20 Best UK Interesting Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk interesting? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk interesting podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Interesting Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

Activity Quest

  • Publisher: Fun Kids
  • Total Episodes: 171

Activity Quest is the weekly kids entertainment show from the UK’s children’s radio station Fun Kids. Join our presenters from across the UK as they give you interesting and fun things to keep you busy out-and-about and at home. There’s celebrity interviews, stories and more.  Activity Quest was previously Stuck at Home, the podcast that kept kids entertained in lockdown. You can hear the entire archive here too!


  • Publisher: ADAM BUXTON
  • Total Episodes: 159

British comedian Adam Buxton talks with interesting people. The rambly conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes more serious with funny bits. Adam makes the jingles and records the intros and outros for most episodes while walking with his dog friend Rosie in the East Anglian countryside where he lives with his wife and three children.Adam has appeared in films such as Hot Fuzz, Stardust and Son Of Rambow as well as a variety of TV shows in the UK. Since 2007 he has hosted BUG, a live show that combines music videos and comedy that became a TV series on Sky Atlantic in 2012. From time to time he also does live shows featuring just his own material. Along with lifelong friend Joe Cornish he also is one half of award winning TV, radio and podcast duo Adam & Joe who have worked together since 1995.You can find many of the insanely catchy jingles Adam makes for the podcast as well as amazing bonus material, beautiful merchandise and a selection of his incredibly funny and brilliant YouTube videos on Adam’s website: adam-buxton.co.ukAdam is writing this himself using the third person.

2 Ales and Hockey Tales with Wally

  • Publisher: Brent Walton
  • Total Episodes: 32

Interesting hockey people and stories from around the world. Each episode will spotlight a persons hockey journey / career and best stories. Hosted by Brent Walton 10 year pro in the AHL, ECHL, Germany, Denmark and the UK

Flick Through

  • Publisher: Specialist Subject Records
  • Total Episodes: 15

Join us as we dig through the crates at Specialist Subject Records and uncover the interesting, unusual and sometimes controversial stories behind punk and indie rock records from the contemporary to the legendary. All stocked at our independent record shop in Bristol, UK.


  • Publisher: Nasir Kharma
  • Total Episodes: 6

🙋🏻‍♂️ Welcome to the KharmaKast: a podcast where I just kick back, chill out and have a relaxed conversation with creators I admire. My name is Nasir Kharma, a Palestinian/Jordanian, born in Canada, raised in Greece, and living in the UK. I’m a medical student and YouTuber trying to connect with and learn from as many interesting people as I can convince to come on this 1 hour show with me. If you’ve found your way here, I hope you’ll stick around, and welcome to the show 😊

Pubs. Pints. People.

  • Publisher: Campaign for Real Ale
  • Total Episodes: 34

The Campaign for Real Ale’s new podcast Pubs. Pints. People. brings you interesting stories every other week about the world of beer, cider and pubs. Tune in every Tuesday with hosts Clare Phillips, Ant Fiorillo and Matt Bundy as they chat to special guests and learn about beer writing, brewing jobs, cider making and more.CAMRA is a not-for-profit consumer organisation that campaigns for great beer in great pubs. It is made up of nearly 200,000 beer-lovers around the UK – to join, visit join.camra.org.uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The IT Pro Podcast

  • Publisher: IT Pro
  • Total Episodes: 92

The IT Pro Podcast is a weekly show for technology professionals and business leaders, looking at the week’s most interesting stories and discussing the issues that matter most to the UK IT community. Hosted by IT Pro reviews and community editor Adam Shepherd (@AdamShepherdUK) and features editor Jane McCallion (@JaneMcCallion), new episodes premiere every Friday. Visit ITPro.co.uk/Podcasts for more information, or follow @ITPro for regular updates.

Soul to Seoul: The Show

  • Publisher: Seoul Nessie
  • Total Episodes: 51

The official podcast to the (sporadic) YouTube channel! Here Nessie shares more personal stories of her life in South Korea so far and how it differs to what it was like in the UK. Featuring interesting tales, burning questions and guests!

Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis

  • Publisher: American Enterprise Institute
  • Total Episodes: 203

Tune in each week as James Pethokoukis interviews economists, business leaders, academics and others on the most important and interesting issues of the day. You can find all episodes at AEI, Ricochet, and wherever podcasts are downloaded, and look for follow-up transcripts and blog posts at aei.org.

Khandaan- A Bollywood Podcast

  • Publisher: The Khandaan Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 104

Khandaan- A Bollywood Podcast A nostalgic deep dive into the movies of Aamir, Salman, and Shahrukh Khan, three global superstars of enduring interest. Additionally, on alternate weeks, we cover current events in Bollywood, new/interesting streaming content in English and other Indian languages, plus other news in film. Hosted by three Bollywood-loving millennials with an encyclopedic knowledge of Hindi film, Khandaan is your one stop shop for nostalgia, laughter, and distraction. #Bollywood #Podcast #BollywoodPodcast #SRK #SalmanKhan #AamirKhan

Captain Sir Tom Moore Presents

  • Publisher: Cadbury
  • Total Episodes: 6

National treasure Captain Tom has lived an exciting and full life and yet at the grand age of 100, he shows no signs of slowing. New podcast, The Originals, sees guest host Captain Tom in conversation with older guests, all of whom have their own interesting stories to tell.  From a 79-year-old woman revealing her kiss with a rockstar, to an  award-winning, investigative journalist, fighting against climate change for over half a century, Captain Tom shows his listeners the questions to ask, to uncover surprising tales and common experiences. The podcast is part of the wider ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign brought to you by Cadbury and Age UK. The campaign aims to encourage Brits to start a conversation with an older person in their family or community, to help tackle loneliness. Age UK (reg. charity no. 1128267) is the country’s leading charity for older people. They provide expert advice, life-changing companionship for vulnerable older people and campaign for the rights of older people to help ensure no one is left behind.Find out more at: https://www.ageuk.org.uk The Originals, the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4KYnXyZm54 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Jim Duke Perspective

  • Publisher: Jim Duke
  • Total Episodes: 406

Jim Duke Perspective is a weekly show features news and information exposing the NWO Illuminati conspiracy and Luciferian agenda, and analyzes society from a Christian view. This is where we discuss a variety of fringe topics and genres as they relate to the conspiracy and their Secret Societies, and present biblical insight as we near the End Times. We bring conspiracy evidence and unravel the truth behind the facade wherever it takes us. Whatever level you are at, we break it down for you. No corner is too dark for us to tackle and alert you of the evils of the world.Our episodes analyze culture and society and cover conspiracy, the Illuminati and secret societies, the NWO, psyops and black op projects, the paranormal and occult, rogue government, political deception, the agenda of the Elite, radical ideologies, Entertainment industry, history, signs of the times, and other things related. As well as hosts interesting guests who appear for an exchange of ideas and insight.This is where you will hear “a rational voice in a world of conspiracy.” Topics that make you think. The information on this show is for those awake and are awakening who want the truth about the inside agenda, the guts behind the facade, and exciting details that the world is not exposed to from their normal resources. Information beyond the boundaries and your Sunday morning sermon. Shows air live or post Sundays at 6pm EST.News show segment airs midweek.The website is https://JimDukePerspective.com

Marketing made easy from Get Savvy Club

  • Publisher: Get Savvy Club
  • Total Episodes: 85

Welcome to Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club Podcast! Anna Geary and Anita Baldwin from Get Savvy Club are Social Media Coaches, who teach you to how to attract clients using social media in less than an hour a day! On Marketing Made Easy from Get Savvy Club they chat with other business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll hear about the good times & the bad. The conversations will be entertaining, honest & will hopefully inspire you to realise that YOU can be a success! As well as interesting interviews with guests they’ll be ‘Get Savvy Quickie’ episodes where Anita & Anna give help, advice & actionable tips on business & marketing too. We’d love to connect on social & hear from our listeners… there’s opportunity to win recommended books by rating & reviewing this podcast & we’ll be reading our favourite listeners reviews out too! Join the FB group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/getsavvyclub/ Official website : https://getsavvyclub.co.uk/


  • Publisher: OnMilwaukee
  • Total Episodes: 104

Get hungry.On the FoodCrush podcast, OnMilwaukee Food & Dining Writer Lori Fredrich and Culture Editor Matt Mueller tackle the ins and outs of dining, food facts, interesting ingredients and myriad topics related to food and beverage.Expect smart talk, lively debate and plenty of fascinating conversations with some of the scene’s most interesting people.


  • Publisher: John Matarazzo
  • Total Episodes: 117

Join me AlongTheWay! Most of my favorite moments in life are ones that happen “Along The Way”. They weren’t necessarily planned or even expected but they are moments along the way in everyday life that have helped me grow and learn to be more like Jesus in my life. I always enjoy meeting interesting people and I try to learn something from everyone that I can. For the past several years I have been a TV producer working on a program where I have the privilege to interact with fascinating guests. The goal of this podcast is to share some of those great “Along The Way moments with you as I catalog them and learn from them myself. My inspiration to call this podcast “AlongTheWay” comes from Luke 24:32 “Didn’t our hearts burn within us “Along The Way” as he was revealing the scriptures to us?”http://alongtheway.media

Abe’s Ukulele Podcast

  • Publisher: Abe Deshotel
  • Total Episodes: 44

This is a podcast for players and teachers of the ukulele to improve their skills at doing those things. I cover all sorts of things that I think are interesting and helpful on my journey to become a better uke teacher/player. Sometimes I’ll be interviewing great teachers and players, other times I’ll just be sharing insights and tips that can help you become a better musician.

Brukie and Burgo – the podcast

  • Publisher: brukieandburgo
  • Total Episodes: 17

Sports physician Peter Brukner (Brukie) and high performance guru Darren Burgess (Burgo) have worked together at the Socceroos and Liverpool FC, and separately at Premier League club Arsenal, AFL clubs Melbourne, Collingwood, Sydney and Port Adelaide, as well as national swimming, hockey, athletics and cricket teams. Join them for a chat about health and performance with a bunch of interesting guests.


  • Total Episodes: 58

WATCH CHRONICLER is the UK’s source of watch and watchmaking related articles & videos which provide clear and interesting journalism for all to enjoy.

The Forum

  • Publisher: Slate Church
  • Total Episodes: 103

The Forum is a new podcast by Slate Church hosted by Pastors Luke Boettger and Brandon Richardson. In this podcast, we discuss culture, opinions, and we’ll dive deep into interesting discussions.

Welcome to West Vault Radio

Vault 97 is a fan podcast set in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic, atom-age inspired universe of Fallout. The eponymous Vault 97 is a large, underground complex with two interesting details: the first is that it is a fully featured music studio and radio broadcast centre with the latest technology, and two, it has been filled with musicians, personalities and any other remaining ex-pats and civilians from Great Britain (along with those that could fake a convincing enough accent to get in). Susan, the only remaining human member of staff, proudly and diligently hosts the entirety of station under the long-running banner of WVR, West Vault Radio, with her team of robots and automated programming subroutines. Why is Susan the only remaining Human? How does she survive through the loneliness and depression of being underground? How are the tea reserves still plentiful? Find out all this and more from WVR, broadcasting today for a brighter tomorrow! Vault 97 written and performed by Laura Manwell. Music/Sound design, visual design and narration by Luke Highet.

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