Exploring New UK-Based Consumer Review Startups Transforming the Industry

January 30, 2024

The United Kingdom is not only the birthplace of innovative startups, but also a hub for Consumer Reviews industry enterprises. Established during the shake-up of 2020 or later, these enterprises stand out due to their innovative approach and impressive traction. In this article, we will highlight several startups headquartered in the UK, focusing on their inception, operations and unique value proposition.

Navigating the digital age, these companies have garnered attention with their remarkable achievement within a short period of time. Ranging from diverse sectors such as E-commerce, Coffee, and Rental Property, these startups represent a snapshot of the burgeoning Consumer Reviews industry in the UK. Their strategic operations and contributions have effectively reshaped traditional expectations in their respective sectors.

Let’s dive in and analyze how these companies became game-changers in the Consumer Reviews industry, setting new benchmarks and patterns for others to follow. These enterprises represent the strategic role startups play in shaping the future of the industry.


Founded by Rebecca Griffiths, Primis is headquartered in London and operates in the E-commerce and retail technology sector. They offer pre- and post-purchase SaaS solutions to online retailers, focusing on enhancing the customer experience. Primis is committed to driving growth in e-commerce by providing personalized retail solutions. Learn more about Primis’s innovative approach and key contributions.


London-based start-up Coffeeopia, co-founded by Emil Bayazitov, is all about freshly roasted coffee. The company is helping coffee connoisseurs to share crowd-sourced reviews and ratings about premium coffee brands. Stay updated with their latest coffee discoveries and reviews on their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.


Based out of Cardiff, VPNs.tv operates in the consumer reviews sector in the media and entertainment industry. They are on a mission to provide transparency, security, and unbiased reviews about different VPN services Check out their offerings on Twitter.


Co-Founded by Piotr Wolanski, Flatsrater is a London-based start-up operating in the consumer reviews industry. The company serves prospective renters with property performance reviews and ratings to make informed decisions. Follow Flatsrater on Facebook and find out the latest updates on their LinkedIn.


Founded by Axel Grubba, Findstack is a hub for software communities and consumer review services. This London-based start-up is creating a ripple effect in the consumer review industry by empowering consumers with relevant software solutions. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn to find out more.


Operating from London, Legit-Or-Not.AI exists to simplify the process of evaluating the legitimacy of online products and services. This start-up leverages artificial intelligence and consumer reviews to facilitate a safer e-commerce environment. Stay up to date with their reviews and services by following them on Twitter.


Revifide is a London-based startup providing customer service and e-commerce solutions. They empower consumers to share their experiences with small businesses through reviews, thereby promoting transparency and trust in online shopping. Stay tuned to Revifide’s Facebook for latest updates on their services and contributions.

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