Green Innovation: Spotlight on Environmental Engineering Startups in York, UK

January 28, 2024

Welcome to another edition of our series highlighting innovative and dynamic startups operating within the UK. In this issue, we are focusing on the promising startups in the Environmental Engineering industry that were founded in 2020 or later. As we all are aware, environmental engineering plays a critical role in combating global environmental challenges and developing sustainable solutions. Notwithstanding the impacts of the pandemic, these startups have embarked on inspiring missions and have demonstrated a commendable commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues. Without further ado, let’s spotlight these game-changing startups headquartered in York.

All these blossoming enterprises have a central goal in common: driving and applying innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions to solve global challenges. They straddle an array of fields within the environmental engineering industry: from information services and marketplace development to clean energy, medical innovations, product management, sustainability, events, non-profit initiatives, and more. Their diverse approaches and foci make for an interesting comparison, while their shared drive towards improvement and sustainability unite them.

Let’s turn the spotlight onto each of these companies, to learn more about what their mission is, their journey so far, and their visions for the future.


Women’s( This decentralized marketplace specializes in making climate data more accessible and reliable, and they’ve certainly made their mark in the Environmental Engineering industry. Their unique model connects data publishers directly with data consumers – a novel approach that’s shaking up the industry. You can follow them on their journey on their LinkedIn page.


Focusing on Clean Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Machinery Manufacturing, Aircela( has an ambitious goal: create carbon-neutral fuels from CO₂ within a year. Co-founded by Eric Dahlgren, this New York-based startup is making significant strides towards their goal. Follow their progress on their LinkedIn page.

Curio Solutions

Specializing in environmental engineering, medical, and nuclear industries, Curio Solutions is dedicated to creating clean energy with a substantially reduced environmental footprint. This Uniondale-based startup is accelerating the transition to a greener future. They’ve not yet established social media profiles, but you can learn more about their work on their website.

OMAO Brands

OMAO Brands( is a New York-based company that works in the fields of Consumer Goods, Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing, and Pollution Control. Keep track of OMAO Brands via their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

Blue Dot

Blue Dot( is a sustainable promotional products company that’s reimagining the industry. Founded by Rachele Haber-Thomson, Blue Dot is proving that sustainability can and should be a part of all industries. Keep tabs on their developments on their LinkedIn page.

Growth for Green

Working in the fields of Environmental Engineering, Events, Non-Profit, and Women’s, Growth for Green( is fostering a sustainable environment by providing a safe space for young women and allies. Stay updated on their efforts through their LinkedIn page.


Flow Carbon( is revolutionizing the field of Environmental Consulting and Engineering through blockchain technology. Founded by a strong team: Adam Neumann, Caroline Klatt, Dana Stern Gibber, and Phil Fogel, Flow Carbon uses technology to create and scale climate change solutions. Stay informed about their progress via their LinkedIn page.


Adam Loewentheil founded Aldoa(, an all-in-one software platform for the environmental consulting and remediation industry. By streamlining work processes from field to office, Aldoa is making significant impacts in the Environmental Engineering industry. Follow their journey on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Laura Rosenshine, WATS( is a digital platform for waste management for businesses. Through operational efficiency, they are enabling cost savings and emissions reductions. Stay up to date with their progress on their LinkedIn page.

There you have it, a look at the innovative startups making waves in the environmental engineering industry in York. While these companies are diverse in their approaches and their focuses, they are united in their mission to use engineering to positively impact our planet. We look forward to seeing where their journeys take them next!

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