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3 Niche Startups with Commonsense USPs

In theory, creating a stand-out, top-notch start-up should be a dawdle. All you need to do is find a niche and fill the gap, right?

Well, theories usually buckle under the weight of reality and this one’s no different. Like spotting a unicorn galloping through your local park, tracking down an untapped business market is a near-impossibility of mythical magnitude.

Yet the best kind of businesses dream big and turn those dreams into a reality, and niche propositions don’t always require the visionary nature of Steve Jobs, bending reality to your will. Some can simply be common sense.

To show you what we mean, we’ve found three niche startups that provide a service that few others can. Take a look and be inspired.

1. Avacta Animal Health

Most people see their dog or cat sneeze and think it’s the cutest sight they’ve ever laid eyes on. If they’ve got a phone handy, they’ll record the animal olfactory implosion, upload it to YouTube and receive millions of views and ‘heart-eyes’ emojis.

Yet that sneeze could be the start of a severe allergic reaction which will harm your pet’s long-term health. Enter a niche start-up like Avacta Animal Health, which treats animal allergies with the utmost seriousness and respect.

Based in West Yorkshire, this company aims to reduce the discomfort and health complications associated with animal allergies, providing veterinarians and animal care professionals with advice and products to help diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

As a result, they’ve become the number one supplier of animal allergy research in the region.

The lesson: with the right expertise, niche businesses can be found in the care industry.

2. Cape Botanics

While some people remain puzzled about the legality of CBD produce, brands like Cape Botanics are raking it in with moisturisers and skincare remedies based on CBD oil.

Founded on the principal of using high-quality natural ingredients, Cape Botanics is skincare created by people who believe in the effect of CBD and are trying to provide an A-grade alternative to some of the shoddier products flooding the skincare market

The result? They’ve enjoyed a deluge of customers who appreciate ethical products with a personal touch.

The lesson: new ingredients, and newly legal ones, provide fresh opportunities.

3. Republic of Cats

Any cat owner understands that their feline friend can be a fussy eater. When they’re not turning their nose up at food they’ve loved for months, they’re taking a shine to the finest foodstuffs that money can buy.

The folks over at Republic Of Cats, which established itself a few years ago as the prime providers of premium cat food, have clearly spotted a gap in the market for kitty grub that’s tasty but not too expensive.

The aim of this product is simple – create a product that a cat will love, and people will continue buying it. And this seemingly brainless thought process has seen them make a ton of cash.

The lesson: understanding that people want the best for their pets is a sure-fire business winner.

That’s our list! What’s your favourite niche business startup? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Mason Jones on Unsplash

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