20 Best UK Police Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk police? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk police podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Police Podcasts 2021

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True Crime Investigators UK

  • Publisher: The True Crime Investigators UK
  • Total Episodes: 8

Welcome to ‘True Crime Investigators UK’, a new ‘True Crime’ documentary podcast which will be looking at unsolved crimes, important criminal cases and delving further into the procedural process. The show is presented and researched by two former police officers, John and Sally. Now they are both retired and after nearly 28 years of marriage together, they review cases of interest, some solved, some undetected. Throughout this series they will be discussing the cases they are reviewing and interviewing relevant parties including Police Officers, suspects, witnesses and experts. So come with us on this journey, and let’s see where it takes us…

Hidden Homicides

  • Publisher: Louise Tickle and Tortoise Media
  • Total Episodes: 5

In this series we tell the shocking stories of women whose possible homicides go unrecognised, and uncounted, by police. In the UK, we’re told that two women a week are killed by a current or former partner – but these are just the killings we know about. The true toll could be much, much higher. In Hidden Homicides, investigative reporter Louise Tickle uncovers harrowing cases of killers missed, of grieving families ignored by police, of a body left to decay in a hospital morgue, and of systemic police failings. It is produced by Tortoise Studios. To learn more, go to tortoisemedia.com/hiddenhomicides. 

The Detective

  • Publisher: Mark Williams Thomas
  • Total Episodes: 11

Hosted by investigative journalist and former police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, this podcast explores possible miscarriages of justice in a variety of cases, ranging from terrorism, to murder, to missing people. Each episode asks, does the evidence collected by the police and presented in court stand up to scrutiny, or are people in jail for crimes they did not commit? You will be placed at the centre of these investigations where you, as the armchair detective, piece together the evidence and decide: are these convictions safe, or did our justice system get it wrong? Evidence files and photos can be viewed at www.the-detective.co.uk See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Inukshuk Pro Podcast: Inside The World of Working Dogs

  • Publisher: Brian Conoley
  • Total Episodes: 6

The Inukshuk Pro Podcast: Inside the World Of Working Dogs shines a light on the amazing and varied abilities of working dogs and the canine professionals who train them. From police and military dogs, to mushers, athletes, scent detection and beyond – if the dog has a job, we will have an episode exploring and celebrating it.

The 911 Podcast

  • Publisher: AfterBuzz TV
  • Total Episodes: 37

Join us as we break down Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear’s new first responder drama masterpiece! Every week on the 911 AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, tune in for episode discussion, breakdown, and guest interviews as we discuss the plots and themes of 9-1-1!The series explores the high-pressure experiences of first responders — including police officers, firefighters and dispatchers — who are thrust into the most frightening, shocking and heart-stopping situations.

code: SEVERE

  • Publisher: National Counter Terrorism Police HQ
  • Total Episodes: 2

Code Severe is a podcast series hosted by Mark Strong, revealing previously untold stories of terrorist attacks from the files of UK Counter Terrorism Police. Each story is told by detectives, counter terrorism officers, witnesses and the terrorists themselves. They are brought to you by National Counter Terrorism HQ and ACT.

Bluelight Police Recruitment Training Podcast

  • Publisher: Brendan O’Brien
  • Total Episodes: 52

Bluelight coach and prepare for the police recruitment process. If you are thinking of applying for the UK Police Service, we provide Application Form Checking, Online Preparation Courses, Face to Face Seminars and One on One coaching. 98% of those who attend Bluelight’s programmes pass the National Police Recruit Assessment Centre.

Alfie Moore’s Plodcast

  • Publisher: bdtcast
  • Total Episodes: 5

Each episode Policeman-turned-comic, Alfie Moore talks to a serving or ex police officer, to give an insight to the world of UK policing.

Eve Elite Tarot

  • Publisher: Transformation Talk Radio
  • Total Episodes: 187

Mainstream Metaphysics Radio – Harnessing the Power of the Universe for Happier Living Thursdays 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern – live On-Air Readings! Intuitive since birth, Eve has been providing insight for decades to those at crossroads. Her work has included personal matchmaking for single professionals, crisis intervention with police units, outreach for those dealing with terminal illness, and strategy consulting for nonprofit organizations. Eve s readings are positive, optimistic, and empowering. She sees herself not as a predictor of specific events, but rather as an intuitive life coach with all the power remaining in the client s hands. She helps them unlock the answers inside themselves regarding life paths they are taking, choices they are making, and decisions they are considering. In Eve s hands, there is nothing scary about a tarot card reading as it serves only as an aid to help clients achieve optimal happiness and success. With an education and background in business, Eve is skilled in working with business professionals, organizational leaders and brand visionaries. Eve has helped guide professionals at all levels, from lawyers to CEOs, small-business owners to non-profit advocates, as well as athletes to celebrities. Educated in part overseas in England, Eve has a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and is a member of the American Tarot Association, Tarot Association (UK), Tarot Association of the British Isles, and the Capital Tarot Society. Eve is honored to be featured in the book, “Top 50 Psychics” by Jennifer Diamond

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 13

In this world of modern day spying, Joseph Conrad’s spy story, The Secret Agent, is very pertinent. It deals with the over reaching influence of politics in everyday life, the sordid underbelly that lies beneath our civilization’s sophisticated veneer, the strange persuasive power of anarchy, unbridled capitalism and its tragic consequences and the scourge of terrorism, exploitation and espionage. In an uncannily prophetic plot, The Secret Agent portrays a sinister scheme to bomb the famous Greenwich Observatory in London. Mr. Adolf Verloc is a lazy, indolent shopkeeper (who had “an air of having wallowed all day fully dressed in an unmade bed”) and owns a tiny establishment in a dingy back street in Soho. The store which sells a variety of merchandise, including “dirty pictures” contraceptives, patent medicines, cheap stationery and the like is merely a front for his real activities. He and his group of shady friends are anarchists who seek to destroy the established government in England. They also secretly print subversive literature and circulate it surreptitiously throughout the country. The police have their suspicions but are yet to get clinching evidence. Verloc is challenged by a high-ranking official of a foreign embassy to prove his commitment to the cause. Verloc’s family members who are completely unaware of his duplicity, are tragically drawn into the situation, as the bomb explosion has a far reaching impact on innocent people. Joseph Conrad, or Jozef Teodor Korzeniowski, was granted English citizenship in 1886 after he sought asylum. The injustices and atrocities in pre-Revolution Russia had made his family move several times across different countries. His father was imprisoned and the family was later exiled to the bitterly cold Volgoda in Northern Russia. Jozef’s father died of tuberculosis contracted in the harsh conditions. Jozef too suffered bad health and was a poor student. His uncle and guardian finally suggested that he seek naturalization in the United States or the UK. He joined the merchant navy but resigned at the age of 36 following a health breakdown. In 1895 he published Almayer’s Folly under the name Joseph Conrad, and it marked the debut of a gifted, sensitive and deeply humane writer and a teller of wonderfully exotic, romantic tales of faraway lands. The Secret Agent marks a departure from Conrad’s nautical novels, but retains the unique “foreign” flavor that characterizes Conrad’s writing. Conrad’s works are also characterized by his deeply moral outlook, ethical views and his gift for creating highly readable, memorable fiction. The Secret Agent is indeed a gripping and interesting read.


  • Publisher: Hat Trick Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 12

A brand new audio sketch show highlighting the UK’s best up-and-coming female comedy writing talent. From comedians Charlie Dinkin and Zoe Tomalin, SeanceCast is a ten episode comedy-horror series.The show sees Charlie and Zoe conducting seances at locations ranging from the mundane (Zoe’s high school in Arran) to the constrained (the changing room of a high street fast fashion chain), in order to gather scenes from The Beyond. Brave listeners should expect the unexpected, as these dark and hilarious 15 minute episodes provide glimpses of Super Realistic MILF Hotlines, flash mob proposals 10,000 leagues under the sea, police appeals for more podcast listeners, a never-ending hen do, and much, much more…

Behind Blue Lines

  • Publisher: Gareth Davies
  • Total Episodes: 11

Exploring the emotional cost of trauma to our emergency services and those that love them. Hosted by Gareth Davies, an ex-police sergeant certified in the groundbreaking research of Dr Brene Brown into topics including vulnerability, shame, courage and resilience, each episode hears from front line responders about how their unique experience of trauma has affected their mental health and driven disconnection in their personal lives. This podcast is a window beyond the public perception of strength and uniformity, into the personal struggles and complexities that a life of service on the front line creates. Guests are from across the globe and represent the full range of emergency services, demonstrating that whilst our geography may change, the impact of trauma is universal. Common themes arising include depression, PTSD, anxiety and suicide. For more information, visit www.behindbluelines.co.uk

Criminology: 11th Evidence Based Policing Conference

  • Publisher: Cambridge University
  • Total Episodes: 25

The Institute of Criminology holds an annual international conference on Evidence Based Policing, Chaired by Professor Lawrence Sherman in association with the Society for Evidence Based Policing (SEBP). The 11th conference was held at the Sidgwick site at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, on 9-11 July 2018 in the Faculty of Law, Sidgwick Avenuce, Cambridge CB3 9DZ. The theme was: ‘Transforming Police Outcomes with Research’ Speakers included: – Hon. Winnie CHIU Wai-yin, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Management), Hong Kong Police Force; – Professor Andrew Papachristos, Northwestern University; – Sir Mark Rowley, UK National Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism 2014-18; – Professor Lawrence W. Sherman KNO, Cambridge University; – Mike Barton QPM, Chief Constable, Durham Constabulary. More information about this conference, and the Institute generally, can be found at the IOC website at http://www.crim.cam.ac.uk

JUST PLANET: Laws, Life and Global Crises

  • Publisher: Sukanya Pillay
  • Total Episodes: 9

We are beset by global crises. They didn’t arise in a vacuum, and the coronavirus pandemic only compounds other crises like anti-black and anti-indigenous racism, climate change, extreme inequality, authoritarianism and surveillance. Is there a way out? Can law make a difference? Join host and award-winning international lawyer Sukanya Pillay as she speaks with global experts from around the world, bringing you the stories behind the issues at stake, and identifying concrete solutions rooted in upholding human dignity and rights. Together, we can target steps that individuals, corporations, and States (including governments and police forces), can take to move towards a truly Just Planet.

“Everybody Hurts” Helping you understand your Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Publisher: Stephen Bell
  • Total Episodes: 9

Episode 1 is about Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). Chris Puddy an ex-Police Officer talks openly about the traumatic brain injury, which nearly cost him his life. Chris was on his way to work as a British Police officer when he was struck by a car and nearly died. Chris talks openly in this episode about the effects on his life, such as depression, anxiety and stress. He will talk with the team of psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, counsellors and resilence coaches, as he talks about behavioural change and how his life has been affected by the multiple traumatic injuries he had such as a severe bleed on the brain, ruptured spleen and pneumonia. Join Chris and the team Monica Varo, Stephen Bell, Michelle Ward, Phil Waine as they look to help him seek answers and how childhood trauma plays a big part in the symptoms of complex PTSD and how his life has changed since he woke up on a life support machine in a hospital bed. Each week the “Everybody Hurts” podcast will explore wellbeing, mental health at work, stress, depression and anxiety, as well as delving into childhood and parent issues such as autism, Aspergers and dementia. They will also explore drug addictions, alcohol abuse and domestic violence and abuse. If you want to find out more then please visit the Fitality team at www.fitality.co.uk or call 07984 493798. If you need urgent medical advice then please call 999, a Doctor, Samaritans or the mental health team depending on your immediate needs


  • Publisher: Amy Richter and The Silver Linings Players
  • Total Episodes: 13

With her super-sensitive sense of smell, sixteen year-old Kaia Smith is used to not fitting in. So when she receives an invitation from Dr. Vadim Grigori to participate in the Grigori Young Scholars Program with its promise that she will meet others like herself, she jumps at the chance. But what is the GYSP really about? Why are the faculty so interested in the story of the Fall of the Watchers? Why are they obsessed with antimony? And what role will GYSP participants like Kaia play in their plans? Antimony means not alone. Togetherness sounds great, but it all depends on whether you join up with the winning side . . . This podcast is based on the Young Adult novel, Antimony, written by Amy Richter and published by Wipf and Stock, copyright 2019. Learn more at https://wipfandstock.com/antimony.html. The Silver Linings Players gathered–virtually–from all over the world during the Covid-19 pandemic to record this podcast for you. The Silver Linings Players are: Lydia Brauer (Kaia Smith) Katherine Hilton (Dilani) David Merrill (Josh) Emmett Prough Richter (Neith, Police Officer) Aya Fouad (Zia) Rachel Hunter (Rachel) Lily Kerr Jung (Xanthe) Sarah Phoenix Richter (Aranka) Henry Mitchel Bibelheimer (Kiran) Joel Richter (Fintan) Josiah Dykstra (Dr Grigori) Qadree Holmes (Dr Eder)Jenni Ovenstone-Smith (Dr Calleo) Della Wells (Ms Argyros) Rob King (Dr Ellis) Kristin Pagent (Aunt Alina) Kimber Leigh Nussbaum (Samya) Phyllis Everette (Nurse Berith) Bill Finn (Narrator) Carolene Winter (Miss Liora) Peter Renner (Noah) Carol Richards (Mrs. Rukmin) Charles Sweet (Mr Tamiel, Brother Joseph, Dr Beakley) Loree Penner (Miss Hermani, Dr Dranoush) Katherine Haas (Miss Ramani) Seth Jason (Front Desk Officer) Pan Conrad (Narrator, Abhati) Andrew Richter (Abhati’s Father) Kev Hays (Dr Focalor) Lisa Neuberger (Dr Uriel) Ned Criscimagna (Dr Canon) Janice Jobson (Mary Healey) Daniel McClain (Rowan LePlage) Rachel Wenner Gardner (Manuscript Dealer) John Gardner (Dr Sturgeon) Christopher Sikkema (Enoch) Stephen Keeler (Brother Aylward) Simon Tibbs (Brother Kendrick) David Copley (Brother Wystan) Lorena Molina (Security Guard) Thomas Foster (Gadreel) Samantha McLaughlin (Rhonda) Patrick Gillingham (Security Guard, Flight Attendant)Joseph Pagano (Jesus, Frustrated Parent, Pilot, Driver) Amy Richter (Chaplain Allison Daniels, Nephil Girl, Nurse, Narrator, Servant)Music composed and arranged by Pan Conrad. Podcast artwork by Joel Richter Reviews of the novel: With compelling characters and relentless revelations, Richter weaves a suspenseful mystery from threads of myth, history, science, and faith. Those who grew up reading Lewis and Rowling will love her band of brilliant high schoolers striving to uncover the dark secrets of Harvard Divinity School and its shadowy masters. Fresh, fun, and not a little frightening, Antimony is a feverish page-turner. —J. Robert King, Author of the Mad Merlin Trilogy​ This is one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time. It was a beautifully written, insanely entertaining, thought-provoking story that sucked me in from page one. —Jamie McLaughlin, television writer and producer​ Crisply and intelligently written with a deeply creative engagement with Scripture, Amy Richter’s Antinomy is an entirely fresh take on religious fiction. Her graceful, muscular prose is so evocative and precise sometimes that to read this book is to have a full-bodied sensory experience. Antinomy’s sympathetic cast of young characters mingles with figures and stories from Jewish apocalyptic, the Hebrew Bible, and the Gospels for a delightfully unexpected, time-bending story of memory, mystery, and friendship.—Jennifer Newsome Martin, University of Notre Dame

Autumn Leaves

  • Publisher: Stephen L. Moss
  • Total Episodes: 32

Who Killed Clive Peterson? Bass guitarist Paul Kingston is happy to take a last-minute job playing with Milwaukee’s greatest jazz band. But when the band’s leader is shot dead in the street, his widow asks Paul to find out why. The police say it was an accident, just another innocent bystander caught in gang war crossfire. But is that really what happened? Could it have been someone in the band? Even a member of the family? The more Paul investigates, the more he finds that things aren’t as they seem. Can he find and stop the killer before more lives are lost, including his own?

Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209

  • Publisher: Entertainment Radio
  • Total Episodes: 14

Candy Matson is a radio program on NBC West Coast that aired from June 29, 1949, to May 20, 1951. It centred on Candy Matson, a female private investigator with a wry sense of humour and a penthouse on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. The program was notable for having a striking female character "without a trace of squeamishness" as well as a veiled gay character in Candy's best friend Rembrandt Watson, voiced by Jack Thomas. Candy's love interest was police detective Ray Mallard, voiced by Henry Leff. The announcer was Dudley Manlove. Actors frequently heard in minor roles were Helen Kleeb, John Grober, Mary Milford and Hal Burdick.The series concluded with a twist ending when Ray finally proposed to Candy, who accepted and retired from the detective business.It was created by Monty Masters and starred his wife Natalie Parks as Candy Matson. When Monty Masters created the show, he planned to star in it himself, as a male private detective. His mother-in-law convinced him to change the lead to a female, which led to his wife being the star.Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/candy-matson-yukon-2-8209/donations

Archive: Law and Ordeals

  • Publisher: Amuse the Force
  • Total Episodes: 23

Lake Country Publications/Now Newspapers senior staff members Lainey Seyler and JR Radcliffe dig into the treasure trove of police reports in Suburban Milwaukee and highlight the stupid and strange.

The Conflict Report

  • Publisher: Vistelar
  • Total Episodes: 29

The Conflict Report is the best place to learn how to manage conflict in your professional and personal life. The show is hosted by Bill Singleton who is a partner with Vistelar, a global consulting and training institute focused on preventing conflict and managing its negative consequences at the point of impact. Bill has a masters degree in dispute resolution and, during his tenure as an officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, was honored as a “White House Champion of Change for Building Bridges Between Youth and Law Enforcement.” In each episode, Bill converses with a guest about a compelling story involving conflict — some with a positive resolution and others with a disastrous conclusion. In either case, these stories provide a platform for expert commentary and discussion about how to best manage conflict. The show draws upon the expertise of Vistelar’s consultants and published authors from multiple disciplines, including law enforcement, healthcare, education and business. Subscribe now to learn — through an entertaining analysis of real-world situations — how to reduce the emotional and physical violence that can result from poorly-managed conflict.

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