Electronic Excellence: England’s Top 15 Electronics Startups Igniting the Future

July 18, 2023

Quzo – Your Online Platform for Electronics

Quzo is an online platform making waves in the electronics market, connecting consumers with a wide variety of electronic goods and services.

Cosmeditech – Pioneering Aesthetic Devices

Cosmeditech is manufacturing laser and aesthetic devices for medical and aesthetic technology sectors, enabling advanced, non-invasive treatments.

Apollo Tech LTD – Consumer Electronics Manufacturing at its Best

Apollo Tech LTD stands as a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, with a broad range of innovative products under its belt.

LightHub Direct – Illuminating the Market with Quality Products

LightHub Direct is a manufacturer and distributor of lighting and electrical products, catering to commercial and industrial clients across England.

mytrackingdevices – GPS Tracking Made Simple

mytrackingdevices provides businesses with easy-to-understand and use GPS tracking technology, ensuring efficient fleet and asset management.

Ignys – Bringing Practical Solutions to Electronics Design

Ignys is an electronics design software engineering consultancy offering practical, customised solutions for an array of electronic products and systems.

BattPoint – Keeping Devices Powered Up

BattPoint is a manufacturing company that provides mobile phone charging stations and portable power banks, ensuring that your devices are always ready to go.

Digital Kinematics – Taking VR to the Next Level

Digital Kinematics creates high-performance VR gloves, Plexus, enhancing virtual reality experiences for users across the globe.

Photongrow – Harnessing the Power of Light

Photongrow is a London-based electrical and electronic manufacturing company, using cutting-edge technology to harness the power of light.

Watersen – Empowering Households to Monitor Water Consumption

Watersen offers a non-intrusive IoT sensor for families to track their household water consumption, promoting sustainability and efficiency.

Boxing Clever – Innovating Home Automation

Boxing Clever started as a reseller of IT equipment and has since evolved into a home automation expert, transforming living spaces with smart technology.

Dothex – Pioneering Embedded Systems Development

Dothex specializes in the development of embedded systems products, integrating technology and electronics in novel and efficient ways.

Adama Robotics – Robotics Education Made Fun

Adama Robotics produces and sells educational robotics kits, making learning about robotics accessible and enjoyable for all ages.

iPRODUCE – A Social Manufacturing Platform for Stakeholders

iPRODUCE is a unique social manufacturing platform that brings together stakeholders in the electronics industry, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Bavar – Keeping the Music Alive

Bavar is a seller of musical instruments and books, blending electronics and arts to deliver quality products and experiences to music lovers.

These 15 English startups are making their mark in the electronics industry, each contributing unique ideas, products, and services. As they continue to innovate and grow, they are not just redefining the local industry, but also shaping the future of electronics on a global scale.

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