Exploring the Best of British Leisure: Innovative Startups Transforming the Industry

From Virtual Travel to Luxury Experiences: How These 15 UK Companies Are Redefining Leisure

The leisure industry in England is witnessing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the innovative approaches of various startups. From virtual travel platforms to luxury experiences, these companies are redefining what leisure means in the modern world. Letโ€™s delve into 15 of these exciting companies and discover how they are shaping the future of leisure.

1. Wander

  • Website: Wander
  • What They Do: Revolutionizing travel with its search engine capabilities, Wander makes trip planning seamless and exciting.

2. Booking Spaces

  • Website: Booking Spaces
  • The Innovation: A disruptive venue booking platform that effortlessly connects space-seekers with available venues.

3. Jump London Trampoline Park

  • Website: Jump London
  • Unique Offering: A massive indoor trampoline park offering an exhilarating mix of activities in East London.

4. BeRide

  • Website: BeRide
  • Their Niche: Specializing in outdoor activities, BeRide brings adventure booking to your fingertips.

5. Ouibring

  • Website: Ouibring
  • Concept: A unique platform that adds a touch of happiness to your travels.

6. Flyto

  • Website: Flyto
  • Their Approach: Transforming how we pay for travel, Flyto offers flexible payment terms for globetrotters.


  • Website: MOXI AI
  • Whatโ€™s Special: An AI butler for social life, simplifying group decision-making.


  • Website: GALLIVANT
  • Their Flair: An indie fragrance brand that captures the essence of wanderlust.

9. OMEGA Watersports Worldwide

  • Website: OMEGA Watersports
  • Their Edge: A leading name in the watersports industry, known worldwide for its quality and innovation.

10. Fello Travel

  • Website: Fello Travel
  • Specialty: A travel management company that excels in organizing first-class business travel.

11. A Fine Hour

  • Website: A Fine Hour
  • Their Specialty: Unlocking luxury experiences in gyms, pools, spas, and more at premium hotels.

12. Swayy

  • Website: Swayy
  • Unique Aspect: The leading booking site for influencers seeking hotel and restaurant experiences.

13. shareDreams App

  • Website: shareDreams App
  • What They Offer: A comprehensive local guide for global explorers.

14. Luxcite Limited

  • Description: An investor focusing on luxury and premium brands, driving innovation in leisure.

15. Velruso

  • Website: Velruso
  • Their Concept: A unique platform where workouts are rewarded, blending fitness with leisure.

These 15 companies exemplify the dynamic and evolving landscape of the leisure industry in England. By leveraging technology, creativity, and a deep understanding of consumer needs, they are not just offering services; they are creating experiences that resonate with modern lifestyles. Whether itโ€™s through innovative booking platforms, virtual travel experiences, or luxury indulgences, these startups are at the forefront of the leisure revolution.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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