Exploring Innovative Wales-based UK Content Industry Startups

January 30, 2024

In the heart of Wales, a new wave of startups has emerged with a keen focus on the Content Industry. There’s something special about these companies, distinct in their commitment to innovation, creativity, and a modern approach to doing business. They straddle various sectors from Advertising and Graphic Design to Wellness and Food Processing. Although each startup showcases its unique strength, they share a common foundation built on the pivotal role of content in the digital age.

The landscape of this industry is rapidly evolving, particularly due to the integration of cutting-edge technologies and an ever-growing emphasis on digital strategy. These startups are navigating this flux with agility, strong leadership, and a desire to continuously learn and evolve. Let’s introduce some of these groundbreaking companies headquartered in New South Wales, Australia, all having an inception of 2020 or later.

Stay tuned as we unpack some of these startups, navigating the intricate world of content, and sharing how they’re leveraging their unique business models to make an impact in the industry.


This creative powerhouse is based in Newcastle and operates in the Advertising, Content, and Video industry. CMOB is known for its innovative approach to content creation and advertising techniques, delivering clear and compelling messages that resonate with their target audiences.


Also based in Australia, Source2Create is a pioneer in Content Marketing, Graphic Design, Public Relations, and Web Development. Founded by Abigail Swabey, the company delivers impressive visual and written content to various businesses across the globe, charting new territories in the process of innovation.

BodyMindLife Online

In the wellness domain, BodyMindLife Online has established its brand identity. Founders Peter Tippett and Phil Goodwin have sculpted an impressive content creation platform that supports 99% of educators in the wellness industry, breaking stereotypes while embedding modern technologies.

Weesho Lapara

Weesho Lapara is a boutique technical communication consultancy lead by Bishwanath Parajuli. The company specialises in Content Marketing and Information Services, enabling businesses to communicate better and more efficiently with audiences around the world.


Adash, operating in the unique blend of the Content and Food Processing sectors, is a promising startup on a mission to rebuild the internet of food for creators. Founders Daniel Carew, Giles Russell, and The Dung An are pioneering new ways to integrate innovative content within traditional industries.


Skripts, a startup in the Blogging Platforms, Content, and E-Commerce industry, is another shining beacon in the Australian startup ecosystem. Led by Mainul Quader, the company explores innovative possibilities in blogging and e-commerce, redefining the digital content landscape.


At the intersection of the Content, Content Creators and Content Marketing sectors, CoinCopy stands as a trailblazer. While information about the founders is elusive, their innovative content strategies speak volumes of their expertise and commitment to the content industry.

It’s impressive to observe the ingenuity and growth of these startups. Each company showcases a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and to leveraging the power of content in their respective industries. As we look towards the future, the potential for further growth and innovation from these groundbreaking companies remains high. Keep your eyes on these members of the 2020 startup cohort – they’re making waves and reshaping the content landscape as we know it.

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