Exploring London’s Rising Stars: Innovative UK-Based Accounting Startups

January 23, 2024

The accounting industry in the United Kingdom is taking a new shape. With cutting-edge technology and innovative practices being integrated into the industry, the new startups are redefining the accounting practices. This article will focus on startups within the accounting industry whose headquarter is located in London and have been founded since 2020.

The startup revolution in the accounting industry is largely driven by technology. They have leveraged innovative solutions such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and fintech to create more efficient, user-friendly and transparent accounting practices. In this article, we will take you through an exploration of these burgeoning businesses, taking a closer look at their founders, location, and descriptions.

Each of these startups comes with a unique proposition, aimed at simplifying the complex, and often laborious, accounting process. From AI-driven automation solutions to unified AR management platforms, these businesses are poised to redefine the industry standards in the coming years.

Artis Finance

Artis Finance, founded by Waldo de Vleeschauwer operates in the Accounting, Financial Services, and Professional Services industry. Their headquarters are located in London, England. LinkedIn

M&M Fintech

Founded by Svilen Stoyanov, M&M Fintech is a startup focused on Accounting, Financial Exchanges, and Financial Services. The company is based in London, England. LinkedIn


Pioneered by Patricia Salume and Randa Bennett, vHelp addresses the expense management challenges for charities and voluntary groups using their secure application. They are located in London, England. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Bankz Banking Network

Operating in the Accounting, Banking, and Financial Services industry, Bankz Banking Network platform provides users with possible experience in managing all banking account networks in one place. They are located in London, England. LinkedIn

Premier Business Consulting

Premier Business Consulting Group offers personalized accounting and management services from London, Ontario, Canada. Their range of consulting and accounting services are aimed at overcoming financial challenges and reaching financial goals. LinkedIn

IntelliSaving Limited

IntelliSaving Limited, an Accounting, Finance, and Mobile Apps company, operates out of London, England. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


Committed to solving the industry’s financial challenges, LemonEdge is a low-code development platform with an integrated accounting engine. Co-founders Gareth Hewitt and Jamie Nascimento’s company is based in London, England. LinkedIn

Outsource Payroll Services in UK

Offering payroll accounting and tax filing services, Outsourced Payroll Services in UK are based in London. They help businesses save time and money with their expertise in payroll.


As the brainchild of Colin Thirunesam and Vibeeshan Mahadeva, AIZENIT supports the growth of businesses with intelligent automation. Their signature product AccurAI is located in London, England. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


Kolleno, co-founded by Dimitri Raziev and Ron Danenberg, offers a platform that help businesses accelerate and track payments whilst driving a better customer experience. They are headquartered in London, England. LinkedIn, Twitter


Co-founded by Kendra Combs, Kolleno offers a platform that simplifies and improves payment and credit controls for businesses. They are based in London, England.

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