White House Crenshaw, Kimberle, eds. Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed The Movement. New York : New Press : 1995. Gessen, Masha. The future is history: How totalitarianism reclaimed Russia. Granta Books, 2017. Jamieson, Kathleen Hall. “Cyberwar.” How Russian hackers and trolls helped elect a president (2018). Lewis, Michael. The fifth risk: undoing democracy. Penguin UK, 2018. Pomerantsev, Peter. Nothing is true and everything is possible: The surreal heart of the new Russia. Public Affairs, 2014. Snyder, Timothy. The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America. Tim Duggan Books, 2018. Wadhia, Shoba Sivaprasad. “National Security, Immigration and the Muslim Bans.” Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 75 (2018): 1475. The Syrian Revolution Abouzeid, Rania. No Turning Back: Life, Loss, and Hope in Wartime Syria. WW Norton & Company, 2018. Anderson, Eric A. The role of the military in Syria: the Shishakli years (1949-1954). Diss. 1971. al-Dik, Majd and Nathalie Bontemps (tr). A l’est de Damas, au bout du monde. Témoignage d’un révolutionnaire syrien: Témoignage d’un révolutionnaire syrien. Don Quichotte, 2016. Batatu, Hanna. Syria’s peasantry, the descendants of its lesser rural notables, and their politics. Princeton University Press, 1999. Dagher, Sam. Assad Or We Burn the Country: How One Family’s Lust for Power Destroyed Syria. Hachette UK, 2019. Hourani, Albert. A history of the Arab peoples: Updated edition. Faber & Faber, 2013. Kassab, Elizabeth Suzanne. Enlightenment on the Eve of Revolution: The Egyptian and Syrian Debates. Columbia University Press, 2019. Majed, Ziad. Syrie, la révolution orpheline. Éditions Actes Sud, 2018. Memmi, Albert. Decolonization and the Decolonized. U of Minnesota Press, 2006. Memmi, Albert. The colonizer and the colonized. Routledge, 2013. Minoui, Delphine. Les Passeurs de livres de Daraya: Une biblioteque secrete en Syrie. Editions du Seuil, 2017. Pearlman, Wendy R. We crossed a bridge and it trembled: Voices from Syria. Custom House, 2017. Rogan, Eugene. The Arabs: a history. Basic Books, 2012. Sentence to Hope: A Sa’dallah Wannous Reader. Yale University Press, 2019. Singh, Naunihal. Seizing power: The strategic logic of military coups. JHU Press, 2014. Sirees, Nihad. The Silence and the Roar. Pushkin Press, 2013. Yassin-Kassab, Robin, and Leila Al-Shami. Burning country: Syrians in revolution and war. Pluto Press, 2018. Yazbek, Samar. The Crossing: My journey to the shattered heart of Syria. Rider Books, 2015. And Much More!

Aahfter Horror

  • Publisher: Aahfter Horror
  • Total Episodes: 69

A UK based horror movie podcast where we (loosely) discuss one movie in depth per episode, your hosts are Paul, Dan, Mike and Chris. Expect tangents, guest hosts and all manner of inconsistencies with the exception of when the episodes will be out… Every two weeks come hell or high water! Website: www.aahfterhorror.co.uk Instagram: @aahfterhorrorpodcast Twitter: @aahfterhorror Facebook: aahfterhorrorpodcast Email: [email protected]

The Asylum Podcast

  • Publisher: The Asylum
  • Total Episodes: 7

The Asylum Podcast, is a film review show. Every Monday 10:30 PM UK time, Free on Spotify, apple podcasts, tunein, Google podcasts, RadioPublic, Pocketcast and breaker. Why not follow us, so you know when a new episode is live.. Read full reviews here: https://horror-snob.co.uk/

The American Crime Story Podcast

  • Publisher: AfterBuzz TV
  • Total Episodes: 27

American Crime Story After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of FX’s American Crime Story. Show Summary: American Crime Story is an American true crime anthology television series developed by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who are executive producers with Brad Falchuk, Nina Jacobson, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Simpson. Similar to American Horror Story, also from Murphy and Falchuk, each season is presented as a self-contained miniseries, following separate unrelated true events. Series creators Alexander and Karaszewski did not return after the first season.


  • Publisher: Eric Luke
  • Total Episodes: 48

SOMETHING wants in. To your head. Through this audiobook. Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he’s listening to reveals his deepest, darkest secrets, escalating until the narrator addresses him directly, threatening to destroy him from within. Vivian, a single mother running an antique store in San Francisco, listens to her audiobook to distract herself from missing her young daughter, but is shaken when the narrative is interrupted by her daughter’s voice, faintly calling for help. Ethan and Vivian are drawn together as they fight to solve a generation-spanning conspiracy that begins with a boy listening to the Orson Welles broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938 and evolves through the latest innovations in digital technology, unearthing the mind-bending concept of a POSSIBILITY PARASITE bent on unleashing an explosion of APOCALYPTIC META HORROR. From Eric Luke, screenwriter of EXPLORERS, and comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN: an experiment in audio horror. INTERFERENCE. Just click PLAY…

Nothing to Fear

  • Publisher: Billie Schultz
  • Total Episodes: 51

Every week Billie, Alex and Luke sit down to watch and talk about a horror movie that some or all of them haven’t seen. As a bunch of horror movie newbies we are trying to watch the scary things and show people that in the end there’s nothing to fear!

Uncaring Universe Podcast

  • Publisher: Danny Salfield Wadeson
  • Total Episodes: 29

Interviews with awesome sci fi and fantasy storytellers about world building, creative process and more! Whether you’re an aspiring writer or just an avid fan, join us for discussions staying sane while writing, strange ornamental weapons lying around the desk and, inevitably, Skyrim. An official partner of Tor UK, my favourite publisher of SFF & horror.

Henry VI, Part 1 by SHAKESPEARE, William

  • Publisher: LibriVox
  • Total Episodes: 6

Henry VI, Part 1 or The First Part of Henry the Sixth (often written as 1 Henry VI) is a history play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1591, and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England. Whereas 2 Henry VI deals with the King’s inability to quell the bickering of his nobles, and the inevitability of armed conflict, and 3 Henry VI deals with the horrors of that conflict, 1 Henry VI deals with the loss of England’s French territories and the political machinations leading up to the Wars of the Roses, as the English political system is torn apart by personal squabbles and petty jealousy. (Summary by Wikipedia) Cast:Basset/Messenger/Queen Margaret/Second Sentinel/Second Serving Man: Elizabeth KlettBastard of Orleans/Master Gunner/General: lennichBoy/First Soldier/Officer/Scout/Sir William Lucy/Soldier: Christine BlachfordCaptain/Second Warder/Third Serving Man: Ty UnglebowerCharles, King of France: peacCountess of Auvergne: Maria ThereseDuke of Alencon: kenrgDuke of Bedford: Robert MitchellDuke of Burgundy: Sandra GDuke of Exeter: Andy MinterDuke of Gloucester: Sean RandallDuke of Somerset: ReadalotEarl of Salisbury: Michael IrskensEarl of Suffolk: Frank BookerEarl of Warwick: Mark F. SmithEdmund Mortimer: Bruce PirieFirst Gaoler/Lawyer/Legate/Lord Talbot/Watch/Woodvile: Algy PugFirst Sentinel/First Serving Man: John FrickerFirst Warder/Sir John Fastolfe: Dale BurgessHenry VI: Arielle LipshawJoan La Pucelle: Nadine Eckert-BouletJohn Talbot: ravenotationLord Mayor of London: Martin GeesonPorter: Lucy PerryReignier: Lars RolanderRichard Plantagenet: David GoldfarbSergeant: VeggrowerServant: EdenShepherd: AldorSir William Glansdale: Aidan BrackSir Thomas Gargrave: Ric FVernon: David LawrenceWinchester: Jason MillsNarrator: Roseanne SchmidtAudio edited by: Elizabeth Klett

Horrorscape Podcast

  • Publisher: Horrorscape
  • Total Episodes: 48

Welcome to Horrorscape! Hosts Ricky, Luke and Rebecca dissect, admire and poke fun at a wide variety of horror movies.


  • Publisher: Hat Trick Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 12

A brand new audio sketch show highlighting the UK’s best up-and-coming female comedy writing talent. From comedians Charlie Dinkin and Zoe Tomalin, SeanceCast is a ten episode comedy-horror series.The show sees Charlie and Zoe conducting seances at locations ranging from the mundane (Zoe’s high school in Arran) to the constrained (the changing room of a high street fast fashion chain), in order to gather scenes from The Beyond. Brave listeners should expect the unexpected, as these dark and hilarious 15 minute episodes provide glimpses of Super Realistic MILF Hotlines, flash mob proposals 10,000 leagues under the sea, police appeals for more podcast listeners, a never-ending hen do, and much, much more…

Salon Stories

  • Publisher: Salon Stories
  • Total Episodes: 14

Talking haircuts, spray tans & a load of other stuff with the biggest names in the Hair & Beauty Industry! From award winning stylists, to salon consultants and even celebrity spray tanners – yes, we really do have a guest for you! So come join your hosts: Josh & Kelly, for fun chats, the best industry tips and of course… tons of salon horror stories too! Created with industry professionals in mind, Salon Stories is a brand new podcast brought to you by the UK’s largest independent wholesaler: Hairdressing Supplies Lincoln. Follow us on Instagram: @salonstoriespod

Killers You’ve Never Heard Of

  • Publisher: Jordan Carroll
  • Total Episodes: 7

Welcome to Killers you’ve never heard of. The true crime world is very anglo-centric, focusing on the United States, Australia, UK and Canada. There are important stories to be told and highlighted around the world that do not get enough attention and the victim’s stories are not told. Killers you have never heard of is going to flip that, our intention is to highlight crimes from each country around the world in English, to spread the understanding of these wider. Some countries do not have readily available information, such as North Korea, so, in those cases we may stray away from the theme of serial killers. A warning to anyone listening, that there will be descriptions of crimes that are disturbing, including sex crimes and murders, the descriptions are not graphic for drama, but to help you understand the horror of the crimes. We are not speakers of each language, so, we will do our best to get pronunciation as close as possible for names and places. One last thing, if you have any suggestions for crimes you would like highlighted, please message us on Instagram, @killersyouveneverheardof where you can also see pictures and maps that will help illustrate the scenes.

Imminent Teachnology

  • Publisher: Dr. Ro & Drew Stinnett
  • Total Episodes: 20

Dr. Rochelle Newton and Drew Stinnett’s Podcasts examine current and emerging technologies through the lens of diversity and equality.About Rochelle and Drew:Dr. Rochelle Newton is an Assistant Divisional Chief Operating Officer (IT) for Duke University Health Technology Solutions. She holds a doctorate in Higher Education with a concentration in Leadership. Dr. Newton has worked in IT since 1977 in both the private and public sectors. As technology has evolved, she had developed an analytical perspective of technology at the intersection of education and race. She founded Newton Advocacy & Strategic IT Consulting (NASITC). NASITC is a diversity consulting firm. Our work is to simply changethe narrative at the intersection of diversity and information technology (IT). Dr. Newton’s diversity philosophy includes access, advocacy, equality, opportunity, and productive outcomes for individuals and organizations.Dr. Newton is an avid John Grisham fan (she has read every book he has written). American History is her reading passion. She has been the keynote or paid speaker for numerous events examining the impact of IT within underrepresented groups. Dr. Newton has formed a collaborative group within her organization that brings STEM staff from all across the university together to discuss technology, gender, and race. She also created a small group of women to join in a monthly common purpose – STEM and gender. She serves on the board of several entities where STEM, race, and education are central. Dr. Newton co-chaired Duke’s TechExpo in 2014 and has completed numerous training on diversity, professional development, and emerging technologies. She has developed an interdisciplinary course that analyzes gender, poverty, and race through the lens of technology.Drew has worked in Information Technology for over 20 years, and currently works at Duke University as a Sr. Systems Analyst. While Drews degree is in Theatre, he has a passion for open source technology, and has worked in Information Technology for his adult life. Drew’s areas of focus are Linux, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Security Technologies. If he’s not sitting at the computer, you may find him catching up on the latest horror films!The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company.

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