Exploring York-Based, Innovation-Driven Leasing Startups in the UK

January 30, 2024

Welcome to our new series featuring innovative startups that began their operations in 2020 or later in the thriving UK leasing industry. As a global business hub, York plays host to a myriad of these startups, offering them a prospective market filled with opportunities for growth and expansion. In this series, we will explore some of the interesting young companies in York’s leasing sector, highlighting their journey so far and their future prospects.

The leasing industry has drastically transformed in recent years, and much of this change has been driven by startups. These firms use the latest technology and innovative business models to provide their customers with more efficient, cost-effective solutions. In York, we have several young companies that have done remarkably well in this field, quickly establishing themselves in a competitive market.

In this article, we will be focusing on startups in the leasing industry located in York. Despite the challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic, these startups have managed to transform the leasing sector by incorporating innovative solutions into their operations. Below, we introduce these companies, shedding light on their journeys, business models, and services.

Neue Urban

Located in Merrick, New York, Neue Urban is tackling the ever-evolving real estate industry with a broad range of services. From finance and capital markets to retail, hospitality, and residential homes, they have touched multiple aspects of the industry. With expertise in leasing, asset management, and rental services, Neue Urban aims to lead in all areas of asset management and property assets. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Operational in Plainview, New York, WeDesignNY offers a unique blend of architectural consulting, leasing, finance, and project management services. They provide comprehensive construction management, design and space planning, and insurance and bonding services. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Vertical Real Estate

Vertical Real Estate, with its headquarters in New York, is a commercial real estate company offering branding campaigns, interior design services, modeling design, and leasing gallery coordination. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Vector ML Analytics

Based in New York, Vector ML Analytics is a modern financial services company providing banks and lending institutions with advanced forecasting platforms for balance sheets and income statements. Get in touch via their LinkedIn page.


Commery is an online leasing marketplace based in New York that connects tenants with brokers and landlords with matched interests. In case of any inquiries, connect with them via LinkedIn.

Integrity Core Realty

Operating out of Jericho, New York, Integrity Core Realty specialises in leasing, real estate, rental, and residential spaces. Connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Repop Advisors

Repop Advisors, based in New York, provides a range of residential leasing services including strategic rollout plans, expansion optimization, lease negotiation, and more. Connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Stabile Suites

Located in White Plains, New York, Stabile Suites offers boutique office spaces, complete with dedicated desks, private, virtual, and furnished offices. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or contact them via Twitter.

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