Exploring UK’s Emerging Data Center Startup Landscape: British Innovations Unveiled

January 30, 2024

The UK has been a hotbed of technological innovations and forward-thinking startups in recent years. A sector that has seen a significant rise in the quantity and quality of startups is the Data Center industry. Many of these companies were only born in 2020 or later, but they have been quick in establishing their presence with innovative solutions and superior services. In this article, we will look at some of these exciting and promising startups based in various locations throughout the UK.

While some are focused on Data Center Automation, others leverage Artificial Intelligence, Green Technology, or Cloud Computing to offer unique solutions. So, irrespective of your specific interest or area of expertise, there’s likely a startup in this list that will grab your attention and perhaps even spur valuable collaborations. So, let’s dive in and explore some of these rising data center startups based in the UK.

Do note that, while every effort has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, details such as founders, social media accounts, and descriptions may be incomplete for some companies. For the most reliable data, please visit the official websites linked below each company.

Global Technical Realty

Based in London, England, Global Technical Realty operates within the Data Center and Information Technology industry. Even though the list of founders is not publicly available, the company has managed to make a mark with its services.

Ping Proxies

With its primary operations in Content Delivery Network, Data Center, and Information Technology, Ping Proxies, like Global Technical Realty, is also located in London. You can follow them on their Twitter handle @pingproxies for the latest updates.

Infinity Evergreen

Infinity Evergreen integrates smart automation to manage a Windows Evergreen environment. Founded by Chris Porter and Frank Foxall, the company’s solution provides a simple way to keep Windows 10 environment compliant, secure, and constantly up to date.


Located in Uckfield, East Sussex, Prestanda operates in Data Center Automation, Data Integration, Information Technology, and Web Development. Founded by Jason Dilworth, make sure to follow them on Twitter @prestanda and Facebook at PrestandaLtd to stay updated!

Nesio Limited

Operating in the Data Center Automation space and headquartered in Kington, Herefordshire, Nesio Limited was founded by Yilin Liu.


Founded by Mark Riley, Mathison.ai is a global AI resource that connects CEOs with verified AI vendors— to solve real-world problems through an ethical AI lens. Located in Bristol, England, it is a part of the Artificial Intelligence, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Data Center industry.

Celestro Technologies

Celestro Technologies, founded by Oscar Trehane, is an innovative, new, server co-location, and cloud services provider based in Bournemouth. Their core principle is to build a series of data centres around the UK and Europe that run on 100% clean, renewable energy that is all generated and stored in-house.

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