Emerging UK Startups Redefining Identity Management Sector in England

January 28, 2024

As the UK startup scene continues to evolve and thrive, many new companies are making their mark in various industries. One such sector that has been attracting significant attention is identity management. Given the increasing concern about data privacy and the need for more secure ways of verifying identities, startups operating in this space have a unique opportunity to redefine conventional standards and pave the way for technological progress. This article celebrates a selection of these companies, all home-grown in England, who are innovating the identity management landscape.

Emerging from the backdrop of an increasingly digital world, these startups are shaping the future with their inventive solutions, from biometrics to security software, for both individuals and corporations. Their services are not only improving security measures but also enhancing user experiences and ensuring smooth compliance. Identity management is a critical aspect for any digital enterprise, and through the ingenuity of these startups, this once traditional process is becoming more flexible, accessible, and secure.

So, let’s explore these innovative startups, each providing unique solutions to the challenge of identity management. All of them started their journey in 2020 or later, and despite their relatively new status, they are already leaving a substantial impact on the industry.


Founded by Mohamed Alsalehi and Tarek Nechma, ComplyCube offers a comprehensive identity verification platform simplifying compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations. The system is highly flexible and cost-effective, making it a valuable tool for both startups and multinational corporations. ComplyCube prides itself on offering the fastest omnichannel integration in the market, providing a range of solutions including API, Mobile & Web SDKs, and CRM Integrations.


Superlinked, co-founded by Ben Gutkovich and Daniel Svonava, is redefining the concept of social infrastructure on the internet. They are dedicated to constructing personalized and user-friendly digital environments, seamlessly merging developer APIs, cloud infrastructure, and Identity Management.


Founded by Eric Nadalin and Paul McGuire, tru.ID is revolutionizing mobile authentication by providing fast, strong, and invisible phone verification with the power of their APIs. From Developer APIs to Security and Telecommunications, tru.ID introduces a fresh approach to standard verification processes.


Set up by Dipankar Haldar and Sid Madavapeddi, BenePay.io is committed to helping its clients comply with data privacy laws, improving customer experience, and reducing payment fraud. Their innovative solutions are designed to help payees control personal and payment accounts data, with secure identification conducted before transactions.


ZeroTolerance, founded by Victor Dan, offers a complete AML solution comprising technical tools, a bulletproof AML framework, and a dedicated team of experts. Known for their comprehensive approach, they currently operate from offices in the UK, Singapore, and Estonia.

Lawtech 365

Lawtech 365 is an innovative technology and software solution provider specifically tailored for law firms. Founded by Azeem Rashid, Mev Dzihic, and Rudi Kesic, they offer platforms like Verify 365 for secure client onboarding and eSign 365 for compliant digital signatures.

Wider Team

Founded by Phil Wolff in 2021, Wider Team assists clients in addressing IoT-related issues in the biopharma, consulting, identity management, and pharmaceutical sectors. The team offers four comprehensive practices to tackle seven significant issues.


cheqd, co-founded by Ankur Banerjee and Fraser Edwards, is a Web 3.0 startup focused on a new paradigm of exchanging trusted digital data – self-sovereign identity (SSI). They envision transforming the standard digital identity management by providing a decentralized network for digital identity payments.


Founded by Mark Harrison, Kindana works on digital identity and optimizes the sharing of personal details. They are committed to ensuring a secure and easy process of managing individual identities.


vSelf is an Identity-as-a-Service project enhanced by NFT-based gamification. They are revolutionizing the identity management industry by delivering innovative solutions for app developers, game developers, and businesses interested in implementing blockchain technology and loyalty programs.

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