ILC to launch international competition seeking innovations responding to an ageing workforce

The International Longevity Centre UK (ILC), supported by the Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR), will be launching an international competition on 20 May 2021 to identify and award the most promising innovations responding to an ageing workforce across four key challenge areas:

  • Maintaining good physical and mental health 
  • Building knowledge, skills, and competence 
  • Addressing discrimination and supporting diversity in the workplace 
  • Adapting the workplace for flexibility 

Research by ILC, the UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, has found that across the G20, 1 in 3 workers is aged 50 and over, and in the next 20 years, this is set to increase to 4 in 10. Alongside other changes, such as the role of technology and AI in the workplace, this will radically transform workplaces in the not-so-distant future.  

ILC are seeking input from policy experts, industry leaders, employers, start-ups and community organisations to find new and innovative solutions to these challenges and help unlock the potential of an ageing workforce and age diversity in the workplace.  

The competition is opening for applications from around the world on 20 May 2021 and is closing in September 2021, with a final awards ceremony due to take place in early 2022. An expert panel of judges will assess applications, bringing in insight from the private sector, policymaking, and research.  

Details of how to apply, including an application pack, will be available at the launch of the competition.  

Judging panel

  • Anthony Ariganello – President and CEO of the Chartered Professionals of Human Resources (CPHR) of BC, and the Yukon, and CPHR Canada 
  • Fanny Krivoy – Founder and Creative Director of Analogous 
  • George MacGinnis – Challenge Director, Healthy Ageing at UK Research and Innovation 
  • Bob Morton – President of World Federation of People Management Associations  
  • Nic Palmarini – Director of National Innovation Centre for Ageing 
  • Mehbs Remtulla – Founder and CEO of What’s neXT?! 
  • David Sinclair – Director of ILC UK 
  • Jodi Starkman – Executive Director of Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) 
  • Dr Kelly Tremblay – Neuroscientist and Audiologist  
  • Caroline Waters OBE – Deputy Chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission 
  • Eirini Zafeiratou – Director, Europe & Turkey Public Policy at Amazon 

About ILC

The ILC is the UK’s specialist think tank on the impact of longevity on society, and what happens next.

The International Longevity Centre UK was established in 1997 as one of the members of the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance, an international network on longevity.

Since our inception, we have published over 250 reports, organised over 300 events including the annual Future of Ageing conference.

We work with central government, local government, the private sector, and professional and academic associations in the UK and across the world to provoke conversations and pioneer solutions for a society where everyone can thrive, regardless of age.

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