Exploring UK’s Innovations: Spotlight on British Architecture Startups

January 29, 2024

The UK is home to many innovative architecture startups that were founded in 2020 or later. These companies are poised to redefine how we think about design, construction, and the built environment as they offer new technologies and practices. From innovative platforms for interior design to unique architectural solutions, these startups are making their mark on the industry and the nation’s skyline. The following is a peek into some of these young and innovative architectural companies based in the UK.

The web addresses provided after each startup’s description will lead you to their official website. So feel free to dive deeper into the fascinating world these startups are creating. Explore their innovative concepts, design processes, and service offerings, and perhaps discover your next project’s ideal partner.

The list that follows is by no means exhaustive. However, it does highlight a handful of the most innovative architecture startups that were freshly conceived in the recent past, bringing new and exciting ideas to the UK architecture industry.

House Designer

Based in London, House Designer is a design platform with a mission to transform the traditional way of designing and creating homes. They combine conventional methods with advanced 3D technology, allowing clients to visualise their new home before committing to furniture purchases. Founded by Samantha Jane in January 2020, House Designer offers world-class interior and garden design services, saving time and thus avoiding costly mistakes.


Also based in London, Kasawoo is an architecture startup that operates in the architecture, construction, and interior design spaces. Though young, Kasawoo has the potential to shape how we build and design our indoor spaces.

F. J. Brown & Co

F. J. Brown & Co., based in Manchester, offers property consulting, building control consultancy, and residential condition surveys. They specialise in architectural design for planning and building regulation approval and address inquiries through phone calls, messages, and emails.

Poani Ltd. – New Builds London

Located in London is Poani Ltd. They provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for property enhancement. Their services range from interior design and architectural rendering to the creation of new builds in London.

Elite Architectural

Operating in St. Helens, Staffordshire is Elite Architectural. This company provides architectural solutions in the building material and manufacturing sectors, promising innovation in construction and interior design.


Amutri is a Cornwall-based startup which aims to make 3D visualisations accessible to everyone, shaking up the architecture industry’s approach toward design representation.

de Alma

Another London-based startup, de Alma operates in the fields of architecture, construction, consulting, interior design, and property development. Even though its website is currently not available to learn more, its LinkedIn page provides an overview of its projects and services.

Office Designer

Office Designer is a London-based team of professional interior designers offering online office design tailored to client needs and styles. The firm focuses on creating efficient and functional workspace designs regardless of budget and location.

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