Emerging London-Based Startups Revolutionizing the UK Credit Cards Industry

January 30, 2024

Despite the challenges of 2020, the startup scene in the United Kingdom has thrived. More specifically, London has emerged as a fertile ground for startups operating in the Credit Cards industry. These innovative startups have developed unique solutions to overcome traditional industry hurdles and their innovations have the potential to revolutionise the financial sector. This article showcases some of the most promising credit card startups with their headquarters located in London.

These companies not only offer innovative solutions in the credit card industry, but also cater to other sectors like banking, information technology, blockchain, personal finance. They leverage technology and digital platforms to offer seamless and efficient services to their consumers, raising the bar for financial services within the nation and beyond. Let’s dive in.

Note: The list has been arranged in no particular order and does not reflect ranking or preference of any kind.

Network B

Founded by Brad Blake and Shapna Majid, Network B provides banking and card-linked solutions. Operating in the realm of banking, credit cards, information technology, and loyalty programs, the company offers an API platform for banking solutions. Learn more about them here.

Fintech Review

Fintech Review, founded by Tristan Pelloux, offers a unique platform for insights, reviews, interviews, and analysis in the fintech sector. They cover a range of topics from banking, blockchain, credit, credit cards, cryptocurrency, finance, financial services, news, and personal finance. Check out their Facebook page here.


A key player in the banking, credit cards, debit cards, finance, and mobile apps industry, SproutPay enables users to send USD, EUR, GBP, and more to African recipients. They also assist with making international payments and loading credit or debit cards. Discover more about their operations here.


Providing financial solutions including credit cards, fintech, mobile payments, and software, NUMARQE is dedicated to serving mid-market businesses in simplifying their expenses, payments and card spending. Check them out here.


Crossamount is redefining card payments by offering cost-effective solutions, especially for low amount transactions. They offer a smooth payment experience via their plugin for WooCommerce & API. Find out more about them here.


Offering solutions in credit cards, financial services, fintech, mobile apps, mobile payments, and payments; Tier_Money is setting standards in the financial industry. Visit their LinkedIn page here.

Lobster Money

Founded by Bobby Abdullah, Lobster Money operates in banking, content creators, credit bureau, credit cards, debit cards, finance, financial services, fintech, lending, and social media. Follow them on twitter @TheLobsterMoney and learn more about them here.

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