Exploring England’s Innovative App Startups in the UK’s Thriving Tech Scene

January 17, 2024

In recent years, the startup scene in the United Kingdom has been thriving, with a slew of innovative companies being launched in the ever-growing apps industry. With the advent of advanced technologies and increasing reliance on mobile devices, budding entrepreneurs are developing apps that aim to solve various problems and serve a myriad of needs. This article will spotlight a number of promising startups operating in the apps industry, each with an inception of 2020 or later, and headquartered in England.

These startups span a wide range of industries – from finance to hospitality, and healthcare to sports. Each is making impressive strides in their respective fields, leveraging app technologies to deliver unique and compelling value propositions. Regardless of the industry they operate in, each of these companies shares a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Join us as we take a closer look at these companies, their founders, the problems they’re solving, and the value they’re bringing to their users and industries.

Atlantic Money

Atlantic Money, founded by Neeraj Baid and Patrick Kavanagh in 2020, offers the world’s cheapest solution for money transfers in foreign currencies. They provide a platform for international transactions with a flat, fixed fee of £3 or €3 at the current exchange rate, supporting transactions up to £1m or €1m. Well on its way to becoming a significant player in global payment services, the London-based startup boasts an array of Facebook, @Atlantic_Money followers, and a growing LinkedIn network.


Co-founded by Petr Nikolaev and Thomas Mann, Raycast is a software development company that has revolutionized the way developers interface with their tools. Their innovative command bar software provides a search function for swift command discovery and a built-in store for easy extension installations. The company’s LinkedIn page provides more information about Raycast and its ground-breaking product.


Founded by Amit Kushwaha, WeLinQ brings a fresh approach to the landscape of mobile apps and online games. This London-based startup focuses on enhancing personal health through interactive and engaging applications. Connect with them on Facebook, @WeLinQ1 on Twitter, and their LinkedIn page.


PawaPay is a payments company founded in 2020 with a critical mission – to simplify mobile payment solutions for African consumers and businesses. Their API integrates multiple telecom operators into one platform, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality. Connect with them on Facebook, @pawapay on Twitter, and on their LinkedIn page.


Anima, co-founded by Shun Pang, is a care enablement platform that speeds up clinical workflow by 10x. It aims to provide the right care to patients within 24 hours. Learn more about Anima and its innovative health solution on their LinkedIn page.


Shackle is transforming the hospitality industry by digitizing the entire guest experience for hotels. Their hotel app automates administrative tasks and integrates all systems into one user-friendly platform. Find out more about their game-changing app on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Earnr, co-founded by Anil Nair, Enzo Ottens, and Jamie Leverton, is specifically designed for the U.K. creator economy and “side-hustle” businesses. The app addresses finance and tax-based challenges that creators often face. More details about the company can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.


Founded by Geri Cupi, Twig is a fintech startup that powers the circular economy and carbon-offset lifestyle by enabling users to turn things into cash instantly. Connect with them through Facebook, @twigcard on Twitter, or their LinkedIn page.


CLUB, founded by Chris Cragg, is a mobile football fantasy game that allows users to create and manage their own football club. Follow their journey on LinkedIn or @clubgame_app on Twitter.


Moustafa Mahmoud founded Camlist with a specific demographic in mind – pet enthusiasts. The mobile app allows users to buy and sell anything related to pets, pet services, and pet accessories. For more about Camlist and its offers, check their LinkedIn page.


Amity, founded by Francesca Gargaglia, Korawad Chearavanont, and Touchapon Kraisingkorn, facilitates digital communities and social experiences. Their Amity Social Cloud platform empowers companies to easily add social features to any app or website. Connect with them on Facebook, @amity_hq on Twitter, and their LinkedIn page.

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