Exploring UK’s Innovative Art Startups Revolutionising the Creative Landscape

December 19, 2023

As 2020 proved to be a pivotal year in the technology sector, it set the stage for the inception of numerous startups in the United Kingdom, specifically in the art industry. Their creative disruption has pushed boundaries, addressing complex challenges within the industry and transforming the way we perceive and interact with art. Let us look at some of the outstanding startups that took hold in 2020.

These startups are not only redefining the art industry landscape but are also providing innovative solutions and platforms for artists, art enthusiasts, and collectors alike. From AI-assisted platforms to creativity-enhancing tools, these companies offer an array of services with the potent ability to reshape the art scene.

As a nod to their outstanding contribution, here’s a lineup of some exceptional startups introduced in the UK in 2020, operating in the Art industry:


Founded by David Barber, Emine Yilmaz, Jordan Burgess, and Peter Hayes, Humanloop specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, and Software development. The startup aims to assist developers in building intelligent applications and streamlining their workflows with the aid of innovative NLP models. The company is based in London, England, United Kingdom. More Information


Bitfount, founded by Blaise Thomson and Naaman Tammuz in London, England, has developed a distributed data science platform that enables data custodians and data scientists to collaboratively perform data analysis and AI/ML tasks while preserving privacy. More Information


Opteran, founded by Alexander Cope, David Rajan, and James Marshall in Sheffield, presents itself as a natural intelligence company. They specialize in Artificial Intelligence and software development and have their base in Sheffield, United Kingdom. More Information

Actable AI

Actable AI, co-founded by Armen Poghosyan and Trung Huynh in London, provides its users with advanced analytics to extract actionable insight from data. Their technologies leverage AutoML, Explainable AI and Causal AI for maximum data utility. More Information | Facebook

Salience Labs

Developing a hybrid photonic-electronic chip for AI, Salience Labs, based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, contributes to Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Sensor and Software fields. The founders include Harish Bhaskaran, Johannes Feldmann, Vaysh Kewada, and Wolfram Pernice.

Regulatory Genome

Regulatory Genome, located in Cambridge, suffuses machine-readable regulatory content powered by AI-based textual information extraction techniques. It aids regulatory authorities and organizations in improving their regulatory intelligence and digitizing their compliance and risk management processes. More Information

Mindset AI

Founded by Barrie Hadfield and Christine Davies, Mindset AI offers a platform that uses AI and automation to scale human-capital businesses. It tracks user engagement to encourage positive behavioral changes and inform business decisions, based in London. More Information


With a focus on building AI-powered tools for healthcare operations, startup Dyad, based in London, operates in Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Machine Learning, Payments, and Software sectors. Founded in 2020, Dyad is steadily innovating to meet the demands of the evolving healthcare landscape. More Information


Focusing on environmental sustainability, London-based startup Sylvera develops machine learning-based tools that track the performance of carbon offsets. The brains behind this innovative operation are Allister Furey and Samuel Gill. More Information


Encord, co-founded by Eric Landau, Leeho Lim, and Ulrik Stig Hansen in London, offers a comprehensive AI-assisted platform that aids data annotation and model errors diagnosis. The platform also orchestrates active learning pipelines and fixes dataset errors. More Information


OwlGaze is a London-based startup specializing in AI-powered cybersecurity SaaS. Their proprietary software, Blacklight, delivers predictive AI-based threat detection capabilities by identifying, prioritizing, and preventing cyber attacks. OwlGaze’s cutting-edge solutions make it an industry leader in cybersecurity. More Information

In conclusion, these startups highlight the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in the UK’s art sector. They address real-world issues with game-changing solutions, underlining the essential role technology plays in enhancing and transforming the art industry.

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