Emerging York-Based UK Startups Thriving in Assistive Technology Industry

January 30, 2024

There’s no denying the transformative power of technology in contemporary society. When applied innovatively, it has the potential to change people’s lives. This concept is particularly apparent in the realm of assistive technology. Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), new software and applications, and a plethora of other technological pursuits, startups based in York are making a name for themselves within the assistive technology industry. These cutting-edge businesses focus on providing solutions that improve accessibility, augment communication, or otherwise help individuals with disabilities or other health conditions. This particular article aims to highlight some notable startups in this vein, all of which were founded in 2020 or later and call York their home.

Assistive technology as an industry is continuously evolving, with companies devising creative solutions that enhance people’s lives and provide improved functionality. The companies featured in this article offer an array of applications, including everything from healthcare-focused applications to financial resources and productivity tools. Each of these enterprises was selected due to its commitment to pushing the bounds of what is possible for assistive technology, as well as its potential for future growth.

Founded in the last two years, the following startups provide an idea of the innovative assistive technologies emerging from York. These businesses are leaving their own unique imprint on the industry, offering creative solutions that meet the demands of contemporary society. They not only respond to the needs of individuals with diverse abilities but also create environments conducive to independence, freedom, and success. Through their ambitions and inventive ideas, these startups contribute to making the world a more accessible place.

Auryon Atherectomy System

Auryon Atherectomy System is an innovation in the realm of health care and medical device technology. This York Startup had its beginnings in recent years, with its inception rooted in the mission to create a technological breakthrough to treat peripheral arterial disease. By enabling healthcare providers to treat any lesion, this company represents significant progress in medical performance. You can follow their updates on Linkedin.


Bankability represents a different approach to assistive technology. It concentrates on banking and financial services, using technology to make these often complex systems more accessible and user-friendly. Although the company’s specific founders were not provided, BankAbility demonstrates a dedication to creating a more equitable banking industry. More details of their work can be found on their Linkedin page.


AutoManus, a New York-based startup, is redefining the note-taking process through its revolutionary platform. By enabling users to record and transcribe lectures and meetings with a simultaneous note-taking feature, AutoManus arguably enhances efficiency and comprehension. The corresponding notes and transcript features further accentuate this innovation. Learn more about them from their Linkedin profile


Sharper Sense

Sharper Sense is an amalgamation of myriad technological fields,
including Biotechnology, Life Science and Medical, among others. Its
main product is a wearable patch that enhances sensory processing
using noninvasive stimulation. Mainly intended for seniors who face
difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, it provides an
instant sensory enhancement that can be turned on or off at will.
Find out more about them through their Linkedin account.


Providing a fine example of how AI is being utilised in the assistive technology field, AYES is a mobile application that facilitates safe navigation for the blind and visually impaired. Using computer vision algorithms, it translates visual information into audio and haptic feedback. Follow them on their Linkedin page for more updates.


Although there’s limited information about the company, Myind, based in New York, works within the assistive technology and personal health industry. Watch for future updates to understand more about this startup.


At the intersection of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Word2Tech stands out with its innovative engagement in the field of assistive technologies. It has developed a unique way of extracting technologies & related people, organisations and products from the text. It evolves over time to adapt to new concepts and technologies, thereby making it an interesting startup to follow.

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