Cambridge’s Tech Titans: 15 Information Technology Startups You Need to Know

October 3, 2023

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  • Overview: Taking FPGA deployments to the next level, gives developers the chance to build, test, and launch their Go code to FPGAs in the cloud.
  • Specialty: Cloud FPGA deployments with Go.

2. Fidus Information Security
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  • Overview: A beacon in cybersecurity, offering penetration testing and in-depth consultancy.
  • Specialty: Penetration Testing & Cybersecurity Consultancy.

3. o2h Technology
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  • Overview: A branch of the o2h group, o2h Technology stands at the crossroads of life-science, green innovation, and tech, seeding fresh, transformative ideas.
  • Specialty: Fostering innovation in life-sciences and technology.

4. Xipe
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  • Overview: Making software development scalable, Xipe crafts specialized teams tailored for specific products.
  • Specialty: Customized software development teams.

5. 3B Data Security
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  • Overview: Navigating the complexities of the digital world, they offer services in digital forensics, data breach management, and incident response.
  • Specialty: Digital Forensics & Data Breach Management.

6. Lucido
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  • Overview: Transforming the due diligence process with its SaaS solution.
  • Specialty: SaaS-Based Due Diligence.

7. InsurTechnix
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  • Overview: Pioneering the nexus of technology and insurance, InsurTechnix crafts state-of-the-art solutions for cyber insurers.
  • Specialty: Innovative Technologies for Cyber Insurers.

8. Tilt Technology
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  • Overview: Creating seamless digital workspaces, Tilt Technology provides solutions that reshape how we envision our digital environments.
  • Specialty: Digital Workspace Solutions.

9. Botprobe
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  • Overview: Protecting the modern hybrid worker, Botprobe ensures the security of confidential and personal data accessed from home.
  • Specialty: Cyber-protection for Hybrid Workers.

10. Timelock
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  • Overview: Redefining email marketing, Timelock enables the creation of dynamic emails that cater to the ever-changing needs of customers.
  • Specialty: Dynamic Email Solutions.

11. Striive
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  • Overview: Powering the independent health and fitness professionals, Striive develops bespoke software solutions to drive success.
  • Specialty: Software for Health & Fitness Professionals.

12. OpenIOLabs
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  • Overview: Bridging various devices with one unified programming interface, their open-source hardware translator stands unparalleled.
  • Specialty: Open Source Hardware Translation.

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  • Overview: A digital platform dedicated to nurturing cross-border collaborations, particularly with a focus on Asia.
  • Specialty: Facilitating Cross-Border Collaborations.

14. Things On Edge Ltd.
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  • Overview: Revolutionizing the IoT world, they offer a platform tailor-made for low power and cost.
  • Specialty: Low Power, Low Cost IoT Platforms.

15. dividiti
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  • Overview: Navigating the realms of ML and Systems benchmarking, dividiti offers unparalleled R&D services for automation.
  • Specialty: Automating ML & Systems Benchmarking.

Cambridgeshire continues to be a powerhouse of tech innovations, housing startups that not only shape the UK’s technological landscape but also leave indelible marks on the global scene. These 15 companies, each with its unique proposition, paint a bright future for the world of IT.

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