Emerging UK-Based Startups Revolutionising the Environmental Consulting Sector

January 21, 2024

The United Kingdom emerged as a hub for startups in the domain of Environmental Consulting in recent years. Triggered by the urgency of tackling climate change, numerous innovative entrepreneurs turned to the environmental sector to come up with sustainable solutions. The focus notably sharpened in 2020 as several startups in the environmental consulting industry sprouted across the region. This piece will showcase the speed and resilience of young UK-based businesses competing to make a positive environmental impact in a challenging context.

The environmental consulting industry is a key player in the fight against climate change. It provides services that help businesses tread more lightly on the environment. Their work spans a broad range of activities, from carbon emissions consultation to geographic data sciences used to combat environmental crises. Environmental consultants make practical and actionable recommendations that aim to reduce a company or organization’s environmental footprint. Herein, we shall explore several 2020-born UK startups that have been making significant inroads in the environmental consulting industry.

In this article, we spotlight UK-based startups that have braved the climate change battle while navigating their own start as a business. Each company is either directly engaged in the environmental consulting industry or operates in a related sector while maintaining a strong environmental consultancy division. We hope these profiles inspire further innovations in this critical industry.


Founded by Oliver Bolton, Earthly aims to remove a staggering 1 Billion tonnes of CO2 by 2030. Headquartered in London, this certified B Corp business is helping other companies invest in nature-based projects that restore natural ecosystems. By sourcing these projects globally, Earthly offers businesses a trusted marketplace to invest in high-integrity nature-based solutions.


Established in Borehamwood, Hertford, Verna is using geospatial data science to tackle climate and nature crises. They help landowners, investors, and policymakers use land in ways that draw down carbon, enhance biodiversity and generate sustainable returns.


Akre, headquartered in Kirkcaldy, Fife, was developed to aid businesses in preserving the environment. They believe the separation between the economic and biological system is the root cause of our environmental troubles and seeks to bridge this gap.


Founded by George Sandilands in Bristol, Avon, Spherics is a carbon accountability software that enables companies to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Zulu Forest Sciences

Co-founded by Daniel Mouen Makoua in London, Zulu Forest Sciences is a startup committed to environmental consulting and forest scouting to leverage natural resources sustainably.


CarbonQuota is an independent carbon monitoring service for manufacturers. Founded in 2020 by Dominic Harris, the startup is based in Coggeshall, Essex, and provides a science-based approach to carbon monitoring.


Based in London, CarbonLaces bridges supply and demand for capital gaps through real data, tools, and financing. They work on scaling up the built environment to decarbonise faster.


Based in Swithland, Leicestershire, Ecoo2 provides a solution that is audited and certified by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and carries the Solar impulse “Efficient Solution” label for its proven effectiveness in reducing CO2 emissions.


Founded by Justin Bates and Portia Patel, ESGmark provides environmental consulting services enhancing communities and providing professional services around ESG management and measurement.

Circuthon Consulting

Circuthon Consulting, founded by Paul Foulkes-Arellano in London, is a management consultancy that helps business leaders transition to a circular economy model through training and coaching.

Climate Asset Management

Operating out of London, Climate Asset Management aims to create and deliver investment solutions that accelerate the transition to a net-zero, environmentally resilient future.

Each of these companies symbolizes the emerging environmentally conscious ethos that’s permeating the business world. Their work catalyses a desperately needed shift as we grapple with the increasingly dire consequences of climate change. Undoubtedly, their innovative outlook and commitment to environmental sustainability will play a vital role in shaping the future.

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