Dennis Tsalikis, FSI – Fantasy Sports Interactive CEO.: Fsi Is an Innovative Fantasy Sports Software and Performance Odds Provider

August 6, 2022

Fantasy Sports Interactive – FSI is an innovative Fantasy Sports Software and Performance Odds provider, offering a complete range of fantasy options for the sports betting and iGaming Industry.

We are a UK-based company with a tech hub in Athens, Greece, and we cater to an international audience. Our clients include top-tier iGaming companies such as Openbet, INTRALOT U.S., 888 Holdings, as well as OPAP S.A. and Fantazzie A.Ş in Southeast Europe.

We are committed to innovation and growth, and we invest in teamwork in order to deliver the next gen fantasy sports products of the global gaming and betting market.

FSI Team’s Mission is to innovate, create together and reach for the stars!

Experience has taught us that pretty much like in every Game, Life and Business Goals are scored only through Unity, Trust and Teamwork!

We aim for user engagement and exciting user experiences, and that’s why through Fantasy Sports gaming and sports betting, we bring the Game back to the forefront of Betting, and the Sports Fans back into play!

Tell us about yourself?

My inherent curiosity about how things work “pushed” me to study Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, and earn a Master of Science in Composite Materials.

I worked in moulds manufacturing, and in product development of luxury mobile phones in Vertu in the UK. So, you could say that my curiosity about the functionality of things was satisfied during my early career, but then my business instincts kicked-in!

I continued my career in the transport industry as a Managing Director until the early 2010s, when I pursued my dream of starting my own company offering online fantasy sports gaming.

This desire was a direct result of my work and life experiences in the UK, where I became acquainted with fantasy sports. I felt the passion behind the game and saw the tremendous potential of the genre for iGaming and betting.

My best friend – Bill Mexias, a Risk Management professional working in the UK as well – and I, shared that same vision for the next gen of fantasy sports, and launched the first Fantasy Sports platform for daily play in the UK and Europe, Bet4theBest, in 2014.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Considering the times, and everything that we have been through due to the pandemic, I’d say “expect the unexpected”! Plan ahead and get ready to expand your knowledge in various sectors, in order to have a complete view and understanding of all aspects of company operations.

What problem does your business solve?

Attraction and retention of the key target demographics of the Millennials as well as Generation Z, is the major gambling industry issue that FSI’s products solve.

The millennials were the first generation to focus on the power and reliability of statistics, while seeking engagement opportunities similar to the gaming concepts they grew up with, compatible with the mobile-first, social media era they’re living in.

“Dry”, betting options and “old-fashioned” casino games were of no interest to them, and retail started feeling obsolete.

The up-and-coming “hot” target audience of Gen Z already seeks fast-paced interactive products and instantly shareable content – as the TikTok’s rise and trends indicate.

Our Fixed-Odds-Fantasy offerings combine fantasy sports and sports betting, relying on statistics, sports analytics and data science that back engaging gamified products, reliable performance betting options and instant user access to player stats.

The best part is that FSI’s products can be offered online and in retail, in a versatile bouquet of Fantasy Sportsbook markets, Player Props, or Prediction Games tailored for every audience!

What is the inspiration behind your business?

As mentioned, I was originally inspired by fantasy sports as I experienced them at work as a social engagement tool. The power of sports and the unity they bring is amazing!

Nowadays, my inspiration comes from our Team, and my family has always been my driving force for everything.

The market problem I mentioned above about the attraction and retention of modern audiences, we had identified it from the start, we knew about that gap in the market.

But as your startup and your team grow, and you seek to scale up, all you see is the people. The people whose work makes everything happen, whose personality and collaboration are major parts of your day. You essentially live with these people, you need to create meaningful relationships and ensure their growth and happiness as well, because you are all in the Game together.

What is your magic sauce?

The “magic sauce” is the power combo of fantasy sports and betting – but of course, there’s more to it.
It is the scientific approach and solid data science behind our algorithm and proprietary Player Performance Odds that make our offerings the reliable, competitive iGaming products they are.

The Fixed-Odds-Fantasy Suite’s modularity and versatility ensure seamless integration into every client’s platform, and regulatory compliance throughout the world.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

The past couple of years, despite the pandemic and its ramifications, we have managed to solidify our business presence and brand within the iGaming and betting industry, internationally.

We have secured partnerships with top-tier companies of our industry, like Intralot U.S. and 888 holdings. Our next target is the burgeoning American betting industry, and the successful launch of our platform in the States through current and upcoming collaborations.
Stay tuned for more!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

The biggest challenge in entrepreneurship comes from within, and it’s how you handle and overcome external challenges – that usually stem from other people.

I found out that prior to any planning and business activity, I had to work on myself first, to evolve on all levels personally, in order to be able to evolve the company as a whole.

I had the opportunity and obligation to meet many people, trust in them and keep investing in them, often regardless of results.
The most decisive factor was to successfully adapt to the business development model of the betting business – and there are no lessons to prepare you for this, you need to just do it and experience it for yourself – especially the process of scaling up and completing the funding rounds.

These experiences are the most important lessons that keep having an impact on me everyday.

Learning from past mistakes and everyday difficulties is a constant process and the change you need to make every day.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

We are looking forward to connecting with other iGaming professionals and companies seeking innovative sports products on a B2C or a B2B level, for commercial or marketing use.

You can find out more about FSI and reach out to us directly via our website at .

You can reach us via our Contact Page, request a Demo on our Home and Offerings Pages, and subscribe to our email list to receive our newsletters.

You can find the links to all our social media channels on the footer, follow and message us directly.

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