England’s Top Rental Property Innovators: Where Tradition Meets Tech

A deep dive into 15 companies revolutionising the English rental market

1. SoHome

Building the best living platform on Earth.

SoHome is dedicated to redefining the living experience through its platform. They are not just a rental property firm but a complete ecosystem that envisions a holistic living environment for their clients.

2. Fable

Demand-led portfolios powered by cutting-edge technology.

Fable stands out with their unique approach of creating tech-powered residential real estate portfolios. Their demand-led strategy ensures they stay relevant and meet the ever-evolving needs of the market.

3. BluDesks

Workspace flexibility at your fingertips.

BluDesks offers a solution to the modern problem of finding flexible workspaces. Their online platform makes booking a breeze, allowing professionals to find spaces that suit their needs in real-time.

4. Way of Life

Holistic property management and rentals.

Way of Life brings a comprehensive suite of property rental and management services. They are all about enhancing the living experience for both renters and property owners.

5. Rapidworks

Expert consulting for real estate decisions.

Rapidworks stands out as a consultant in the rental property space. With services ranging from market research to sales, they bring expertise and deep insights to every transaction.

6. RentOnCloud

Streamlining property management for the digital age.

RentOnCloud is an innovative platform that simplifies rental accounting and management for landlords and tenants, making transactions transparent, easy, and efficient.

7. Glenfield Property Management

Excellence in property consultation and management.

Glenfield Property Management is revered for its high-quality real estate management and consultancy services. They’ve built a reputation for delivering top-notch solutions for their clients.

8. Wonego

Finding the perfect flatmate has never been easier.

Wonego offers a unique flatmate matching platform that prioritizes compatibility, credibility, and individual property needs, ensuring harmonious living conditions for professionals.

9. Capital Letters

Connecting families in need with welcoming homes.

Capital Letters plays a pivotal role in the community by working with landlords and councils to secure homes for families in dire need, showcasing the human side of the rental property market.

10. Flatsrater

Trustpilot for the rental world.

Flatsrater brings transparency to the rental market. Through their platform, tenants can share reviews and ratings, ensuring that properties maintain the highest standards.

11. Stonebridge & Co

Traditional real estate with a touch of class.

Stonebridge & Co pride themselves on being a classic real estate agency that offers comprehensive property solutions backed by years of industry experience.

12. RSA Property

End-to-end property services.

From rental properties to property management, RSA Property has built a reputation as a reliable firm offering a spectrum of real estate services to their clientele.

13. Looped

Empowering the UK property market participants.

Looped is on a mission to transform how participants in the UK property market make decisions. Through their platform, they offer insights that save users both time and money.

14. Chatterton Rees

Experts in property sales, rentals, and acquisitions.

Chatterton Rees has carved a niche for themselves by specializing in a wide range of property services, ensuring their clients always find what they’re looking for.

15. AVO / AVO GROUP – Exceeding Expectations

Eco-conscious business spaces and accommodation.

AVO GROUP is the first in the market to offer concierge services for business spaces and accommodations with a keen focus on great design and bio/eco sustainability. They blend aesthetics with eco-conscious decisions.

As England’s rental property landscape evolves, these 15 companies are at the forefront, driving innovation, and setting new standards for the industry.

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