How To Save Money With Business Water Retailers (2023)

January 25, 2023
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With the ever-rising cost of living crisis, many businesses are looking for new ways to save money. Luckily, many money-saving opportunities are waiting to be taken advantage of.

Businesses are prone to leaks, excess water usage, and other problems. Learning how to cut down on the business and the environment is important.

This guide will teach you the very best ways to save money with business water retailers, so you can bring costs down and re-invest money back into the business. Let’s dive in.

What Exactly is Business Water?

Business water is used throughout the business via commercial and industrial use, which could be through supplying water for appliances, cooling systems, manufacturing processes, or anything that requires water use.

Utility companies supply business water; your business should have one. There are many ways that you can optimise your water usage through the help of your supplier. You should source a new supplier if it is outside their interest to help.

Since April 2017, the UK has been deregulated, meaning you can freely switch business water suppliers should you see a better fit. It is a quick and simple process too.

Cut Out Leaks

It’s always the smallest things that cause the most damage. In this case, it’s down to leaking. Leaks in businesses can cause more damage than you may realise, depending on the leak’s location and size. Some consequences include:

  • Financial loss: Leaks cost hundreds, if not thousands, every year just from a simple drip here and there. Not only that, but the result of the drip can lead to property damage, equipment damage, or replacements needed. All of which need money to be fixed.
  • Operational disruption: Leaks can cause disruptions in many ways within businesses. They can cause power outages, flooding, and other issues. These can result in stunted productivity, delay, and poor customer/employee satisfaction.
  • Legal Battles: Businesses can be held liable for any leaks that cause damage to property that isn’t their own or violates local regulations. Failing to address a leak can also lead to fines being issued.
  • Reputation damage: Businesses may damage their reputation if there are any visible leak damages due to evidence of bad management and lack of awareness and responsibility for the matter.

You and your supplier must ensure that all leaks in the premises are cut out as early as possible.

If you notice a spike in your monthly water bill, that could reflect a leak in the building. Be sure to visit frequently to ensure the premises are secure from leaks.

Conduct Regular Water Audits

A water audit is a full assessment of your premises conducted by professionals to ensure that all water is secure and running as intended.

An audit is usually supported by your supplier and will assess water usage, the infrastructure, systems, potential leaks, and opportunities for saving.

A water audit will usually go in the following order:

  • Data collection: Collect information about your water usage, bills, meter readings, and other data.
  • Site inspection: A thorough inspection of your premises to identify faulty areas/improvements.
  • Analysis and recommendations: Collecting the data and identifying where improvements could be made and how.
  • Report preparation: A final report summarising all the findings, conclusions, costs, and changes.

This is a great way to cooperate with your supplier to take the correct steps to save water and money coherently.

Negotiate Rates and Contracts

As previously mentioned, the business water market is completely regulated, meaning you are free to try and bargain your way to a better price/deal or else take your business elsewhere.

You can also tailor the service to suit your business better. For example, a business may want a different billing schedule or additional services like leak detection and metre readings.

If you are willing to commit to a long-term contract, the supplier will be more inclined to offer you better services and pricing.

Bargaining for better rates and contracts may only sometimes be possible, but if you do prior research into what you want and need, it is very much negotiable.

In the best-case scenario, you will get top-quality services that offer frequent checkups and readings and a competitive rate that saves you capital.

In Summary

Any excess water usage negatively impacts the environment, so on top of money, property and appliance damage, you should be doing your bit in looking out for the environment.

One step at a time, businesses can do their part to cut down on water usage.

Do you have any water-saving methods in your business?

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