Emerging Manchester E-Commerce Startups Dominating the UK’s Digital Marketplace

January 29, 2024


The city of Manchester has always been a buzzing hive of innovation, known for pushing boundaries and trailblazing new pathways into the future. This spirit is no less evident in Manchester’s startup scene, which in recent years has seen a remarkable surge in e-commerce startups. All of these startups have been founded in 2020 or afterwards, marking the dawning of a new era in Manchester’s e-commerce sector. Let’s take a look at some of the most promising startups operating in this industry today.

Each of these Manchester-based startups is unique in its own right, offering novel solutions and services in the e-commerce domain. Interestingly, the diversity within the industry is also reflected in these ventures, encompassing areas as far-reaching as fashion, food delivery, and automotive services. Undoubtedly, these companies are redefining the e-commerce landscape in Manchester and beyond.


Founded by Helen Hardy, Foudys is an online retail platform specializing in women’s football jerseys. Operating in the e-commerce fashion and retail sectors, this Manchester startup offers a unique blend of sports and fashion to its customers. Follow them on Twitter at @wearefoudys or connect with them via LinkedIn.

REFY Beauty

Jenna Meek’s brainchild, REFY Beauty, operates in the cosmetics and women’s e-commerce industry. Manufactured in the UK, REFY Beauty provides cutting-edge beauty products to consumers globally. Stay updated with their latest offerings on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @refybeauty. For business connections, connect through LinkedIn.


Founded by Justin Gilchrist, WellBox operates in the e-commerce, enterprise software, food delivery, and gifts sectors. They specialize in sending curated and personalized gift boxes to remote employees and clients. Catch them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @wellboxuk, or connect via LinkedIn.

Cash Kicks

Manchester Startup Cash Kicks is an affiliate marketplace focusing on giving back to the community. Providing great deals and discounts with a large array of brands, they donate a portion of the commission they receive to their members’ chosen causes. Follow them on Twitter @cashkicksuk or Facebook.


Co-founded by Sharon C. and Wing Chan, Sourceful.com is a sourcing and supply chain company offering environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. Connect with the Sourceful team on @Twitter or via LinkedIn.

Attire Watches

Attire Watches is an e-commerce fashion startup specializing in the latest fashion watches. They aim to make timekeeping stylish again. Check their latest collection on Facebook.

Imagine Autos

Imagine Autos (known as CarZanza) is an automotive startup utilizing cutting-edge technology to transform the car buying experience. For partnership and business enquiries, reach out to them on LinkedIn.

Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited

Operating in the aerospace, air transportation, and e-commerce industry, Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited is making strides in transforming these sectors. Stay updated with their latest developments on Twitter @togethercavu or LinkedIn.

Please note that I’ve stopped at 9 companies as there were incomplete information given for remaining companies. You might want to provide accurate information for these startups before we continue.

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