20 Best UK Pregnancy Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk pregnancy? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk pregnancy podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Pregnancy Podcasts 2021

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Who’s The Mummy

  • Publisher: Dan & Lucy
  • Total Episodes: 6

TikTok Funny man Dan and girlfriend Lucy ‘Who’s the Mummy’ Podcasts voices to viewers who the REAL boss is! Who’s the Mummy is a brand-new UK podcast that does things a bit differently. Listeners can understand and connect to the experiences of couples getting pregnant and having a child during the 2020 / 2021 pandemic. Hosts Dan and Lucy talk about, unfiltered and the realities of new parenthood. No topics are off-limits, and everything is completely relatable for the couples who gave birth during COVID times. The podcast draws its name from the slang term ‘Who’s the Daddy’ but proving that in this relationship, Lucy definitely wears the trousers and it’s really – ‘Who’s the Mummy!’ For Dan and Lucy, now as parents, it’s time to uncover the real experiences they have been and are going through as new parents, the horror stories that non-parents would be disgusted by and talking about their personal relationship now they are known as Mum and Dad. In each episode Dan and Lucy will talk all things baby and relationship related. From how the met, why they decided to try for a baby, life before Harper vs after Harper, pregnancy and giving birth through lockdown plus how they run their busy social media platforms! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast

  • Publisher: Dr PukeNoMo
  • Total Episodes: 115

Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast starring Dr. PukeNoMo is perfect for all women who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant and want to know answers to all their burning pregnancy questions. The science behind it but as your best friend is giving you advice, and natural secrets to help those pregnant mommies enjoy their pregnancy. Our pregnancy podcast wouldn’t be complete without a few pregnancy puke stories that will give you the comical relief you need and tips to stop the up-chuckle. Comedy + Science + Edutainment = Pregnancy Pukeology Podcasts!

The birth-ed podcast

  • Publisher: Megan Rossiter, birth-ed
  • Total Episodes: 16

The birth-ed podcast opens up conversations about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, with the UKs leading women’s health experts- from Midwives to Obstetricians, Doulas to Activists. The birth-ed podcasts sets out to leave you feeling fully informed, confident and positive about what this journey might entail. Through our inspiring, informative and sometimes challenging conversations, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing you for your pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Embrace Fertility

  • Publisher: Naomi Woolfson
  • Total Episodes: 60

Welcome to the Embrace Fertility podcast I’m Naomi Woolfson, a therapist who specialises in supporting women through trying to conceive, fertility treatments and then pregnancy and birth following infertility. Having been through infertility myself and being fascinated with the mind-body techniques that led me from anxiety and depression back to myself again, I retrained as a therapist and now specialise in supporting others through infertility. Visit www.embracefertility.co.uk for your free stress less fertility support pack and follow me on Insta and Facebook @embracefertility.

What the Midwife Said

  • Publisher: Leah Hazard
  • Total Episodes: 13

Welcome to the podcast all about how babies and families are made. In this series, working midwife, mother and bestselling author Leah Hazard speaks to remarkable women and men from all walks of life about fertility, birth, pregnancy and parenting. She explores the way we see our bodies and our relationships, the choices we make as we build our families, and the highs and lows that those choices can bring. No judgment, no shame. Just real stories, and all the warmth, wit and compassion you’d expect from a visit with your favourite midwife. Guests include dynamic, diverse voices – some familiar and some fresh – from Lorraine Kelly, Dr Amir Khan and Emma Barnett to athlete/adventurer Anna McNuff, author Katherine May, activists Tinuke Awe and Clotilde Abe who founded the FivexMore campaign highlighting racial disparities in maternal health, and many more. Subscribe, leave a rating and get involved in the conversation on social media using the hashtag #whatthemidwifesaid.

Mother’s Gurukul Podcast

  • Publisher: Alpana Deo
  • Total Episodes: 83

Parenting can be overwhelming on several occasions. Starting from pregnancy to the growing years of kids, parents look for ideas, suggestions, and hands-on tips from other parents. Mother’s Gurukul brings to you all that you are looking for in your parenting journey.

Brown Mama, Brown me

  • Publisher: Grace Mitchell
  • Total Episodes: 11

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women are reported to be have poorer outcomes during pregnancy, childbirth and within 6weeks of giving birth. This includes being more likely to die than their white counterparts. Brown Mama Brown Me is a podcast exploring the topic and seeks to continue the conversation in order to improve maternity care and the outcomes for BAME women in the UK

Pregnant Teens

  • Publisher: BBC Tees
  • Total Episodes: 11

Philippa Goymer follows Nicole, Megan and Robyn through their pregnancies in Middlesbrough, a town with the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the UK.

Motherhood Exposed Podcast

  • Publisher: Zoe Cresswell
  • Total Episodes: 34

Welcome to Motherhood Exposed. Join me, Zoe Cresswell, mum of two and a UK trained midwife and doula, as I meet with an array of amazing women navigating life and motherhood.   Since becoming a mum for the second time, after my own complex journey, i have become more and more aware that motherhood is so unique. There is no one story the same and women need support now, more than ever. i hope by allowing mothers to openly speak we can help to break the silence around many topics. We need to shout out that there is no normal and that is something we need to embrace. Motherhood isn’t always picture perfect, so lets bust some myths, realign expectations and share the journey together.   Podcast Description: Join Zoe, mum of two, a UK trained midwife, doula and pregnancy personal trainer as she meets with an array of empowering women navigating motherhood. Whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or have your own children or grandchildren, Motherhood Exposed busts myths, re-aligns expectations and shares stories of real women we can all relate to. Grab a coffee as Zoe and her guests have honest, frank and often funny conversations, showing that birth and motherhood isn’t always picture perfect. From the downright heart-breaking and messy times, to the beautiful joyous moments which make your heart melt, being a mum is a journey, so lets learn, laugh and cry as we go on it together.   About Zoe Devoted mother of two (and a big hairy dog), UK trained midwife, doula and personal trainer, specialising in pre and postnatal fitness. Zoe was born in the UK and before moving to Dubai in 2013 and worked as a midwife in central London, both in a birth centre and a very busy NHS hospital. Although late to the scene, Zoe is an aspiring athlete having won numerous triathlons and representing Great Britain where she placed within the top 10 on the world stage. With her husband James, the couple will soon be launching their cloth nappy company, Bop & Bee, where they hope to inspire families to swap a few disposable nappies a day for the more planet friendly option of cloth. Zoe’s goal is to share her knowledge and experience, tell real life stories, manage expectations and open up those often difficult conversations. Zoe’s own motherhood journey has been full of twists and turns as she put everything on hold and went through numerous miscarriages and rounds of IVF.

The Better Birth podcast by Erin Fung

  • Publisher: Erin
  • Total Episodes: 46

An informative and casual podcast series by hypnobirthing instructor Erin Fung of Better Birth, talking all things, you guessed it, BIRTH! If you’re expecting a baby, or work in the area of pregnancy and birth, listen to experts as we cover topics such as birth stories, postnatal mental health, birth options and even eating your placenta! You can find out more about Erin and her antenatal and hypnobirthing courses at www.better-birth.co.uk

Don’t Get Lippy’s Podcast

  • Publisher: Don’t Get Lippy
  • Total Episodes: 15

Opening up conversation and chatting about all things to do with the Cleft Lip and Palate condition. From diagnosis in pregnancy, to surgery dates, to how people deal with bulling around the condition. A cleft affects 1 in 700 babies born worldwide. It’s the most common craniofacial defect, affecting any race, gender and no-one knows why it happens. Although the condition won’t define an individual, it will certainly shape how they grow, live and how they view others. www.dontgetlippy.co.uk@dontgetlippyuk

Just Birth!

  • Publisher: Claire Theresa Doula
  • Total Episodes: 6

A mother of 2 with a passion for birth and pregnancy, and a desire to empower women to make informed choices. Claire qualified as a doula in 2007 and ran her own doula practice for 2 years before moving back home to the UK and settling in Cheshire. Join her as she shares some of their hints, tips, experiences and explores life as a birth keeper.

HR Solver: The Job Saving Expert Podcast on all you need to know about your work employment rights.

  • Publisher: Stephanie Robinson
  • Total Episodes: 12

Tips, advice and loads of information about UK employment law. Get the secrets to the tactics employed by employers in the workplace and the rights and wrongs to defend your position. We cover disciplinary, grievances, redundancy, settlement, pregnancy, contracts of employment and so much more. Short bitsized sessions on very specific topics, for more information and help visit. www.hrsolver.co.uk

The MyBump2Baby Expert Podcast

  • Publisher: MyBump2Baby
  • Total Episodes: 25

In the MyBump2Baby Expert Podcast, founder of MyBump2Baby pregnancy – preschool resource, Carla Lett interviews the experts from all over the UK on many of the challenges and hurdles we face as parents from pregnancy – pre-school. Becoming a parent is daunting and there is so much information out there, it can be difficult to digest and find time to find out accurate information as a busy parent. This podcast provides parents with a library of information from the experts to support you through your parenting journey at a time that suits you.Carla welcomes experts in the parenting field to share informative expert bursts so that you can hand select episodes that suit you and where you are up to in your parenting journey.

Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto’s Podcasts

  • Publisher: attiliodalberto
  • Total Episodes: 4

Dr (TCM) Attilio D’Alberto’s podcasts with discussions from the acupuncture expert and extracts from his range of fertility books, including My Fertility Guide and My Pregnancy Guide. Recorded in London, UK.

The Wellness 4 Women Podcast

  • Publisher: The Women’s Wellness Partnership
  • Total Episodes: 5

We are passionate about Women’s Health and wellness. We aim to bring you high quality information from experienced professionals working with women, as well as discussions and accounts surrounding real issues and individual’s experiences relating to Women’s Health and wellbeing. We cover issues ranging from pregnancy to mental-well-being to pelvic health and the menopause and offer frank discussions around matters that are not often talked about. Brought to you by a UK based, qualified pelvic health Physiotherapist and Women’s exercise coach.

‘Abigail’s Story’ Podcast Sample school resource on online safety (Year 6-8) Pintsize Theatre Ltd

  • Publisher: Pintsize Theatre Ltd Podcasts UK
  • Total Episodes: 1

This is a 7 min sample from a 1 h 6 min podcast ‘Abigail’s Story’ (Year 6-8) for young people about online safety, copyright Pintsize Theatre Ltd, UK (Charity No: 1142448). The subscriber only platform, contains four podcasts ie ‘Rosie’s Story’ (Years 6 – 8) on alcohol awareness. ‘hidden harm’ and sex discrimination, ‘Sam and Olly’ (Years 6 – 8) on childhood obesity, bullying and domestic violence,’Karen and Lee’ (Year 9) on teen pregnancy/parenthood, RSE, consent to sex, alcohol awareness. For full access please contact [email protected] or visit www.pintsizetheatre.co.uk

StrongMamaMoves and Self Care Snacks Podcast

  • Publisher: Amanda J
  • Total Episodes: 2

Dip in and snack on conversations on all things well-being… Including the ugly side that nobody really wants to do, but is essentially where the magic lies.Led by Amanda; neurodiverse single mum from pregnancy, warrior of cPTSD and self-experimental self-development enthusiast, it can be quite an adventure of ideas.With 12 years experience behind her in the fitness industry (formerly national ambassador for Fitness First UK), currently studying a Degree in Social Psychology, she explores different ideas of what real wellbeing takes; outside of what is shown in media and social media.Expect a mix of personal stories, quick lessons and interviews with deeply inspiring experts and self-exploratory folks.This podcast is for you if you have a passion for self-development, health and human performance; an interest in mental and physical health.You can follow me on TikTok hereYou can follow me on Instagram Connect with me on LinkedIn here Looking forward to having you aboard!Disclaimer: This podcast will contain triggering material and conversations, so please do check the topic before listening, this podcast is for entertainment purposes only and is not a replacement for formal health care; any changes you make upon listening to this podcast you do so at your own risk. It is always advised before making any lifestyle changes that you contact the relevant healthcare professional. If you feel like you’re struggling please contact your health provider to get the support you deserve. Calling lines like The Samaritans 116 123 or if you feel like your life is in immediate danger please call 999.

Mindful Mutha

  • Publisher: Esk & Ivy
  • Total Episodes: 2

Mindful Mutha, a podcast by Esk & Ivy. Discussing parental wellbeing; exploring a holistic approach to life during pregnancy, birth and beyond. For more information on Nikki, guests and Esk & Ivy visit www.eskandivy.co.uk or, follow us on Instagram & Facebook @eskandivy

The Babyem Conversation Podcast

  • Publisher: Emma Dewey
  • Total Episodes: 3

Get inspired with Emma Dewey, founder of the postnatal maternity training agency Babyem and The Babyem Business Academy! In this show, we talk about all things babies and business! Emma Dewey interviews leaders in the babycare and parenting sector, exploring everything from neuroscience to infant allergies – all through a gentle, responsive, and evidence-based lens. Passionate about supporting pregnancy/birth professionals, childbirth educators & parenting specialists to get their amazingness out there, Emma also interviews experts in the marketing space where she and her guests share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, productivity and fulfillment. She talks about everything from business, marketing, to tackling failure and disappointment, to doing our part to make an impact in the world. Get inspired, grow stronger, more confident and create a business and life you genuinely love. Have a question or topic you’d like to see covered on the show? Let us know, email: [email protected]

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