Exploring Surrey’s Innovative Financial Services Startups in the UK

January 28, 2024

The UK’s finance industry is booming, with new startups emerging across the regions, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated financial models, and innovation to disrupt traditional means of banking, insurance, and financial management. This article will explore a range of dynamic financial service startups that have emerged since 2020, with their headquarters nestled within Surrey’s picturesque landscapes and bustling towns.

These companies, although diverse in their unique value propositions, share the common goal of reshaping the future of financial services. Let’s delve into the profiles of these exciting ventures to gain insights into their operations, core team, and contribution to the financial services landscape.

Whether your interest lies in broad financial consulting, venture capital, or more niche areas such as insurance, open-source technology, and even cryptocurrency, Surrey’s financial service startup scene offers a vibrant and eclectic mix of innovative firms that are sure to captivate your interest.

SBX Capital

Located in Farnham, Surrey, SBX Capital is a financial services and venture capital firm. Founded by Saoud Humaidhi, this venture is at the forefront of technology investments irrespective of a company’s growth stage or industry. Further information about them can be accessed on their LinkedIn profile.

Adsen Moore

Centre of gravity for various areas including consulting, financial services, and wealth management, the startup, Adsen Moore is based out of Weybridge, Surrey. Their fan base extends to social media as well with a impressive presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Little Square Capital

Esher, Surrey houses the financial services startup – Little Square Capital. This consultancy was founded by Johan Rode and Kalinka Andjelopolj. You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Broadreach Strategic Planning

Offering independent services in insurance and banking for financial planning, the Canadian startup Broadreach Strategic Planning has its roots in Surrey. They have an established presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Equipment Finance Canada

Specialising in equipment financing, Equipment Finance Canada is a financial services startup in Surrey, Canada. They strive to revolutionize the financing process, targeting industries including transportation, agriculture, and construction. Follow their exploits on Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Located in Woking, Surrey, Convex is a global decentralised ledger technology company that excels in Database, Payments, Financial Services, among other fields. Michael Richard Anderson is the founder. Find them on LinkedIn.

Funding Routes

Funding Routes, created by Daniel Ashley, simplifies the process of securing finance. The startup is a specialist in financing and everything around it. They can be reached on their LinkedIn Page.

Pacemaker Global

Pacemaker Global is based out of Shepperton, Surrey. They aim to create solutions for open economies experiencing financial instability by engaging with central banks, policymakers, and academic circles around the world.

Lumos Exchange

Specialising in P2P exchange with Solana, cryptocurrency, and financial services, Lumos Exchange is located in Mitcham, Surrey. Explore them more on LinkedIn and Twitter.

MPowered Mortgages

Headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, the startup, MPowered Mortgages is making waves in lending and other financial services. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Thus, from this bird’s-eye view into a few of the promising financial service startups in Surrey, it is evident that the UK’s startup ecosystem is flourishing and poised to significantly transform the financial services industry.

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