Cambridge’s New Wave: UK’s Innovative Analytics Startups Making Big Impact

January 29, 2024

Cambridge, renowned globally for its history and excellence in academia, is fast becoming a tech and start-up hub. In this article, we will highlight some of the promising analytics start-ups based in Cambridge that have sprung up in 2020 or later. These companies represent the growing diversity and innovation within the analytics industry, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data integration, and SaaS to provide cutting-edge solutions to complex problems.

Despite the global pandemic, these start-ups have persevered, offering unique and groundbreaking products and services. These companies venture into new territories, including regulatory content, 3D Data Infrastructure, Big Data Visualization, Climate Risk Assessment, NFTs, Bluetooth connectivity and many more.

While the analytics industry is increasingly competitive, these start-ups distinguish themselves with their unique offerings and their ability to address unmet needs in the market. Each start-up has a unique story to tell and this article serves to provide a brief introduction to these promising companies.

Regulatory Genome

Based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Regulatory Genome operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Text Analytics sector. They provide dynamic, interoperable, machine-readable regulatory content powered by AI-based textual extraction techniques (source: Linkedin).


Although located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Candelytics is a major player in the analytics industry in the United Kingdom. The company concentrates on Analytics, the Data Center, Information Technology, and Software. Their partnership with the Navy Information Warfare Center’s (NIWC) research lab is aimed at leveraging LIDAR-based technology and developing advanced analytics (source: Linkedin).


Another startup based in Cambridge, Massachusetts is Hopara. Co-founded by Ken Smith, Hopara is an analytics and software company that provides a big data visualization and exploration platform aimed at improving BI/ML results (source: Linkedin).


Founded by Danny Ralph, Michelle Tuveson, and Simon Ruffle, Risilience is an analytics and SaaS platform that is designed to help Corporate businesses assess their climate change risks and manage their transformation to reach net-zero emissions (source: Linkedin and Facebook).


With headquarters in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, TimeNavi is an analytics start-up with a unique time management course that combines app utility with email learning modules. Its feature sets are designed to improve user productivity and enhance time management abilities (source: Linkedin).

Founded by Alex Ramirez, Christian Dittmeier, and Cody Bouche, Evaluate.Market is an analytical tool that specializes in tracking non-fungible tokens (NFTs) located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Analyzing, tracking and discovering NFTs is just the tip of the iceberg with Evaluate.Market (source: Linkedin).


Blecon is a Cambridge, Cambridgeshire based company that offers a network infrastructure for integrating low-cost Bluetooth low-energy IoT devices with SaaS/Cloud applications. The company was founded by Dan Ros, Donatien Garnier, and Simon Ford in 2021 (source: Linkedin).

Wave Photonics

Wave Photonics, co-founded by James Lee and Matthew A., is located in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. The company utilizes computation techniques to accelerate integrated photonics product designs. They’re currently pioneering a platform that offers foundry-specific component libraries (source: Linkedin).

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