England’s Eco-Vanguards: Leading the Charge in Environmental Consulting

Pioneers of Sustainable Solutions: Showcasing England’s Top Environmental Consulting Start-ups


  • Website: Autonomy
  • Description: Autonomy is an independent think tank dedicated to the creation of innovative tools and research geared towards combating climate change. Their analytical approach sets them apart as thought leaders in the climate science community.

AimHi Earth

  • Website: AimHi Earth
  • Description: As an education-to-action hub, AimHi Earth inspires and empowers individuals to become the next wave of environmental changemakers. Their platform bridges the gap between knowledge and action, fostering proactive change.


  • Website: Treeconomy
  • Description: With a focus on nature-based carbon removal, Treeconomy uses cutting-edge AI and remote sensing monitoring to enhance their services. This startup is transforming how we view carbon sequestration and the role of forests in it.


  • Website: Tallarna
  • Description: As a climate tech entity, Tallarna offers invaluable data analytics and funding services. Their tech-driven approach to environmental solutions is truly commendable.

Zulu Forest Sciences

  • Website: Zulu Forest Sciences
  • Description: With a dedication to delivering optimal forest ecosystems, Zulu Forest Sciences stands out by providing nature-based solutions in environmental consulting. Their expertise ensures forests thrive for generations to come.


  • Website: Reewild
  • Description: The Reewild app is a revolutionary tool that empowers businesses and consumers to track, reduce, and remove greenhouse gas emissions. Their innovative approach places them at the forefront of carbon management.

Chip[s] Board

  • Website: Chip[s] Board
  • Description: Transforming food waste into bioplastics, Chip[s] Board is pioneering a sustainable future for materials. Their groundbreaking work shows that waste can indeed be treasure.

Greenshank Environmental

  • Website: Greenshank Environmental
  • Description: As a Nutrient Mitigation Provider, Greenshank Environmental works with developers and landowners to ensure a balance in nutrient cycles, fostering healthier ecosystems.

Victory Hill Capital Group

  • Website: Victory Hill Capital Group
  • Description: Victory Hill Capital Group’s investment strategies are geared towards promoting an energy transition to a net zero carbon future. Their dedication to sustainability is reshaping investment norms.

Climate Asset Management

  • Website: Climate Asset Management
  • Description: With a mission to align investments with nature, humanity, and our planet, Climate Asset Management is setting new benchmarks for sustainable investing.

Green Culture World Foundation

  • Website: Green Culture World Foundation
  • Description: This foundation aims to cultivate a new generation of environmental leaders from cultural sectors, emphasizing the importance of diverse voices in environmental solutions.

Climax Community

  • Website: Climax Community
  • Description: Climax Community’s data-driven platform offers organizations an insightful lens to view their carbon footprint and manage emissions. Their analytics are an essential asset for modern businesses.


  • Website: RESOLVE
  • Description: Bridging the gap between research and action, RESOLVE gives scientists a platform to actualize their carbon capture and storage research, making significant strides in practical environmental solutions.

Guild Living

  • Website: Guild Living
  • Description: Although primarily a retirement community, Guild Living holds a notable stance in environmental consulting, underscoring the importance of sustainable living across all age groups.

Urban Water UK

  • Website: Urban Water UK
  • Description: Urban Water UK is redefining water management design. Their trustworthiness stems from their dedication to providing efficient water management systems for their clients.

In a world where environmental challenges are paramount, these 15 companies are leading the way in England. Their solutions, innovations, and visions are not only reshaping industries but also promising a greener, more sustainable future for all.

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