Exploring York’s Innovators: UK Agriculture Startups Making Strides

January 30, 2024

The UK is home to a growing number of promising startups, especially in bustling cities like York. What stands out is that many of these companies operate in progressive sectors such as the agricultural industry. Despite the challenges of an unpredictable year, companies founded from 2020 onwards have shown remarkable resilience and ingenuity, becoming groundbreaking forces in the agricultural industry. Let’s explore a selection of these companies, each innovating in their unique ways.

These innovative companies are exploiting technological advancements, leveraging eco-friendly practices, and empowering communities through crucial initiatives. From regenerative to vertical farming, these startups represent the future of agriculture. This article will shine a light on a select few exciting startups in York operating in the Agriculture sector since 2020, and how they are trailblazing innovative pathways in the sector.

Just over a year into a new decade, these startups are proving that agriculture’s future is not in the past but in a sustainable, technologically savvy future. Here are some companies that are showing the agricultural sector’s way forward in the UK.


Founded by Kevin Maher, CrannMor is an agriculture company that strengthens the implementation of large-scale and profitable regenerative agricultural models, with a special interest in agroforestry. They are located in Cambridge, New York, and fall within the Agriculture, Farming, and Forestry industries. Facebook | LinkedIn


MotherBud is a comprehensive mycelium cultivation platform that empowers marginalized communities to develop self-sustainable agricultural enterprises on a significant scale, offering potential solutions for increased food security. They are located in New York. LinkedIn | Twitter

Scott A. Huish

Scott A. Huish, a proptech real estate company operating in the sectors of Agriculture, Construction, Finance, and Real Estate. Using technology for acquisition, development, and management of real estate and housing. They aim to solve modern housing challenges and build desirable, responsible communities.


Founded by Frances J., VerticalRoot is pushing the agro-economy forward with their triple bottom-line approach. Their Vertical Gardens are wall installations that can grow over 30 varieties of plants, providing fresh greens and produce indoors all year round. LinkedIn | Twitter

Liberation Labs

Liberation Labs, a biotech firm, focusses on providing an industrial biotechnology system for agriculture. Their aim is to commercialize novel protein manufacturing on a large scale. LinkedIn


Founded by Alex Andru, EVOFarms is an AgTech company focussed on vertical farming, aiming to provide fresh, nutritious, and local foods. LinkedIn | Twitter

Map My Crop

Swapnil Jadhav’s groundbreaking company, Map My Crop, utilizes AI and satellite imaging to provide comprehensive crop growth analysis and yield prediction. They also offer real-time farming operations advisories and a personalized crop calendar. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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