How To Build the Perfect Office for Your Startup

March 21, 2022
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With around 600,000 people in the UK working in some kind of startup or business that is less than a year old, it is often important to have the right kind of office and feel to reflect this.

Whilst formal offices have been the theme for decades, often accompanied by monitors and cubicles for employees, today’s startups are looking for more inspiration with their design and layout, as discussed below.

Open spaces

“Creative offices today are all about open spaces,” explains a spokesperson from office agent, Pilcher London.

“Based on offices that are perfect for startups, they need to be very collaborative and this means having open spaces. Being in a clustered and cramped environment is no good for the creative juices, often needed for a fast-growing venture.”

“Combine open spaces, with long desks, high ceilings and natural light – and this is a good fit for any startup, whether they are in fashion, tech or finance.”

Moreover, keeping the office open means taking away the cubicles and divisions that separate the employees from one another. When everyone is working in one big space, communication and completion of projects will be much easier and faster.

If you haven’t found the right working space for your startup, it’s time to begin the hunt. You can ask some recommendation from your family, friends, or colleagues in the business industry. They might know a space that suits your business. You can also check out some websites to find the perfect office space for startups.


While open spaces can be beneficial for your startup office, it’s still important to provide a few smaller offices to maintain your employees’ privacy. The rooms may enable them to work privately, especially if working in an open space can be too loud for some of your employees.

Also, having smaller rooms can be useful to ensure the privacy of your business meetings. If you need to discuss confidential matters during the conference, you can just go to the room and conduct the meeting privately.

Light colours

“Startups today are far more casual,” Pilcher continues.

“You won’t find startup owners wearing ties or suits, so being in jeans and t-shirt, the environment has to reflect this.”

“The colours of the office should be bright, including light blues, greens and yellows – and meeting rooms should always be full of colour.”

“This extends to furniture too, moving away from slate or dark chairs and tables, to more white and using glass to create a feeling of space and light.”

Amenities for startups

Startups need good breakout areas, since some of the best ideas may come over having a coffee or a biscuit. This is something that has been well executed by the likes of WeWork and Spaces, which incorporate the kitchen and breakout area often in the middle of the desks, so that it becomes an extension of the work environment.

Being able to go aside into your own work room, either to focus or to take a phone call is always popular. The likes of Work.Life have included old-fashioned London phone booths where guests can take a call or focus on their work. Usually small and cosy, but innovative and promotes creativity.

A layout that inspires creativity

When finding the right office for a startup, you might want to look closely at the entire layout and you might even want to use a London architect like Coffey or KSR Architects who are based in the startup area of Camden.

From the entrance, the meeting area, to outdoor breaking areas and even places for the office dogs, the architecture layout can play a key part.

Another good feature of startup offices is having someone to exercise, whether it is some yoga, stretching or even meditating and accommodating this within the design is not something to be overlooked.

Make sure the layout for your office doesn’t only promote creativity but comfort as well among your employees. It should allow them to personalize their workspaces, so they’ll comfortable at work, resulting in increased productivity.


When it comes to your startup business, investing in a perfect office space is important. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to build a comfortable and friendly office that fits your business’s needs. When your employees feel comfortable at work, they’ll get more jobs done efficiently.

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