Exploring Innovative AgTech Startups Revolutionising England’s Agriculture Scene

January 25, 2024
In recent years, the world has seen a significant increase in the advent of start-ups, particularly in the technology industry. A niche sector within this industry – Agriculture Technology or AgTech, has witnessed a surge owing to the increasing need for sustainable farming methods and to meet global food demand efficiently. A number of UK start-ups have stepped into the AgTech scene since 2020, providing innovative solutions to address these global challenges. This article aims to spotlight some of these trailblazing startups, all headquartered in England, that are revolutionizing the AgTech industry.

These incipient companies are breaking new ground in everything from precision farming and blockchain technology, to dairy alternatives and e-commerce in agri-business. The AgTech industry, over the last couple of years, has seen a rise in the variety and complexity of solutions being offered, to ensure sustainable and more efficient agriculture practices.

Whether it’s creating dairy alternatives without the use of animals, developing online platforms for seamless agricultural sourcing, or offering data-backed reward systems for food chain growers, these innovative startups are redefining the way we approach agriculture in the 21st century. Let’s take a look at some of these promising young enterprises.

Better Dairy

Founded by Christopher Reynolds and Jevan Nagarajah, Better Dairy is focused on creating dairy alternatives using precision fermentation. The London-based AgTech startup aims to replicate familiar dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, and ice cream without the use of animals. You can learn more about Better Dairy on their Linkedin page.


Kingslands.com, established by Omar Berrada is an online sourcing platform for everything agriculture. Their mission is to help farmers increase profitability through a one-stop-shop solution offering the best prices. For more about Kingslands, check out their Linkedin and Facebook pages.

Bx Technologies

A brainchild of Antony Yousefian and Ben Bardsley, Bx Technologies is a climate-tech company that enables food brands to remove emissions from their food supply chain. The startup uses an innovative data-backed reward system that compensates growers for regenerating soils and reducing carbon emissions in food production. More about Bx Technologies can be found on their Linkedin page.


E-NANO operating in the AgTech and Robotics industry, was cofounded by Christian von Scheidt, Alan Jurnet Berteloot, Erwann Lompech Leneveu and Gabor Zichy. You can learn more about E-NANO on their Linkedin page or follow them on Twitter.


Founded by Krishna Srinivasan and Venkatesh Sivaraman, Farmsio is an integrated platform that enhances pre-and post-harvest efficiency. It uses software and hardware to provide climate-smart sustainable solutions and analytical decision tools to farmers and agribusinesses. You can find more about Farmsio on their Linkedin and Facebook pages.

GreyTechno Industries

GreyTechno Industries, an AgTech startup specialising in 3D printing and drones, was founded by Motheo Kgengwenyane. The company aims to stimulate a technological revolution in all industry by facilitating the adoption of green technology and environmentally friendly practices. GreyTechno Industries can be found on their Linkedin page.

Muddy Machines

Muddy Machines is a London-based AgTech startup brought to life by Christopher Chavasse and Florian Richter. Their mission is to assist farms in managing labour-intensive crops by automating fieldwork through field robots. Learn more about Muddy Machines on their Linkedin and Facebook pages.


Agfluencers, a UK-based AgTech startup, was founded by Maryna Kuzmenko. For more about Agfluencers, you can visit them on their Linkedin or Facebook pages, or follow them on Twitter.


KODGAV established by Kizito Okelue, is a social impact Agtech platform, integrating African farmers into the global supply chain. This company uses smart-data and blockchain technology to mitigate the financial, legal, and brand risks associated with trading in the existing ecosystem. You can learn more about them on their Linkedin and Facebook pages, or follow them on Twitter.

Climate X

Climate X is a global climate risk data analytics provider. The startup was brought into existence by the combined efforts of Kamil Kluza and Lukky Ahmed. The company delivers location-specific risk ratings, Environmental Performance Certificates (EPC) ratings for transition risk and climate-adjusted loss estimates. For more information on Climate X, feel free to visit their Linkedin page.

Trinity AgTech

Founded by Hosein Khajeh Hosseiny, Trinity AgTech is an AgTech company based out of London. For more about their operations and offerings, you can check out their Linkedin page or follow Twitter.

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