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20 Best UK Left Podcasts of 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk left? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk left podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Left Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: Novara Media
  • Total Episodes: 331

The biggest stories and guests from the UK and international left. Hosted by Michael Walker.

The Lesley Riddoch Podcast

  • Publisher: Lesley Riddoch and Pat Joyce
  • Total Episodes: 32

Scottish politics dissected from a left, pro-independence stance. Each week, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Lesley Riddoch chews over the week’s news with former media lecturer and Dundee United fan, Pat Joyce. If you like intelligent, quirky chat about Scottish society and culture, and Scottish, UK and international politics analysed from a Scottish perspective; this podcast is for you.

Hidden Homicides

  • Publisher: Louise Tickle and Tortoise Media
  • Total Episodes: 5

In this series we tell the shocking stories of women whose possible homicides go unrecognised, and uncounted, by police. In the UK, we’re told that two women a week are killed by a current or former partner – but these are just the killings we know about. The true toll could be much, much higher. In Hidden Homicides, investigative reporter Louise Tickle uncovers harrowing cases of killers missed, of grieving families ignored by police, of a body left to decay in a hospital morgue, and of systemic police failings. It is produced by Tortoise Studios. To learn more, go to 

The Ski Podcast

  • Publisher: The Ski Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 110

Want to know more about the world of skiing? The Ski Podcast is a UK-based podcast that looks at at all aspects of the world of skiing and snowboarding, from resorts to racing, Ski Sunday to slush. It is hosted by Iain Martin, who is joined by guests from the world of snow to chat about wintery stuff and probe around in the avalanche of ski news. Iain is part of the ski and snowboard industry furniture. He spent many winters in the mountains and went on to found ( – the season workers’ website. He now works runs Skipedia (  – a digital marketing consultancy specialising in snowsports – and is founder of Ski Flight Free ( – a campaign to encourage skiers to take the train or drive rather than flying to their ski holiday. The podcast was co-founded by Jim Duncombe, who left the show in 2020, but still occasionally appears as guest. If you want to get in touch or take part you can email us on [email protected] Music: Logo:

Tails from the Dog House: Separation Anxiety Explained

  • Publisher: Tails From The Dog House
  • Total Episodes: 23

Everything you need to know about Separation Anxiety in dogs and how to fix it. Three global specialists from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States discuss all things related to Separation Anxiety. Join Stacey Bell from Focused Fun in the US (, Ness Jones from Separation Anxiety In Dogs Decoded in Australia ( & Sarah McLaren from Separation Anxiety Solutions in the UK ( as they delve into the dos and don’ts of training a dog to feel safe and comfortable when left home alone!

The Left Wing

  • Publisher: The Left Wing
  • Total Episodes: 192

The Left Wing with Luke Fitzgerald has the best rugby analysis and exclusive interviews every week on Former Ireland international Luke is joined by’s Will Slattery, as well as the biggest names in Irish rugby. Harnessing his in-depth knowledge from his playing days, Luke dissects how the provinces are performing week in, week out. And for all the international action, listen to the Left Wing for the best analysis and compelling chat about the Irish team.

Purple Worm

  • Publisher: Purple Worm
  • Total Episodes: 46

Purple was a post featuring a small group of British RPG-ers discuss various topics of interest, with a highlight on UK-based or inspired RPGS. The podcast ceased publishing on 30/08/20 although this account will be left open so the old episodes are available. Check out our individual podcasts: – Pete @ Dragons are real: – Dave @ dpercentile: – Colin @ spikepit: – John @ Red Dice Diaries: Our RSS feed is:

The Another Europe Podcast

  • Publisher: Another Europe is Possible
  • Total Episodes: 75

Hosts Zoe Williams (@zoesqwilliams) and Luke Cooper (@lukecooper100) are joined by guests with a left take on Brexit, Europe and more. Surveying the big transformative ideas of the age, interrogating the tough questions, and opening up new horizons radical thinking and policy, the Another Europe podcast confounds the expectation that ‘pro-Europeans’ just want to defend the status quo. Brought to you by the Another Europe Is Possible campaign, the podcast is a vital tonic for those despairing at the state of Brexit Britain.  Praise for the Another Europe podcast  “A bracingly honest post mortem on the remain movement, especially its relationship with Labour, by people who were a vital part of it. I found it insightful and weirdly cathartic”  —– Dorian Lynskey, writer and Remainiac  “Provocative… highly balanced and critical… a much-needed space for critical reflection and nuanced discussion”  —– E-International Relations 


  • Publisher: Dr. Luke Wolf
  • Total Episodes: 52

Battlecast is the world’s foremost podcast about war and it’s sociopolitical impact. Each month Dr. Luke Wolf works to bring you an unfiltered understanding of the most important battles and wars of mankind’s history. The official motto of the show: “not left, not right: above,” provides a fresh look at the conventional understandings found in history books. So pull up a chair, grab a beer, and join the conversation.

Captain Sir Tom Moore Presents

  • Publisher: Cadbury
  • Total Episodes: 6

National treasure Captain Tom has lived an exciting and full life and yet at the grand age of 100, he shows no signs of slowing. New podcast, The Originals, sees guest host Captain Tom in conversation with older guests, all of whom have their own interesting stories to tell.  From a 79-year-old woman revealing her kiss with a rockstar, to an  award-winning, investigative journalist, fighting against climate change for over half a century, Captain Tom shows his listeners the questions to ask, to uncover surprising tales and common experiences. The podcast is part of the wider ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign brought to you by Cadbury and Age UK. The campaign aims to encourage Brits to start a conversation with an older person in their family or community, to help tackle loneliness. Age UK (reg. charity no. 1128267) is the country’s leading charity for older people. They provide expert advice, life-changing companionship for vulnerable older people and campaign for the rights of older people to help ensure no one is left behind.Find out more at: The Originals, the film: See for privacy and opt-out information.

On Things We Left Behind

  • Publisher: Saredo & Surer Mohamed
  • Total Episodes: 9

On Things We Left Behind is a story-driven podcast that explores the hidden afterlife of war. In what ways does leaving your country behind shape the life that you rebuild? That’s the question that the hosts, daughters of Somali refugees, seek to explain. The podcast takes an in-depth look into the lives of those who were made to start all over, and meditates on the things that are left behind in war’s wake.On Things We Left Behind was one of the three finalists for LaunchPod 2019, the UK’s first podcast competition.

Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48

  • Publisher: Marcia Clark | A&E
  • Total Episodes: 9

Famed prosecutor and defense attorney Marcia Clark delves into some of the most controversial homicides in America. These are cases that have shocked and captivated the public, but have outcomes that are either unresolved, or leave more questions than answers. Now, Marcia will speak with experts, review the facts, and use her own expertise to shed new light on cases which have been left in the darkness. See more Marcia Clark Investigates The First 48 on A&E, at, and on Crime + Investigation in the UK.

Ayes to the Left

  • Publisher: Reach Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 45

Brexit, Theresa May’s fragile hold on power, the return of the Labour left under Jeremy Corbyn, and Donald Trump as President make this a fascinating time in politics. But the reality for many people in the UK is a rise in the cost of living, cuts to public services and uncertainty over the future. The Mirror Politics team analyse the goings on in Westminster and beyond, and let you know how the plans made by people in power will really affect you. We speak to the key players and give you our perspective on the political scene. Subscribing will automatically get you all the upcoming episodes and don’t forget to follow Mirror Politics on Twitter ( and Facebook ( for the latest politics news.

The David Cassidy Connections

  • Publisher: Louise Poynton
  • Total Episodes: 26

Remembering the superstar of the 1970s, David Cassidy, his legacy and how he connected with a generation. Fans and colleagues who worked with him remember his influence and impact. Journalist Louise Poynton has been a fan since 1971 and her book Cherish David Cassidy A Legacy of Love, published April 2020 is an award-winning finalist in the American Book Fest Best Book awards. She gives readers a grandstand seat for a journey from the 1970s when teenagers all over the world first fell in love with the biggest teen idol of that decade. This podcast series is a companion to the book with fans speaking in their own words about their lives and sharing more of their stories and cherished memories. The David Cassidy Connections offers a mix of interviews with fans, friends and colleagues who worked with him as they reflect on his music and career and how it influenced their own career path. Louise, who for more than 20 years was a Sports Editor on regional newspapers in the UK, invited fans to share their memories of falling in love with him; they explain in raw honesty why he has been so important in their lives. A project she started working on a couple of years before David died, she was overwhelmed with heartfelt stories from around the world, which not only celebrate his life but paint a picture of the personal journey fans have been through over the past 50 years. This year marks would have been his 70th birthday – April 12 -50 years since The Partridge Family was first aired on television, and I Think I Love You was the biggest selling record of the year, outselling Let It Be. Now in a celebration of his life, fans, friends and peers including Neil Sedaka, explain in their own words how David impacted on them, his influence and friendship; the lasting legacy of love and music he left. These memories, which echo across time, have been written by his fans in their own words, and now they talk in this series about him. Cherish also includes a collection of beautiful poems composed over the past 50 years, many previously unpublished stunning images from professional photographers and portraits drawn by fans. Every story in Cherish is a singular experience, a thematic journey but when brought together they provide stops on the adventure with David at the heart of everything his fans have ever done. Hit subscribe and get ready for the journey. Let’s make something special happen.


  • Publisher: Aidar
  • Total Episodes: 111

Participation in a youth communist organization (aka pioneers) in mid 80’s left an indelible trace in mind of this music head. No wonder he is defined as one of the pioneers of kazakhstani electronic music scene for organizing dozens of events around the city of Almaty since late 90’s and hosting a weekly radio show for more than 12 years in the early era of vinyl and night clubs. He is also a creator of an annual Cosmic Picnic festival held each summer at the highlands of Tien Shan mountains. Eventually Aidar’s musical luggage in course of time topped up with years of DJing experience and musical experiments under the alias of Wawawiwas with his multi-instrumentalist friend Oleg Akhmetov. They have released a number of tracks in absolutely different music genres (including vinyl releases) on such labels as Pitch Music, Real Balearic, Spring Tube, Electrofly, Mind Over Matter, Rune Recordings, Nang, Uber. Starting from August 2020 Aidar joined Proton Radio with his monthly show Cosmic Picnic which is aired every 4th Monday of the month from 8am-9am ET (1pm-2pm UK). Do check out Aidar’s diverse tracks, podcasts and sets that he posts regularly, whether it be slow or fast music, Drum&Bass or Nu-Disco, Deep or Progressive House. Whatever genre is created or played these rules are followed – melody and groove.

Music To Our Ears

  • Publisher: Mr Drew & Miss Lou
  • Total Episodes: 34

Join Mr Drew and Miss Lou for a left-field look at the big talking points in the world of urban music – from the UK all the way to the USA. Each week, this British couple offer unique and entertaining perspectives on the big stories of the previous few days.

The Red and Blue Podcast

  • Publisher: Aaron and Josh
  • Total Episodes: 11

Aaron (blue) and Josh (red) introduce a brand new UK podcast aimed at tackling civil political conversation and dissecting the week’s news from a centre-left and centre-right point of view. Be a part of the conversation to bring civil conversation and kindness back to political discourse! #PoliticalCivility

Brexit Ready

  • Publisher: London Business Hub
  • Total Episodes: 11

The UK has left the EU, and the transition period after Brexit concludes at the end of 2020. In Brexit Ready we’re talking to businesses all over London, finding out about them, and the challenges they face because of Brexit. Whether it’s labelling, exporting or staffing we’ll bring them together with experts to help them find solutions that will help their businesses continue to grow. Commissioned by West London Business for the London Business Hub.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Tales of the Left Hand, Book One

  • Publisher: John Meagher
  • Total Episodes: 86

In the tropical-island region known as the Frees, magic is growing stronger, and gunpowder is becoming less reliable. Amid this world of “swashbuckling, intrigue, and a dash of magic,” two adventurers literally run into each other and are forced to fight together against pirates, sinister assassins and powerful merchant families, in the process developing a most unlikely friendship. Tesca is the Left Hand, a spy and assassin serving the Duke of Kohaya, ruler of one of the independent realms within the Frees. Kayrla is a sailor and sometime pirate with a few magical tricks up her sleeve. While fleeing the wrath of her former captain, Kayrla collides with Tesca, who’s on a mission of his own, and her captain, assuming them to be partners, sics his crew on both of them. Cutting their way free of the pirates’ wrath, the pair come to realize that they make a very effective team, but will their combined talents be enough to stop an assassin seeking the Duke’s life, and who appears to be more than a match for either Tesca’s blades or Kayrla’s magic?

Life Of A Doctor

  • Publisher: Dr Lucinda
  • Total Episodes: 3

Hello and Welcome Everyone! I’m so excited to share this podcast with you 🙂 My name is Dr Lucinda, I’m a General Practitioner from the UK, currently working in Sydney, Australia. Ever since applying to work abroad I’ve been thinking about hosting a podcast to collate the stories of doctors around the world and share journeys and experiences. This podcast will cover topics from premed through to specialization, and topics that affect doctors inside and outside the workplace. Medical careers can be far more diverse than one thinks and there are some pretty inspirational doctors out there that have broken the mold and help path the way for other doctors to think about doing the same. There are also a lot of topics that affect medics inside and outside the workplace that are left largely unspoken and this platform is aimed to help us connect and share those thoughts and experiences together. For more day-to-day content with me, join me on my instagram page

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