Exploring UK’s Innovators in Industrial Automation: Startups Transforming the Sector

January 30, 2024

Industrial Automation is a thriving sector within the United Kingdom, having birthed many innovative startups in recent years. As we journey into a new decade, digital transformation, adapting to 4th industrial revolution, and utilizing new technology platforms are imperatives for businesses. Startups burst onto the scene in 2020, offering fresh perspectives and offering solutions to industry challenges. Ranging from advisory firms to integration systems, these startups reflect the versatility being offered in the UK marketplace. Illustrated below are startups launched in 2020 that are leaving an indelible mark on the Industrial Automation industry.

Taking leaps in various sectors are two London-based entities, MAASI Enterprises and Layer. MAASI Enterprises, founded by Gabriele Marini and Leonardo Zanus, offers a comprehensive range of services that include Governance Consulting, Technology Advisory, and Temporary Management. The firm specialises in offering solutions tailored to the life sciences industry. Furthermore, Layer, founded by Mehmet Ecevit, contributes to the industrial automation landscape by offering software solutions powered by machine learning.

The multi-faceted OPEX Energy, with its base in London too, provides a wide array of services. Their core offerings encompass class-leading process units, containerized packages, various control systems and consultancy services that cater to the energy sector. Jumping towards the north of England, 4Automation Ltd, based in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, is distinguishing itself by offering integrations of conveyor systems and automation for warehouse, ecommerce and logistics industries.

MAASI Enterprises

Specialising in the life sciences industry, MAASI Enterprises is an international Technology & Engineering consulting & temporary management firm offering services such as Governance Consulting, Technology Advisory, Business Analysis, Systems Integration, and Implementation. They also focus on areas including Industrial cybersecurity, Innovation programs, and M&A technical projects.


Layer, with its London base, operates in the industrial automation industry offering software solutions driven by machine learning. Layer blends industrial automation and operating systems with the innovative technology of machine learning to create optimum solutions.

OPEX Energy

Also hailing from London, OPEX Energy offers class-leading process units, containerized packages, various control systems and general engineering consultancy. They adequately cater to the security needs of the industry and provide rapid-deployment control facilities in standard or ballistic configurations.

4Automation Ltd

4Automation Ltd caters to the ecommerce and logistics industry with their innovative conveyor systems and automation integrations. Based in Newton Aycliffe, Durham, they focus on ensuring streamlined operations for warehouse and logistics companies.


Autocanteen is groundbreaking in its approach to canteen operations. With a unique artificial intelligence self-checkout solution, they are simplifying the routine work of canteen employees. The system developed requires no barcodes, identifying anything from fruits to meal plates with visual discovery.

Quantum Mortgages

Quantum Mortgages is enhancing the online portal experience by incorporating industrial automation technology into providing mortgages services. As a result, Quantum Mortgages has become an important player in service delivery within the automation industry.

Boxing Clever

Combining elements of electronics and media entertainment, Boxing Clever harnesses industrial automation technologies to create ingenious, efficient solutions. Headquartered in London, Boxing Clever is changing the industry’s landscape with their innovative approach.


Crelytica is leveraging industrial automation and analytics to provide broad commercial real estate services. With their innovative approach, Crelytica is contributing to the revolutionising real estate sector.

In conclusion, 2020 has witnessed the emergence of startups broadening the horizons of the Industrial Automation Industry. With time, it is expected these startup companies will make more significant strides in developing sustainable and innovative solutions.

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