Highlighting UK’s Pioneering Beauty Startups: Revolutionary Innovations in British Cosmetics

January 24, 2024

In an era where putting one’s best face forward typically begins with a Google search, the significance of technology in the beauty industry has never been more prevalent. Combining cutting-edge digital solutions with the timeless allure of self-improvement, these startups founded in 2020 or later are redefining the beauty scene in the UK. From apps providing a platform for self-employed beauty professionals, to AI-based solutions for skin analysis, these innovators are shaping the future of beauty.

While many startups adding colour to the beauty industry are based in the cosmopolitan city of London, we also spotlight enterprises that have set their roots in different parts of the UK. Let’s take a closer look at some of the firms that are reshaping the industry, who they are, and most importantly, the unique solutions they offer to end-users.

This spotlight guide features varied niches, demonstrating the extensive realm of beauty and wellness nurtured by these innovative businesses. Each startup is distinct, although they share a mutual goal of enhancing beauty, wellness and self-care experiences, whether by improving efficiency, accessibility or affordability.


Headquartered in London, Glambook provides a SaaS platform for self-employed experts in the beauty and wellness industry. Founded by Alex Tomchenko, this global beauty tech company aims to enhance interactions between beauty professionals and their clients. Follow Glambook on Facebook or connect with them on Linkedin.


Also based in London, Tamanna is a multi-brand online fashion market with a distinct end-to-end experience. The startup leverages its efficient delivery model to provide access to consumer groups interested in its organised content. Follow their journey via Facebook and on Linkedin.


Founded by Dr Anna Puri and based in London, Skinora combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics to diagnose skin health. They specialize in recommending personalized skincare solutions for a variety of skin conditions. Connect with Skinora on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Root2Tip, a beauty and cosmetics startup based in Sutton’s Worcester Park, was founded by Salem Wynter-Baxter. The company focuses on manufacturing and supply chain management within the beauty sector. Keep up with their progress on Facebook and Linkedin

Smiles 24/7

Located in Trafford’s Stretford, Smiles 24/7 emerged in 2020 to simplify teeth whitening. By using only natural ingredients in their products, this company ensures quality and protection against various dental conditions. Follow their work on their Facebook page.

Curate Beauty

Curate Beauty based in London bridges the gap between beauty, consumer goods, cosmetics and home decor. Explore their range on their Facebook page and follow them on Linkedin.

Beauty by Holition

Founded by Jonathan Chippindale, Katsiaryna Matusevich, and Russell Freeman, and based in London, Beauty by Holition creates virtual try-on solutions using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Follow their advancements on their Facebook page, or connect on Linkedin.


A D2C brand established by Gina Farran and based in London, Glaize reinvents women’s nail care through technology and science. Stay updated with their work on Facebook or connect with them on Linkedin.


Ruka, launched by Varaidzo Tendai Moyo and headquartered in London, is shaping up to be the premier brand for Black women’s haircare globally. Stay updated with their innovations on Instagram and LinkedIn.

My Rev

Founded by Jason Iliffe and Nicola Gunby, My Rev is an ultimate beauty app based in London that allows users to search and book beauty professionals. Connect with their journey on their Instagram page or via Linkedin.

ub hair

UB Hair, a beauty-tech startup founded by Zina Alfa in London, offers an AI-powered marketplace app for users to find top-rated hairstylists or barbers. Follow UB Hair on Facebook and Linkedin for the latest updates.

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