Leveling Up the Gaming Scene: England’s Top 15 Video Game Innovators

December 12, 2023

The video game industry in England is thriving with a diverse range of companies pushing the boundaries of gaming, technology, and community engagement. Here’s a look at 15 of the most exciting video game companies currently making waves in the UK.

1. Bindy Street

Website: Bindy Street
What They Do: Bindy Street stands out as an indie games studio and a creator platform, offering tools for game developers to easily create and distribute adventure games to a growing audience.

2. Asknights

Website: Asknights
What They Do: Operating on a commission-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Asknights is carving out its niche in the gaming industry.

3. Acureus

Website: Acureus
What They Do: Acureus is a dedicated game development studio, adding its unique flair to the gaming landscape.

4. Super Rare Games

Website: Super Rare Games
What They Do: Super Rare Games brings physical content for the Nintendo Switch, offering collectors and gamers alike a tangible piece of gaming culture.

5. Alienbrain

Website: Alienbrain
What They Do: Specializing in version control for creative teams, Alienbrain is a crucial tool for game developers managing large, complex projects.

6. GamersRdy

Website: GamersRdy
What They Do: GamersRdy provides a platform for players to improve at their favorite video games through courses, coaching, and a supportive community.

7. Steamcrate

Website: Steamcrate
What They Do: Steamcrate offers a subscription service delivering 10 top steam games every month at a fraction of the retail price.

8. Cryptonic Ventures

Website: Cryptonic Ventures
What They Do: Focusing on blockchain and NFT-based games, Cryptonic Ventures is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technology with gaming.

9. Arcosoft Gaming Studios

Website: Arcosoft Gaming Studios
What They Do: An independent mobile game development studio and publisher, Arcosoft Gaming Studios is known for its innovative and engaging games.

10. IVA

Website: IVA
What They Do: IVA operates as a marketplace, likely providing a platform for gaming-related transactions and services.


Website: POGFI
What They Do: POGFI develops GameFi platforms and products, enabling gamers to earn while playing.

12. IRF Media

Website: IRF Media
What They Do: IRF Media specializes in creating games and apps for mobiles and tablets, offering a wide array of entertaining and engaging content.


What They Do: A nanostudio offering online, mobile, and video game services, SOLAR SAIL GAMES LTD is known for its creativity and innovation in game development.

14. AboveInfinity

Website: AboveInfinity
What They Do: As an esports organisation and gaming community, AboveInfinity is building a robust platform for competitive gaming and community interaction.

15. Dark Pyre

Website: Dark Pyre
What They Do: Dark Pyre offers a range of services including 2D, 3D art, and virtual/augmented reality, contributing to the diverse needs of game development.

These companies showcase the incredible diversity and innovation present in England’s video game industry. From indie game development to advanced technology integration, these firms are not just playing games; they’re setting new standards and redefining what gaming can be.

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