20 Best UK Wildlife Podcasts of 2021

May 17, 2021

Are you wanting to learn more about uk wildlife? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best uk wildlife podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

Best UK Wildlife Podcasts 2021

With thanks to ListenNotes, Crunchbase, SemRush and Ahrefs for providing the data to create and rank these podcasts.

The Call Of Nature

  • Publisher: The Call of Nature
  • Total Episodes: 17

A grassroots Nature podcast for everyday people. Hear our sounds and stories of UK wildlife, then come on the show and tell us yours!

Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation: hands-on conservation

  • Publisher: Moira Dennis
  • Total Episodes: 18

There’s a lot of talk about conservation, but this really is the hands-on kind. Follow wildlife conservation in the field, as Roy Dennis, based in the Highlands of Scotland, works with his team on the restoration of species in the UK and abroad.

The Garden Podcast

  • Publisher: Royal Horticultural Society
  • Total Episodes: 33

A peek behind the scenes at The Garden magazine with exclusive interviews, gardening advice and more. Come behind the scenes with editor Chris Young as we meet the people behind the stories and articles featured in the UK’s biggest gardening magazine, The Garden. Each month we’ll be delving a little deeper into a range of horticultural topics, meeting garden designers, wildlife experts, nurserymen and women and other luminaries of the gardening world. For more information see www.rhs.org.uk/thegardenpodcast

Designing London National Park City – An Audio Journey along Regent’s Canal

  • Publisher: There Project
  • Total Episodes: 1

What if cities were designed as spaces for both people and wildlife to thrive? What if we thought like coots, ducks or peregrines? There Project invites you on an audio journey along London’s 200-year-old Regent’s Canal. Taking a bird’s eye view, it questions whether design can help us become more ecocentric. Starting at the Islington Tunnel, listeners will follow 15-year-old conservationist Kabir Kaul, as he guides us on a walk east towards the Kingsland Basin Nature Reserve. Along the way, we hear from designers, thinkers, activists, and residents who are transforming our place in nature, and nature’s place in London National Park City. Speakers include award-winning designers Studio Ossidiana and Thomas Thwaites, author Richard Smyth, Bridget McKenzie of Climate Museum UK, Wildlife Gardeners of Haggerston and more. Although this is not strictly a guided walk, we encourage everyone who can to go out and enjoy this audio journey on the Canal – recommended starting point is at Islington Tunnel, walking east towards Kingsland Basin Nature Reserve (a leisurely 40mn walk). This is an experience designed for individuals to enjoy using their own phone and headset.The audio journey was conceived by There Project, with sound design by Deborah Ridley, for London National Park City.There Project is a collaboration between design curators Justine Boussard and Sarah Turner, founded to grow the community of designers who use their skills and creativity to imagine regenerative futures. London National Park City is a place, a vision and a movement to improve life in London by making it greener, healthier and wilder.

For the love of Scotland podcast

  • Publisher: For the love of Scotland podcast
  • Total Episodes: 16

For the Love of Scotland is a podcast series from conservation charity, the National Trust for Scotland. From coastlines to castles, art to architecture, wildlife to wilderness, the National Trust for Scotland cares for and protects some of Scotland’s most significant places and spaces, allowing them to be enjoyed today while protecting them for future generations. Hosted by former BBC Reporting Scotland anchor Jackie Bird, each episode will tell some of the thrilling stories behind the Trust’s people or places and showcase how everything they do is for the love of Scotland. You can find out more about the National Trust for Scotland’s work and how to support them at http://www.nts.org.uk.

Wander Woman

  • Publisher: Phoebe Smith
  • Total Episodes: 9

The Wander Woman Podcast frequently charts in ‘Travel and Places’ in over 13 countries around the world and, on all of Apple Podcasts, has been ranked #1,345 out of 500,000+. It is the first travel podcast to take on a magazine style – rather than the format of an interview – and has been listened to and downloaded in more than 72 countries from the UK to Australia and beyond, by tens of thousands of people. It has been selected as “Best of” travel podcasts by The Telegraph, The Guardian and The i newspaper, Globetrender and Tech Times – to name a few. Every episode, award-winning broadcaster, travel writer, author and photographer Phoebe Smith offers a behind the scenes journey to a different destination which features interviews with locals, audio clips and vivid descriptions to make the listener feel like they are there too – without having to leave home. The main ‘destination’ story weaves together her passion for finding off-the-beaten track places, undertaking quirky and unusual activities, discovering wild spaces in unlikely mass market destinations, watching wildlife and meeting the unsung heroes behind conservation efforts. Additionally the Wander Woman Podcast’s regular features are: * Wander Woman talks to… a celebrity interview (past guests include Bill Bryson, Cerys Matthews, Ed Byrne and Levison Wood); * Best Travel Gear for a life on the road – a review of a key piece of kit; *Travel Hack of the Month – the hard-won advice to help you get more from your travels; *Top 10 in Travel – a round-up of the best walks, destinations or activities to inspire your wanderlust; *Hidden Hero – an interview with an unsung travel pioneer; *Wander Woman of the Month – the traveller whose name is lost in the history books. Wherever you find yourself – come wander with her…

Talking Naturally

  • Publisher: Rare Bird Alert
  • Total Episodes: 39

Talking Naturally is a fortnightly podcast discussing birds, wildlife, conservation and whatever else interests us and we think will interest you. Presented by Charlie Moores, a long-term birder with a passion for conservation and animal welfare and is produced jointly by Rare Bird Alert and WildSounds & Books. Rare Bird Alert is the longest running instant bird news service in the UK providing birders with up-to-the minute sightings of rare and scarce birds to turn up in Britain via pagers, smartphone app and online. WildSounds & Books are a leading international supplier of wildlife books audio & multimedia guides that donates a significant proportion of its profits to bird conservation organisations.

Ecology – Tales from the field

  • Publisher: Tim Body
  • Total Episodes: 9

‘Ecology – Tales from the Field’ is a podcast conversation about wildlife conservation. Join Tim Body and Fleur Wilson, ecologists with a passion for British wildlife, with their guests to hear interesting people tell real life stories from the world of ecology and conservation in the UK covering topics from biodiversity to botany, mammals to invertebrates.


  • Publisher: Mollie Taylor & Brian Heppenstall
  • Total Episodes: 12

The Hive provides insights into the UK conservation sector. Through conversations with people in the industry, Mollie and Brian explore how to get that all important first job, gain skills fit for a modern day conservationist and discuss exciting new projects and ideas that could help those managing wildlife. This is a fun, collaborative and insightful podcast for those working outdoors, or interested in nature!

Wildverse Poems from Fun Kids

  • Publisher: Fun Kids
  • Total Episodes: 62

Listen to the winning poems in this year’s childrens wildlife poetry competition on Fun Kids, the UK’s only radio station dedicated to children.

Science Sisters: Stories of Success in STEM

  • Publisher: Shenandoa Toote
  • Total Episodes: 8

Get inspiration, advice. Learn tips from like-minded minorities on similar journeys in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Eavesdrop as Shenandoa Toote (MS in Vision Science, Certified Coach) interviews women across the US. Find support, shortcuts. Optimize your focus. STEM fields come with challenges for everyone. Professional perspectives of colleagues just ahead of you in reaching goals are invaluable. Minority women, like Hidden Figures, have impacted STEM opportunities. Successful black scientists had community in competitive career paths. And you? Living with unexpected roadblocks: money issues, homesickness, men who believe women are not critical thinkers, lack of classroom skin color and gender diversity, when to use a resume vs a CV, knowing who is your advisor, mentor, or sponsor…these discussions equip you to make decisions, give you ideas for internships, research/laboratory or work experience, provide insights on career paths outside of academia (professorship/tenure) & industry, like corporate business. Info for students in high school/college beginning to plan for higher education, recent university graduates, or post-doctoral fellows. Get practical insights, suggestions, tricks. Celebrate black & women’s history months, international day of women & girls in science. Cell Biology Zoology Genetics Pharmacology Toxicology Ecology Drafting Physiology Civil Design Biochemistry Pathology Operations Astronomy Nuclear Surveying Statistics Physics Psychology Atmospheric Experimental Natural Conservation Immunology Veterinary Industrial Computational Manufacturing Mining Safety Medicine Military Meteorology Quantitative Applied Space Aerospace Marine Sustainable Agriculture Dairy Livestock Poultry Agronomy Horticulture Breeding Protection Integrated Pest Range Chemistry Environmental Wetlands Urban Forestry Pulp Fish Wildlands Communication Animation Video Effects AI Informatics Programming Vendor Certification Analyst Page Digital Modeling Warehousing Database Graphics Modeling Virtual Environments Simulation Telecommunications Networking LAN WAN Security Assurance Multimedia Webmaster Project Bioengineering Ceramic Biomolecular Structural Transportation Highway Hardware Laser Mechanics Mineral Architecture Petroleum Textile Construction Mechatronics Robotics Automation Laser Integrated Circuit Instrumentation Robotics Heating Ventilation Conditioning Refrigeration Solar Quality Wastewater Recycling Hazardous Plastics Welding Semiconductor Occupational Automotive Hydraulics Fluid Software Packaging Nanotechnology Structural Photo Radiation Radio Biophysics Botany Phytopathology Histology Developmental Embryology Bacteriology Virology Parasitology Mycology Entomology Behavior Ethology Wildlife Microbial Eukaryotic Genomics Endocrinology Reproductive Cardiovascular Exercise Vision Optics Oncology Cancer Molecular Biometry Bioinformatics Biomathematics Biotechnology Aquatic Limnology Systematics Epidemiology Neuroanatomy Neurosciences Algebra Functional Geometry Topology Financial Probability Airpower Art Naval Strategic Signal Geospatial Joint Media Cyber Warfare Combat Directed Energy Acoustics Observables Stealth Operational Undersea Warfare Ground Aircraft Armament Explosive Bomb Disposal Task Force Missile Munitions Ordinance Radar Communications Biopsychology Nutrition Interaction Sustainability Astrophysics Planetary Climatology Dynamics Inorganic Organic Polymer Geology Geochemistry Geophysics Seismology Paleontology Hydrology Petrology Oceanography Geosciences Atomic Particle Plasma Temperature Condensed Matter Acoustics Biotechnology Power Cognitive Psycholinguistics Comparative Social Psychometrics Cyber Forensics Counterterrorism Archeology Econometrics Geographic Cartography Aeronautics Aviation Cytotechnology Pharmaceutics Pharmacognosy Pharmacoeconomics Cosmetic Preventive Epidemiology Health Infectious Diseases Actuarial Computer Research Electronics Technologies CADD Soil Wood Water Child

Milton Court Guy Podcast Page_2021

  • Publisher: Andrew Powers
  • Total Episodes: 16

I am now a podcaster living in Newport south wales UK & I will chat about our garden & wildlife projects at Milton court Newport south wales UK & my main hobbies as well.🌻🌼🌺🐦🎄🎅🏈✈📷😊☕

Our Threatened Species

  • Publisher: Kat Keighley and Sam Carroll
  • Total Episodes: 4

A podcast about the vulnerable wildlife in Britain. Wildlife across the world is facing threats, and whilst we all want to protect some of our favourite, charismatic species like polar bears and rhinos, it’s easy to forget the animals we have right on our doorstep. So, this podcast aims to shine a light on the fantastic species that live right here in the UK, because as a wise man once told me, to save the world, you must first understand what’s on it.

Crimes Against Nature

  • Publisher: Lisa Marley
  • Total Episodes: 1

Crimes Against Nature is a true crime nature podcast shedding light on wildlife crime around the world. Host Lisa Marley will speak to special guests about incidents of illegal activity impacting nature, trying to raise awareness of their causes and bring attention to what can be done. The series will start out with stories from the UK, where the podcast is based and where wildlife crime is often overlooked. Together we CAN beat wildlife crime. Find out more: www.crimesagainstnaturepod.com

Expedition Photographic

  • Publisher: Cameron Alston
  • Total Episodes: 4

Welcome to Expedition Photographic, my name is Cameron, a software developer by day and a weekend worrier come Friday afternoon. I am passionate about travel and photography and more recently cinematography while documenting wild destinations and the extraordinary journeys we take to get there. I travel with my wife Amy who is an award-winning wildlife photographer and who also has a great eye for framing and detail. We were both grew up in Durban South Africa where we enjoyed access to the incredible adventured that await in Southern Africa. We now life in a small town in the South East of England about an hour from London and our weekend adventures have changed from visiting game reserves to photograph the Big5 to exploring the UK and Europe.We are two ordinary travellers and the point of Expedition Photographic is to document our adventures, both weekend and longer planned trips and to show that you do not have to be retired or win the lotto to visit some more out of the way places and some regular ones while juggling a full time career and everyday life.Please subscript and I get it touch, check out our website epedditionphtographic.com for our contact details we would love to hear from you.

KARMA Techno Podcast

  • Total Episodes: 33

Cristian Collodoro was born in Sicily, the beautiful Italian island, in 1993. At the early age of fourteen, driven by an interest for disco music, Cristian made his debuts in local venues by doing his first mix-ups with Underground and House Discs. Following a period of artistic soul-searching, Cristian’s musical interests shifted towards Techno Music with this giving him the opportunity to refine his mixing techniques. Collodoro’s style – a powerful combination of charisma and engaging delivery from behind the console – soon came to earn him widespread appreciation both from the crowd and fellow colleagues. Beyond any doubt, Cristian’s fundamental artistic transformation begun at the age of 20 when he moved to London. Based in the British capital, Collodoro has worked as producer and has mastered new genres- in particular Techno Detroit, Hard Techno and Acid Techno. Collodoro’s invaluable experience in London has contributed enormously to the making of his eclectic musical tastes. Most importantly, perhaps, this experience has instilled into him artistic and intellectual curiosity which constantly propels him towards new artistic journeys. RELEASES Indeed, he has released several incredible original tracks and remixes in the last period on fantastic record labels with great successes such as: – March 2020 he released in the mighty Eclipse Recordings with an EP called “Respect 09” composed by (Ephod and Transcendent). – February 2020 he released an incredible 6 tracks EP called “Tenebra” – composed by 3 originals (Tenebra, Acid Enigma and Paroxic) and 3 remixes by (Sedated, Cesare Minacapilli and Alessandro Cocco) on Infekted Records. Especially “Cristian Collodoro – Acid Enigma (Cesare Minacapilli Remix)” is been selected on Beatport in the “Best New Hype Techno (P/D/H): March” chart, reached #55 on Techno Beatport Chart, #53 on Global Beatport Hype Charts, #13 on Top 100 Hype Techno Chart and also selected on “FingR86” YouTube channel and several massive playlists on Spotify. – March 2019 his remix “DeKRA – Pyrochroa (Cristian Collodoro Remix)” on Insectum Records has been a huge success climbing the Hard Techno Tracks on Beatport and sit at #36 for months and also been selected in the “Various Artists – Acheta Domesticus” sitting at the #1 on Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Releases and #15 Beatport Top 100 Techno Releases. – June 2018 his EP “Entropia” – composed by (Entropia, Genesis and Rush) on Finder Records smashed into the Hard Techno Releases on Beatport to sit at #10 and Hard Techno Charts on Beatport with “The Best Tracks Summer 2018” to sit at #1. GIGS|VENUES Similarly, it has been in London that Cristian’s perspectives have effectively moved from the local to the global. Growing recognition, both for his technical and personal qualities, has taken the promising DJ to the worldwide-famous clubs and venues of the likes of: Ministry of Sound – London,UK | Familia @ Egg London – London,UK | Amore Festival @ Downtown RM – Rome,Italy | Der Weiße Hase – Berlin,Germany | Wildlife @ Trax Club – Vigo,Spain | Unlocked @ Mob Disco Theatre -Palermo,Italy | Mantra Club – Genova,Italy | Terminal – Lyon,France | Nacht @ Discoteca Nordest – Vicenza,Italy | Black Leather @ X Club – Madrid,Spain | Don Mezcal – Playa del Carmen,Mexico | Studio Red @ Clique Club – Saint Julian’s,Malta | Goya Social Club – Madrid,Spain | Minimal Force Records @ Cafe 1001 – London,UK | Lightbox – London, UK | 93 Feet East – London,UK | CELL 200 – London,UK | ReUse – Palermo,Italy | Casa Cuba – Palermo,Italy | I Candelai – Palermo,Italy | Aquarium – London,UK Shelter – London,UK | Shoreditch Platform – London,UK | Club Reina – London,UK Cyberdog – London,UK and more around the world. Playing with International Artists like: Chris Liebing, Klaudia Gawlas, Carl Craig, SPFDJ, Adriana Lopez, Frankyeffe, Cassegrain, Radial, Lewis Fautzi, Toni Alvarez, Egbert Live, Fabio Florido, Ilario Alicante, Roberto Capuano, Benny Benassi, Julian Jeweil, Metodi Hristov, Phutek and many more. PODCASTS | INTERVIEWS Since the launch of his podcast KARMA Techno Podcast, Collodoro’s sets have been played on Techno Live Sets, Deep Tech Minimal, Only Techno, Techno England, Partyinfo.si, M2O allo stato puro, Platinum Radio London, Techno and Rave, I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO, London One Radio, Techno Love Rave, Techno Station, Techno TV, WeCanMix Radio Show, Feel the Beat on RCS Radio and more. Cristian has also appeared in a number of podcasts and interviews. In 2018, he’s been interviewed and recorded a set for Electronic Groove (available on Soundcloud and Mixcloud at EG Techno Podcasts) known for hosting internationally renowned artists such as Klaudia Gawlas, Fatima Hajji, Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Huntemann, Hito, Alex Stein, Oscar L, Fabio Florido, Stefano Noferini, Christian Smith, Mark Reeve, Stephan Hinz, Stacey Pullen, Simina Grigoriu, Noir, Ilario Alicante, Santé and many more. Also in 2018, Collodoro appeared on a documentary – ‘The Italian job’ – produced by Sky’s TV Channel PopEconomy where he shared his insights on pursuing a career as a successful DJ.

Lives On The Lines Podcast

  • Publisher: Greater Anglia and the East Anglia Community Rail Partnerships
  • Total Episodes: 7

Take an audible journey by train and meet fascinating people living and working across our Great Anglian landscape. We’ll explore majestic coastlines, the phenomenal wildlife of broads and fens, breathtaking cathedral cities and magical market towns, meeting the people that make East Anglia such a unique and special place to live and visit. The Community Rail Partnerships invite you to travel six of Greater Anglia’s rural branch rail lines across Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire in this audible adventure. The railways have connected communities and counties across Britain for nearly two centuries, and that time has seen enormous innovation in the trade, work opportunities and lifestyles of the British people. Rail has tracked our lives through innovation, migration, boom and bust, and today the Greater Anglia rural branch lines connect communities here for work, days out and enjoying the beautiful East Anglian landscape. Settle in for a listen and enjoy a journey through history, culture, art and nature…. it might just inspire a few adventures of your own! Lives on the Lines is created on behalf of the Community Rail Partnerships with Greater Anglia. https://www.greateranglia.co.uk @greateranglia Presented and produced by Katharine Kerr for Fresh Air Production. You can explore travel along the branch lines and the brilliant work of Community Rail Partnerships


Wildlife by Liv

  • Publisher: Liva Zukova
  • Total Episodes: 1

Learn about the wildlife and animals! Hosted by Liva Zukova. On this podcast, we will be talking about what the animals do on the daily, what they need to do to survive and more! Maybe even in some episodes you might learn about Liv’s favorite animals, favorite things about the wildlife and many more! Follow @livpodcast on Instagram!


  • Publisher: Gabrielle Flinn
  • Total Episodes: 3

This is a podcast about the Rare Invertebrates in the Cairngorms project. A nature conservation initiative working to find and conserve six of the UK’s rarest species. Through this podcast we hope to give you a small window into the world of nature conservation in Scotland and introduce you to some spectacular Scottish wildlife. This project is being part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community LEADER 2014-2020 programme. You can find us on facebook and on twitter to learn more. Facebook: www.facebook.com/RareInvertebrates/ Twitter: twitter.com/RareInverts6 Presented, Recorded and Edited by Gabrielle Flinn.

Peace Explorer

  • Publisher: Bold Brave Media Talk Radio
  • Total Episodes: 48

Gail Lash, Ph.D., is a Peace Explorer, and author of #OptForPeace: 9 Essential Steps To Achieving Peace, Power and Prosperity.Her journey began as a biologist at Duke University Lemur Facility, Zookeeper at Los Angeles and Houston Zoos, to then working in and designing zoos and wildlife sanctuaries worldwide over the last 23 years through her company, Ursa International. Her Masters and Ph.D. studies examined community-based ecotourism as an economic and sustainable development strategy for both wildlife and people. From her global travels, she created her company, Tourism For Peace, encouraging people to get to know each other, and to honor the diversity of the human race and the sacredness of Mother Earth.

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