Exploring London: Prominent UK Startups Transforming the 3D Technology Industry

January 28, 2024

The UK, and London in particular, is host to a dynamic and pioneering cluster of startups specialising in 3D Technology. Start-ups founded in or after 2020, have been tapping into groundbreaking technology, blending this with creativity to drive ground-breaking innovations and disrupt existing industry practices. These tech startups often use augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and other 3D technologies to provide extraordinary digital experiences. In this article, nine exciting and diverse 3D technology startups headquartered in London are presented, showcasing the breadth of cutting-edge technological development originating from the UK’s bustling capital.

Institute of Digital Fashion

Founded by Cat Taylor and Leanne Elliott-Young, the Institute of Digital Fashion is at the forefront of using 3D technology in the fashion industry. Specialising in Extended Reality (XR: AR/VR) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), this innovative startup is pioneering a more inclusive, sustainable and diverse future for fashion. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


POD LDN, founded by Adrienn Major, delivers a whole range of servies including VFX, CGI, motion design, 3D technology, post-production, and much more. It is an ideal solution provider for those needing top-class graphic design support. Their work can be followed on Linkedin.


Co-founded by Konstantina Psoma and Roman Bromidge, Kaedim enables users to create stunning 3D models from just an image. Whether for gaming or art, their AI technology simplifies and expedites the 3D design process. Keen followers can connect with them on Twitter or Linkedin.


PhotonLens is an Augmented Reality hardware company co-founded by Chris Shi, Lisa Pan, and Yong Liu. They are transforming the exercise and gaming industry with their unique mixed reality smart glasses. Check out their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


Being an AI start-up, Haiper is disrupting computer graphics by delivering sophisticated 3D reconstruction solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technologies, they underpin 3D graphics. More about them can be found on Linkedin.


YouNeed3D (YN3D) is a leader in 3D Asset and Infrastructure visualisation. They use the latest technology to visualise physical assets and create realistic digital twins for different stakeholders. Connected information can be found on Linkedin.


MSquared (M²) is shaping the future of metaverses by interconnecting them using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. This digital initiative is based in London, United Kingdom. Follow their updates on Twitter.

Second Winery

Second Winery, founded by Eduardo Ferrín Lahoz, is creating high-definition 3D digital replicas of the world’s best wineries. They aim to provide an immersive and educational experience, designed particularly to appeal to younger generations. Information is updated on their Linkedin.


Founded by Bernard Omolafe, FLAR combines 3D printing and advanced AR/VR technologies, alongside proprietary 3D scanning techniques. This allows users to turn real-life objects into virtual 3D experiences that can be traded and 3D printed. Further information can be found on their website FLAR.

In conclusion, these startups represent a vibrant snapshot of the trailblazing work being carried out within London’s 3D technology sector. Embracing a plethora of sectors, these companies are redefining boundaries, pushing technologies to their limits, and creating solutions that were previously unimaginable. The innovative spirit encapsulated within these startups is a testament to London’s leading role in 3D technological development.

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