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5 Travel Tips for Cheaper London Holidays

One of the most famous destinations in the world, with landmarks in Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and beautiful historic neighbourhoods, London needs no recommendations. Rich in history, museums, arts, entertainment, music, theatre, fashion and architecture, but also with plenty of cinematic action, it meets the needs and tastes of every traveller. Discover seven smart travel tips to explore this dynamic and multidimensional capital more economically!

Air tickets

Of course, with a careful search for airline tickets to London, you can find affordable deals that will save you a considerable amount of your travel expenses. So look for cheap deals from airlines so that you can travel for relatively less money than you would if you did not do thorough market research. So visit the various online search platforms and find the offer that suits you best.


You will surely achieve the best exchange rate if you are math experts, have the patience, the passion for non-stop research, and perform complex operations without sweating. All the rest of us probably can’t decide if we want to buy the currency from the country we are leaving, use our card at ATMs, exchange money at the exchanges, or all of the above depending on the way, the time, and our needs when we travel .

The main thing to remember is to be informed by the banks we keep account of the cost of commission in withdrawals and purchases, something that will help us decide how to move, to avoid in any way buying foreign currency at the airport and to we have the patience to find out which exchange gives us the best price in the area we are in.


Here is a reasonable dilemma: we must take seriously the times and costs of travel from where we want to catalyze. Given the size of London, it is wise to choose a budget accommodation in the area and the points of interest that we will move around the most. Areas such as Earl’s Court, Bayswater and Kings Cross are clearly cheaper than the West End, Bloomsbury or Notting Hill and have direct access to the public transport network. Of course, for those who do not have a specific plan, choosing a budget accommodation can be a good occasion for new discoveries and beautiful moments in an unknown and infamous neighbourhood of the city of London.

Movements & Transportation

The map of urban London transport is so complex that we can summarize it in a few words and the sights of the city are so many that we certainly can not see them all in a single visit. Arriving at one of the many airports in the capital, the best solution is to have already been informed by our accommodation about the most economical way we can approach it and exactly how much it will cost us.

The express train lines heathrowexpress, gatwickexpress, stanstedexpress are much more expensive than private buses EasyBus, Terravision, National Express that serve the public to the city center, while there are also simple train lines and red double-decker buses depending on the airport where we will land, which can serve us up to our accommodation or at least up to the nearest metro station. Here it is good to note that if we arrive or depart at rush hour, it may be worth investing our money in an express transfer because we can suffer a lot of hassle and delays with the rest of the means.

One such option could be to rent a vehicle, which would offer you immediate and flexible travel throughout the vast expanse of London, without having to spend a moment on the various modes of transport. So you can choose a company like Enjoy Travel, which can offer you an immediate and quality solution to your travels, not only for the city of London but also for the whole of the United Kingdom in general.


London’s multicultural and shopping centre certainly offers endless gastronomic suggestions, but the prices are not very friendly for a cheap trip. Choosing an accommodation that allows us to prepare our meals certainly saves money, but not time, and we come in contact with the unique products that we can discover on the shelves of the local market.

Of course, London is famous for its street food markets, such as the Southbank Center market and the Borough market where we can discover some economical delicious food options on hand. Also, restaurants with Asian flavours from Vietnam, Turkey, the Middle East and China traditionally have the cheapest dishes. But what we should not deprive ourselves of is to enjoy a rich English breakfast, which is likely to keep us full for most of the day and is served in most cafes in the city.

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