George Campbell Orthodontist Of Glasgow

October 5, 2022
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Orthodontics is the dental practice of treating misaligned teeth. Treatments are carried out for both practical and aesthetic reasons, providing people with a smile they can be confident with. One person helping people achieve their ambitions for their teeth in Glasgow and surrounding areas is George Campbell.

George Campbell is a veteran of orthodontistry currently heading the Infinity Smiles Clinic in Glasgow. He attended Edinburgh University, the fourth highest ranked University in the UK. He left his mark pursuing the practice of installing braces that are as effective as they are discreet. The trouble with normal braces is that they are considered ugly, uncomfortable and distracting. Now Glasgow patients have access to an experienced professional with a team of specialists, and products in the form of metal, glass and Invisalign (clear, impossible-to-notice plastic) braces. Visit the website now for a free consultation

George Campbell Orthodontist of Glasgow

George Campbell has served in the British Army, reaching the rank of Captain. After his time inservicer, he attended a fellowship at the Royal Army of Surgeons. He specialised in oral and maxillofacial surgery, and then went on to Guy’s Hospital, where he underwent a postgraduate study.

Afterwards, he went on to pursue a position where he could get experience, and became a consultant during his membership in Orthodontics. That experience was needed so he could take the next step in his ambition and open his own clinic in 1999, East Kilbride Orthodontics. He became so successful that he opened several other practices across Scotland, specifically in Jordanhill, Kilmarnock, Greenock, Queen’s Park, Hamilton and Cumbernauld.

Doctor Campbell proves his love of the craft through his contributions to training and instruction at Guy’s Hospital. There, he provides assistance to eleven successful orthodontic specialists and gives tutorship to new prospects.

Not many dental clinicians have as much of an ambitious and/or storied history as George Campbell. His membership in several societies in his field, like the World Federation and British/European societies, also place him on a higher national scale than most.

Visit George Campbell, Orthodontist of Glasgow

The achievements of Dr Campbell in his long career are many. It’s easy enough to declare that those going to his clinic will be in excellent hands, and can expect the highest quality care.

The premium product, Invisalign, is one most commonly heard of. They are clear, plastic braces that can be removed when you want to brush, eat and/or floss. This means that if you don’t like the idea of your teeth being trapped and tied together with metal, you can opt for a much more care-free product that will have your teeth straight.

There are more options for those requiring corrective braces, however, and it’s best to get your options straight from the website. The google ratings for the service are high, and the service is excellent.

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