Exploring UK’s Rising Stars in Cyber Security Startup Landscape

January 19, 2024

The development of new technologies in the United Kingdom has been remarkable, especially in the field of Cyber Security. This industry has particularly thrived over the last two years, as essential cybersecurity startups were established to protect businesses and individuals as the world relays more on technology due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From cloud security to AI-powered cybersecurity solutions, these startup companies have taken the industry by storm with innovative products and services. Here are some of the brightest and most promising UK-based cybersecurity startups that were founded in 2020 and beyond.

Push Security

Founded by Adam Bateman, Jacques Louw, and Tyrone Erasmus, Push Security is a developer of cybersecurity software that assists employees in fighting against cyber attackers and enhancing their security. The London-based company’s platform provides hands-on guidance for implementing essential security controls and automation, thus making the task of defending organizations quicker and more straightforward. Linked information: LinkedIn.


London-based Cynomi was started by David Primor and Roy Azoulay in 2021 to deliver scalable vCISO services. Their AI-powered, automated vCISO platform is used by MSSPs and consulting firms to provide vCISO services at scale without the need to expand their existing resources. The company’s multi-tenant platform generates everything a vCISO needs automatically, including risk and compliance assessments, security policies, remediation plans, task management tools, and customer-facing reports. Contact information: LinkedIn.


SOC.OS is a security alert investigation and triage tool designed by founders Craig Hattersley, David Mareels, and Neil Starling. The Milton Keynes-based company spun out from BAE Systems Applied Intelligence in 2020 with the tool quickly reducing alert triage volumes by 90% for its global clientele. The SaaS-based product streamlines the way security operations are performed today, reducing alert triage volumes by 90% for maximized analyst productivity. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in Durham, Hicomply, is a cloud security startup offering a software platform that arms its clients with the tools to develop their information security management system (ISMS) and protect their business data. The company was founded by Edwin Bartlett and Nick Graham. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


OwlGaze specialises in AI-powered cybersecurity SaaS. Founded in London, their signature software, Blacklight, is a predictive AI-based threat detection tool that provides top-notch security. The company, backed by IMS Digital Ventures, aids its clients in managing risks with a comprehensive range of cyber solutions. They can be reached on LinkedIn.


Soveren was founded by Andrew Zhulin, Dima Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov in London. This startup provides an easy solution for modern security teams to regain control over their sensitive data. Soveren’s real-time scanning technology applied to Kubernetes clusters helps to automate data discovery and classification and continuously enforce security and compliance policies. They can be reached on LinkedIn.


ISTARI was established in 2020 by Temasek, an investment company headquartered in Singapore. Based in London, ISTARI adopts a unique model of advisory practice, investor, and educator. It collaborates with clients to enhance their digital resilience by leveraging the collective strength of leading cybersecurity companies and experts. ISTARI can be reached via LinkedIn.


Traced is a mobile cybersecurity start-up founded by Benedict Jones, Matthew Boddy, and Matt Boddy. This Oxford-based company focuses on delivering mobile cybersecurity solutions. Contact them on LinkedIn.


Birmingham-based Lexverify aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to detect potential legal and compliance concerns in communication. Through their technology, businesses are enabled to communicate effectively whilst avoiding potential legal and regulatory pitfalls. They can be reached via LinkedIn.

The Software Institute

The Software Institute, based in London, focuses on providing the latest in computer software training. Their courses are aimed at creating a well-trained cohort of professionals knowledgeable in the latest software technologies and their application to the business world. They can be reached through Facebook and LinkedIn.


Talion, based in Farnborough, Hampshire, operates in the cybersecurity industry. Despite limited online information, the company continues to make an impact in the cybersecurity world. Find out more about their offerings and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these dynamic start-ups represent the future of cybersecurity in the UK. Born in an era marked by an increased need for connectivity and protection, they bring unique and innovative solutions to an ever-evolving threat landscape.

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