Edinburgh’s Rising Biotech Startups Revolutionising UK’s Biotechnology Sphere

January 30, 2024

The UK is continuously positioning itself as a leader in the biotech industry, announcing the creation of multiple cutting-edge biotech start-ups every year. Specifically, the city of Edinburgh has become a hotspot for these companies because of its thriving scientific community and world-class universities. This article will showcase some of the most promising biotech startups established in 2020 or later that have their headquarters in Edinburgh.

These startups are involved in a multitude of industries including but not limited to, healthcare, agriculture, and therapeutics. Despite their recent inception, these young companies have already made significant strides in their respective sectors. Their pioneering work is not only propelling their growth but is also contributing to the overall progress of the biotech industry.

Everyone from eager investors to curious individuals and professionals in the medical, therapeutic and agricultural fields may find something to interest them amongst these trailblazing Edinburgh-based startups. Here are some of the newest and most innovative biotech companies to keep an eye on:

Kynos Therapeutics

Founded in 2020, Kynos Therapeutics focuses on developing KMO inhibitors that have applications in inflammation, immunity, and metabolism. This innovative approach sets Kynos Therapeutics apart in the biotech industry emphasizing their unique contribution. More about their work can be found on


Macomics is another pioneering startup that is developing first-in-class immunotherapies aimed at modulating macrophages, thereby boosting the body’s immune defense against tumors. The company was founded by Coral Ries, Jeffrey Pollard, Luca Cassetta, and S. Myatt. More about their work can be found on LinkedIn.


Dyneval is an innovative startup that provides portable technology for cattle semen analysis. A revolutionary contribution to biotechnology, Dyneval was founded by Tiffany Wood. More about their work can be found on


ŌGI Bio was formed with the aim of revolutionizing how microbes are grown and managed. Their groundbreaking research and cutting-edge technologies make them a stand-out biotech startup. More about their work can be found on LinkedIn.


Bioliberty, founded by Conan Bradley, Ross O’Hanlon, Rowan Armstrong, and Shea Quinn, is developing rehabilitation solutions for individuals suffering from degenerative and traumatic conditions. Their innovative approach is changing how medical devices are conceived and created. More about their work can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Rhizocore Technologies

Rhizocore Technologies is an exciting startup focused on producing locally-adapted mycorrhizal fungi to enhance tree planting success. Their unique approach to biotech and agriculture makes them one to watch. More about their work can be found on LinkedIn.

Fitabeo Therapeutics

Fitabeo Therapeutics is an innovative startup engaged in the biotechnology, healthcare, and medical sectors. Their mission is to improve lives through their biotech solutions. More about their work can be found on

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