Exploring England’s Cutting-Edge Communications Infrastructure Startups in the UK

January 30, 2024

Communications Infrastructure is an essential pillar in today’s tech-driven business landscape, given its role in connecting people and devices. Within this vital industry, several startups have been making an impact with their innovative offerings. Here, we spotlight a selection of startups, founded in 2020 or later, that are surfacing exciting products and services in the Communications Infrastructure ecosystem. These startups, all of which operate with their headquarters in England, are successfully navigating challenges and redefining the future of communication.

From satellite communication companies such as Mangata Networks to innovative communication platform providers like Amity and incident.io, each of these startups has unique offerings. Regardless of the area in which they operate, they contribute to improving the overall landscape of the Communications Infrastructure industry, helping to facilitate streamlined and efficient communication.

They are not only providing solutions that meet today’s demand but are also paving the path for the future. Let’s take a closer look at these startups, their achievements, and their goals for the future.

Mangata Networks

Operating from their headquarters in London, England, Mangata Networks provides services in the satellite and wired communication sector. The company was founded by Brian Holz and Juliette Neu in 2020 and they have quickly gained a reputation for their specialisation in this field. In this connected world, Mangata is playing a pivotal role, connecting people and businesses across the globe through their reliable services.


Amity is on a mission to make the future social. Founded by Francesca Gargaglia, Korawad Chearavanont, and Touchapon Kraisingkorn, the London-based startup provides its digitally connected audience with an accessible platform that fosters belonging. The Amity Social Cloud is their flagship platform, enabling users to easily add social features to any app or website. The software is designed to drive engagement, build communities, increase retention, and grow revenues. Amity currently powers in-app social experiences for over 10 million people every month.


nst.agency, founded by Michal Dybowski, is a versatile London-based startup operating in several areas including blockchain, education, business development, and environmental consulting. With a focus on sustainable and circular economy practices, nst.agency offers expertise in various sectors including aviation, medicine, nutrition, and lean business, among others.

Bondi Platform Ltd

Bondi Platform Ltd, a venture by Andrea Dutto, Gabriele Schiavone, Pissarello Marco, and Renato Avanzini, operates within the communications infrastructure, cyber security, database, and video conferencing sectors. Headquartered in London, Bondi Platform Ltd aims to offer a secure, efficient, and creative approach to communication and data management.


Another UK-based startup is Bloxspring, providing services in communications infrastructure, consulting, marketing, and sales. With their London-based operations, Bloxspring is playing a crucial role in strengthening brands and company communication through their innovative solutions.


Founded by Christopher Evans, Pete Hamilton, and Stephen Whitworth in 2021, incident.io is a London-based startup that provides a Slack-integrated incident management tool. The platform helps organisations announce, manage, and resolve incidents, improving internal communications during outages. Incident.io‘s innovative approach is transforming the way companies handle workplace management.


A byproduct result of the management buyout of the UK’s independent PR, social, digital marketing, and creative agency, Tigerbond provides services in the communication infrastructure sphere along with marketing and public relations. With a global presence, including their London office, Tigerbond is paving the way for the future of communications with their creative and innovative approach.

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