Conveyancing In Essex: The Complete Guide

June 16, 2022
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The conveyancing process in Essex for selling property beings with the seller instructing a conveyancer. The conveyancer sends a Property Information Form and Fittings and Contents Form to the seller to complete. Once these forms are returned, the conveyancer prepares a draft contract bundle to send to the buyer’s conveyancer. The buyer’s conveyancer reviews the bundle and raises enquiries.

The seller provides answers to the enquiries and once the buyer’s conveyancer is satisfied, the seller and buyer agree a completion date between themselves. Next, contracts are exchanged. This legally binds the seller and the buyer to the conveyancing UK transaction.

On completion, the buyer’s conveyancer will transfer the balance to complete to the seller’s conveyancer and once the monies are received, the seller will hand the keys over to the buyer. The conveyancing UK process is now complete. The seller’s conveyancer will deduct their fees, redeem any mortgages and then transfer the remainder of the monies to the seller.

Buying a property

The conveyancing process in Essex for purchasing property begins with the buyer instructing a conveyancer. The conveyancer requests a contract bundle from the seller’s conveyancer. Once this is received, the conveyancer reviews the bundle and raises enquiries.

If required, the conveyancer orders searches and obtains a mortgage offer. Once satisfied with the seller’s replies to enquiries, the conveyancer reports to the buyer and sends the contract for signature. The buyer then transfers a deposit to the conveyancer to exchange contracts.

The buyer and seller agree on a completion date and then contracts are exchanged. This legally binds both parties to the conveyancing transaction. The conveyancer will prepare a completion statement and request the balance to complete from the buyer.

They will then submit the certificate of title to the lender to request the mortgage advance in readiness of completion. On completion, the conveyancer will send the balance to complete to the seller’s conveyancer and when they confirm receipt of the funds the conveyancing UK process is complete, and the buyer can collect the keys to their new property.

Why should I hire licensed conveyancers?

Licensed conveyancing solicitors in Essex are lawyers who deal with the legal aspects of buying and selling property.

If you are like me and live in Essex (which of course is definitely the best County in England!) and you need to find a conveyancing solicitor to help you with your property sale or purchase, you may pop onto your computer and type into a search engine “Conveyancing Solicitors Essex”.

One of the best indicators of a good conveyancing practice is its client’s reviews. In the age of social media and a world where reviews can be openly and freely posted online then this would arguably be the best way to search for your property solicitor. For example, searching “Conveyancer best reviews” or “Top Rated Conveyancer” instead of “Conveyancing Solicitors Essex” may bring you much more useful results.

By looking at review sites you can read and compare online reviews that have been posted by people who have been in your same situation of selling or buying property and know how stressful the process can be. Essentially you can be comforted that a law firm with evidence of excellent client reviews (whether they are actually “Conveyancing Solicitors Essex” or not) will be best placed to ensure your conveyancing transaction is carried out efficiently and successfully.

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