England’s Elite: Pioneering Real Estate Startups Shaping the UK Property Landscape

Innovations Beyond Bricks and Mortar: How 15 Companies are Redefining the English Real Estate Arena

LiloElegance in Property Share Investments
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Lilo stands out as Europe’s premier invest-and-experience platform, turning the acquisition of premium property shares into a seamless and captivating experience.

CoadjuteBlockchain’s Power in Real Estate
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Redefining property transactions, Coadjute offers a blockchain property tech solution which promises to accelerate deals and trim down expenses.

FlypUnlocking Full Potential in Home Values
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Flyp is on a mission. They envision every home realizing its maximum possible selling price, ensuring no property is undersold.

AcreThe Mortgage & Protection Maestro
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Simplifying the complexities of mortgages, Acre provides an encompassing platform for mortgage and protection needs.

ATLANTA Leap into the Future with Tokenized Real Estate
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ATLANT is at the forefront of a revolution, offering a blockchain-based real estate platform focusing on tokenized ownership and peer-to-peer rentals.

PropTech ConnectThe Grand Gathering of PropTech Innovators
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Labelled as Europe’s most extensive PropTech event, PropTech Connect excels in bridging the gap between the global real estate industry through B2B media.

edozoRedefining Commercial Property Valuations
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With a sharp focus on data aggregation and process automation, edozo is reshaping the way commercial property valuations are performed.

UnissuThe PropTech Data Powerhouse
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Unissu stands as a beacon for those seeking reliable proptech data, content, and research services in the ever-evolving property technology landscape.

CheckboardRevolutionizing Identity & Finance Checks
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Checkboard emerges as a pioneering SaaS platform, streamlining identity and financial checks in the real estate industry.

MoveGeniusSimplifying Onboarding in Real Estate
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MoveGenius brings innovation to estate agents with its digital tool, automating vendor onboarding and making transitions smoother.

InsureStreet Ltd.Digital Solutions for Renters
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InsureStreet champions the cause of renters, offering a unique digital identity along with a micro-priced risk-based deposit replacement insurance.

SpacemadeFlexible Workspaces for Modern Times
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Spacemade crafts flexible workspace solutions tailored for the evolving needs of the real estate industry.

SPCE GroupThe All-In-One Real Estate Innovator
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SPCE Group encapsulates the essence of smarter real estate, offering comprehensive products and solutions across the property value chain.

PropUpTransformative Real Estate Platforms
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PropUp is ushering in a new era of real estate transactions with its software platform, changing the way people engage in buying and selling properties.

LXi REITReimagining Real Estate Investments
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LXi REIT stands as a beacon for those looking to invest, establishing itself as a reliable real estate investment trust in England.

The English real estate landscape is brimming with innovation, with startups crafting solutions that address various pain points in the industry. Whether you’re a property enthusiast, an investor, or just curious about the future of real estate, these companies are sure to captivate your interest.

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