An Overview Of Gender Marketing Strategies

August 3, 2022
Image by kerplode from Pixabay

Gender-based marketing is the creation of marketing campaigns aimed at attracting a particular audience based on their gender. Very often, it follows the tried and tested method of using male and female stereotypes. This can then go into further detail by utilising pricing, promotions, products, and places typically appealing to that demographic. But is it still applicable and, most importantly, does it still work?

Typical Gender Marketing Strategies

Several tactics can be used in gender marketing strategies. One of the most common is curating content that touches on the various shopping motives of men and women. Products aimed at a male audience may advertise themselves as something that can solve a problem or be practical. Products aimed at women, on the other hand, may invoke the joy of shopping for its own sake and take a more carefree approach. 

Focusing on the last point of purchase is another. Studies show that men are more likely to shop on the go, buying on their phones as and when needed. Women may prefer to browse, double check and search for lower prices. This can have implications if a campaign chooses to use remarketing techniques. 

The provision of information is a third and involves providing background information, such as company history, celebrity ties in and brand stories. It is assumed that men would be less susceptible to these and instead go straight to the conversion. This can shape how a sales funnel should be structured, with a more guided journey for women and direct ones for men.

What Are The Advantages?

Despite a burgeoning culture of gender fluidity, the website believes gender marketing still provides proven results. Gender-neutral marketing has its place and even targets a much larger audience. However, some products can still benefit from marketing themselves to specific groups, using language and tropes specifically for that demographic.

One of the biggest advantages of gender marketing is that it allows you access to markets typically occupied by the opposite gender. A sterling case study is the highly successful The business describes itself as the ultimate lady-friendly online casino packed full of slots, online casino games and a vast selection of bingo games. This is even reflected in the live casino with the choice of hosts too. Gender marketing allows Pink Casino to target a niche demographic, which serves as its USP and thus appeals to a refined customer base even further. 

Is Gender Marketing Obsolete?

Marketing professionals also continue to base their consumer groups on specific genders because it is an easy way to group behaviours, psychology, and needs. Even forward-thinking industries, such as the perfume and cologne market, still stick with distinct genders. This is despite the fact that it has a range of gender-neutral products already in place.

Some schools of thought think gendered marketing may be over altogether. Katie Powers at believes that consumers are becoming less and less receptive to gendered marketing, and as a result, companies should consider gender-neutral marketing. A subsection of the UB has already set up a division to combat it, with major companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, and Google lining up to eliminate it from their advertising campaigns. While these people may be advocating removing it, the truth is that it still works and will be around for a long time. 

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