Exploring Innovative Health Insurance Startups Based in York, UK

January 27, 2024

In an ever-changing world, where health has rightly taken its place at the forefront of the agenda, numerous startups are entering the health insurance sector to innovate and provide new solutions. This article shines the spotlight on some UK companies which began in 2020 or later, with headquarters located in York. All aimed at reinventing and improving the health insurance field, these startups have shown resilience and adaptability.

From platforms that simplify complex tasks in mental health care, to companies providing underused services to mothers in maternity care, this selection reflects an array of solutions and services. We see innovative startups connecting health professionals and patients while helping them navigate insurance systems, companies providing extensive coverage against various forms of risks, and specialist platforms focusing on optimising health insurance distribution.

To get a comprehensive understanding of their operations, we’ve included descriptions of these newer businesses. Each segment is enriched with clickable links that direct you to their respective websites, enabling a deeper exploration of these startups’ service offerings.


Founded by Cobi Blumenfeld-Gantz, Corey Metzman, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chapter offers consultation on the appropriate medical services for every individual. It provides guidance on recommended medical card programs and benefits. The company operates from New York and is established in the sectors of consumer reviews, health care, health insurance, information technology, and medical services. Find them additionally on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nirvana Health

Co-founded by Akshay Venkitasubramanian, Kelvin K Chan, Urvish Parikh, Nirvana Health, based in New York City, provides solutions for mental health care providers to navigate and automate complex insurance-related tasks. The intended goal is to maximize therapists’ focus on patients by relieving them of the necessary filing, management, and follow-up of insurance claims. Visit their LinkedIn and Twitter for more information.

Zaya Care

Co-founded by Leoni Runge, Zaya Care helps maternity care providers accept insurance, thereby aiding mothers to access affordable quality care. The company operates from New York, with additional presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

MIC Global

MIC Global, headquartered in New York, operates in the financial services, health insurance, insurance, and insurtech sectors. Their details can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Bowhead Specialty

Bowhead Specialty Underwriters provides insurance services such as directors, officers, errors, omissions, fiduciary, employment practices liability, financial institutions coverage, hospitals, miscellaneous medical facilities, senior care providers, manufacturing risks, and complex construction insurance services. Their LinkedIn can be found here.

Total Value Insurance

Total Value Insurance offers commercial business, homeowners, auto insurance, personal insurance, life insurance, health insurance, employee benefits, and more. The company’s primary aim is customer satisfaction. For more, refer to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Micro Insurance Company

Founded by Harry Croydon and Richard Leftley, Micro Insurance Company is a full-stack insurance platform company that delivers innovative micro insurance products. The innovative use of distribution partners including mobile phone network operators, banks, IoT product distributors and insurance networks allows the company to serve a vast range of customers. Refer to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles for more.

Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates

Emerling Floss Murphy & Associates is an insurance company with almost 200 years of experience, providing solutions for protection and prosperity. Their services can be viewed on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Taro Health

Taro Health offers relationship-based healthcare services with a focus on insurance. Learn more about Taro Health on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Auxa Health

Co-founded by Daniel Lee, Jeff De Flavio, Monica Chopra, Auxa Health is a VC-backed healthcare technology firm focused on social care orchestration. They proactively identify and connect individuals to the correct benefits and relieve them of administrative burden. Find out more about Auxa Health on their LinkedIn profile.

Yuzu Health

Yuzu Health was founded by Max Kauderer, Russell Pekala, and Ryan Lee. The company operates in the Health Care, Health Insurance, and Software sectors. More information is available on their LinkedIn page.

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